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Wednesday, Oct 3

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  • Wednesday, Oct 3

    Good Morning!

    so much rain in Phoenix this week. Streets and parking lots are flooded in many places.
    apparently Tucson got a lot of rain as well. Our NM daughter texted to ask if we got to higher ground and if we are okay. So I explained the situation to her. Iím now anxious to go home and see what actually occurred there.

    today we will receive the Presidential message on our cell phones. The lengthy article I glanced at said it will come about 2 oíclock in the afternoon. It is not a direct tweet from Trump. Itís just a national alert system, like flash flood warnings and such.

    yesterday we managed to go to 3 different Senior Living homes. I liked 2 of them. But E wants to check out 2 others today that are more affordable. Fine. We will be going home tomorrow sometime.
    we have greater incentive now to get the house emptied of lots more stuff.

    Thats about all thats going on here. With all the 100% humidity plus being rained on a bit despite the umbrella, I feel icky all over and my hair with its natural curl looks more like a white Brillo pad. Ugh.

    Hope you all all have a wonderful day!
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    Good morning..I stayed up last night watching the cubbies only to see is lose..

    work is is life.


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      Good Morning...slept in this morning and have a headache and itchy throat. Allergies I am thinking. No matter the heat it is October so the season for allergies. Temps are suppose to be in the mid 90s today. But I got my coffee in record time..I saw the old pot sitting in the new pots box. No sound effects this morning, no waiting for hot coffee and a full cup the first time! And today I needed the coffee fast!

      I thought I heard the cell phone alert would be this afternoon sometime. I am unsure why I need an alert from this guy and why someone like Suri or Alexa couldn't have handled it. Forgot to warn Sierra.

      I finally got the sheets replaced on Drew's bed and pulled my shoulder so now have an excuse to do nothing today...that and a headache should be enough to stay in my jams. Pancakes for supper...if I make the batter Jon will cook so that takes care of supper. Tomorrow I will make a big pot of spaghetti sauce...there should be one more big bag of my meatballs left. Jon is off so he may grill and I can save my meatballs for another day. I am so tired of this cooking crap and I have to admit I am not getting any better at it. Surely when I did this for years I had a larger menu than now. I cannot think of anything to cook and have lost all interest. I am pretty sure I could eat at McD's every night and only need an occasional Arby's for a break with Steak and Shake for special occasions! I am serious...I have always hated cooking and this second time around is even worse. Damn my sons for not winning the lottery and giving me the old age I want. No more crabby old lady but a happy soul with someone bringing in the McD's and putting it right in front of me! I even bought a ticket the other night and did not have one number. The world is against me and I gotta cook tonight.

      Think I will give the new coffee pot another try. Going to be a hot one here. Grass boy cut yesterday..seems we do not usually cut in October and yet with the rain it is still green and growing. No one has brought up the decorations yet so we may not have a pumpkin out there. Have a great day everyone....Beth saw the Cubbies are going home for the season. One more night until hockey!!


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        lol! Maxie you cracked me up about the sonís not winning the lottery!

        posting on my phone because I finished bills this morning and that took up any spare moment.

        it is a noise morning!
        Jo, if these places have an online site to look at. Would love to see them.

        have a good day!


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          Hey..I did not get the message. Guess my phone is not smart enough or I am not important enough to be warned if the world is coming to an end! All my kids were warned so maybe someone will tell me!!


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            Wow, Maxie, everyone I know here got it. I have no idea why you didnít get it. Maybe the TV news will say something about that??? If your phone wasnít turned on when the message was sent, you would not receive it. (You would think that the message would get through when you turned your phone on, but they said it would not.)

            Paula, I will see if I can find if they have web sites. I think the entrances are usual, all similar enough. Itís been too messy with rain and flooded places to take pictures of anything. The surrounding areas and courtyards are. The places are already blending in our heads. One elderly woman latched onto my hand and so we had to follow her to her room and see her pet finches and their new babies.
            We visited 2 more today. Both are very near medical facilities.
            But we have one more to look at tomorrow morning (these people like to feed you, so we might get another free lunch before we go back home); E says it has the highest rating of all, though the building isnít too impressive on the outside. But itís a gated facility. Low enough fees/costs.
            Iím wanting a place with a balcony or personal patio.

            We both now have renewed incentive to get rid of most of our stuff and get moved. We think maybe around the first of the year, or whenever the place we choose has an opening.
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              Good evening,

              just in case some of you come hunting me .. I am here ... but deep into reading mood... I'm not a Tv person anymore..
              I too made BIG pot of spag. sauce today... will put in fridge here in a little while... set it set overnight.. then put it into various containers . majority goes to my Daughter... she is always buying us goodies to eat. and this is my return favor..

              Karen was here on Monday..put all phone info in to cloud . getting new version coming... however.. my cell phone is having a fit tonight ..does not want to charge, we knew the battery was bad.. but if it is truly dead, I will be Cell phoneless until new phone arrives. aggggggggg What am I going to do!!!
              .silly huh?.. to be so dependant on the phone... ?..

              I do come read all posts .
              Maxie, I too no longer like to cook... and could eat McD. Arbys , and frozen pizza .. I do make a great bowl of salad tho'...and even open up a can of veggies.. just tired of the messing around.. its too darn bad David did not take a notion to fix food... (Oh NO,, what a mess he would make ,for me to clean up ) ..

              gotta go.. I hear a voice calling me...
              see you all tomorrow.


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                Hi Maye,

                Speaking of phones, mine isnít holding a charge well these days. It goes down 10% a day, whether I use it or not .... although I seldom turn it completely off. However, I read somewhere that if you take your iPhone to an Apple store, between now and the end of December you can get a new battery for half price or less. Roughly, I think the price is $30.
                I have to have E take me across town in Tucson and get me one. I wonder if I could get a spare, too?

                these last two Senior homes have free meals all day long. Nice menus there, healthy meals. I could enjoy that, and cook only when I want my own special dishes.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.