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Monday..October 1..already!!

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  • Monday..October 1..already!!

    And it is going to be a warm one here with 80s and 90s this week. Have to drag the shorts and tees back out! It is a gorgeous Monday morning out there.

    Well the bills are paid and I am broke. Lots of unexpected bills and they sure do hurt when you are thinking Christmas and not stupid car repairs. Today is laundry, over and over and over again laundry! Tonight I am fixing polish sausage and mac and cheese for the boys and I will eat left over tortellini soup. Easy enough for a warm day.

    Yesterday we saw the new house finished and it is beautiful. The table is not at all what I expected. I thought it would be a plain long table but it has huge legs that have been carved and detailed and it is BIG! She also showed us an ironing board top my BIL had found behind a cabinet in the old house. One of his great grandfathers carved it and also put his name and the date on it...1900. It is so unimpressive when you look at it as a piece of wood and amazing that this priceless thing has lasted all these years without hitting a burn pile. To think you would carve your name and date on an household item like that and have it last 118 years. Anyway as you can tell we were impressed and had a great lunch on top of all that! Jon timed the trip and it was exactly a one hour drive for him. He does drive a little faster than me but it won't add that much to my drive time.

    This stupid coffee pot is deciding when to give me hot water and now how much it wants to dispense. This morning I waited and waited and waited for water and it gave me half a cup and I had to rerun it for the other half and wait again. Jon will not replace it with the new one I bought because it is working....barely in my estimation but wonderfully in his since he 'repaired' it. I may have to handle this myself and find the trash can.

    Will start laundry and do whatever comes up today. No big plans. Will see if Andrew will drag out the decorations tonight. Time to put the birdhouses that are decorating the porch away and replace them with the fake pumpkins. I have several that are made out of flower pot material and won;t rot in the heat coming up this week. After the snake thing I don't put mums on the porch any longer.

    Time to start the day. Have a great one...going to be warm again here!!

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    Good Fall morning! I hope today is a good start for the month for all of us.

    This week I have one of the school kids. His school takes a week off almost every month. He started kindergarten in August and his friends will be so excited to see him. I will, too. So it is all gage's favorite foods this week.

    I have to take some baby things and get them into the shed. I have a rocking bed that I am not donating just yet. I need to figure out if I will take another baby (three moms are pregnant) and I will probably take one but I am hoping to find some good daycare providers to recommend...

    I have all the calendars and such to change and start putting pumpkins up, so I better go. Hope all is well and you have a good day!


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      O should have waited a few minutes longer for you to start the day...hope someone merges us quickly. Have a wonderful day Paula!


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        Good SUNNY Morning! Looks like we are going to get some more toasty weather in the next 2 weeks.

        Yesterday was busy and exhausting. We didn't in from the concert until midnight on Saturday. It was OK. Loud and I didn't know most of the songs, which was a bummer. Dinner was great though. We went to a pierogi place. I got Ruben pierogies. YUM!!!! All 5 of us got different flavors....mac & cheese, cheeseburger, bbq pork, and buffalo chicken. Anyways, it made getting up and ready a bit difficult yesterday. We went to church. Becca stayed the night, so it was nice having her with us. Blaise & I stayed for SS. Kathy picked him up after SS, and I stayed to help with the Meat & Greet lunch. I didn't get home until 2pm, and we totally pooped, but unfortunately I couldn't stop. Had to take care of a PB pie issue. Becca's friend Krista was here visiting with her, so I sat and chatted with them for a while....asking all the Mom questions. Oliver was being a turd. As soon as Krista left, he collapsed and took a nap. They headed home shortly after Krista left. I then got busy cleaning up the kitchen. Had to meet Kathy and get Blaise, then I was down for the evening. FINALLY!

        Today I'm just puttering around organizing & cleaning....and pitching. I got new shelving for Blaise's room, so I loaded it up with his books. Going to get rid of the table & cabinet that have been housing the books and misc junk. I have 5 cookie dough recipes that need mixed up for baking tomorrow. Karate tonight as usual.

        Have a good one all!


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          Hope you slow down and take care of yourself. I get tired just reading what you do! One medication Jon takes for his diabetes has made him react to the heat and that has zapped his energy this summer. I see how this disease has changed his lifestyle and what he does compared to you....just take care.

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        Good morning!
        we had a great weekend with visits from 2 daughters and each brought one of their daughters with them. We had meals out with them. They got boxes of stuff we were discarding. One DD wasn’t prepared to visit with us, but texted how happy she was with the boxes that we dropped off at her home. I borrowed my pruning shears back from one girl, as a couple of our trees have really sprouted recently and I need to remove the new growth.

        the temps here have dropped to the 90’s.....E said last evening that the rain started. They’re forecasting 4 straight days of it.
        GD said she hoped the streets wouldn’t flood again as it did during the summer. Me, too. I will say that the Gil’s River is bone dry and full of desert plants that appeared to be in great need of moisture. About 10 years ago it was flowing, and during the monsoon had risen to street level and the road (I-10) was fairly flooded where the Gila overflowed onto it.

        today we will search the Senior Living places. E found that our local hospital has a branch in Phoenix and is connected to our University for research and training of medical people. And, there is a Senior Living facility very near to it. That is good news for us. But we will check some other places as well to compare pricing and what the facilities offer offer. Some places offer meals included in the price, others have restaurant style dining and you pay extra for meals.

        So so we will be busy around town for the next few days, then go home.
        i am hungry for breakfast, and hope that E will be up soon. I brought some graham crackers in case I need to take my pills which need to be taken with food. At the hotel/motel, whatever this place is, has the smallest coffee pot I’ve seen, which only holds 4-5 oz of water. The paper cups they provide are very small. Forget tea making! I have bottles of peach tea in the little fridge. But more often just drink the tap water. Good news....the yappy dogs are gone.

        with that, I will close for now.
        Have a beautiful fall day!

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          The fall days around here have reverted back to summer with temps back into the 90s this week. Good luck on checking out the senior facilities. Hope you find a perfect one that will bring you closer to your family.