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Saturday 9/29

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  • Saturday 9/29

    Good morning....lots of excitement today...My oldest niece will be going to home coming for the first time...she is home schooled and this is the first year that she has had a boyfriend. He asked her to go so thats and dad are in town...and mom and dad my sister and 2 nieces leave for the Florida very late tonight. They will be home next Friday late. Then mom and dad pick up my uncle at the air port Saturday for a month long visit.

    My plans for myself today...hang out with my parents...see my niece all beautiful...I need to run to the store by my house...then make a dessert for Bible Study...other than that a pretty quiet day and weekend for me.

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    Gloomy morning but not sure what the forecast is...I am in my fuzzy robe this morning so it isn't a warm gloomy day! Beth how exciting for your niece...I remember the first time Sierra went to a formal dance. Dress shopping, getting dressed for the big night, boys bringing flowers. It is a wonderful time.

    Grocery shopped last night and I hate night shopping...I am to tired. I still need to run to Ruler and pick up dairy and bread. I can get a gallon of milk for $.98 at Ruler. I know, a gallon! Ruler is an off shoot of Kroger and they carry mainly Kroger brands with a mixture of name brands. It matches Aldi for most things but I will admit Aldi has much better and a bigger selection of produce. Anyway, Ruler is close and clean and I do a lot of shopping there. Jon claims to have fixed the Kuerig but it running so ssslllooowww!! And not filling my cup. Good thing I bought a new one last night and it is in the pantry waiting for the right moment.

    I have not yet put the sheets back on Andrew's bed and now have more laundry. Jon wants to close the pool and I have one little lilac bloom on the bush. It is a scrawny thing but it is a bloom! Goes to show how crazy this weather has been the last month. I need to get out and start the summer cleanup but never have any help. Such busy people.

    Really need to do something around here. Every room needs attention and windows washed, yard work to do. Who wants to do that? Obviously not me since it is not being done. Hope each of you have a productive or restful day, whatever you want!!


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      good morning from a much cooler Northern CA! It is still in the high 50's! At 7:30 and I love it!
      Ok, enough exclamation points for a few sentences.

      I am going to a brunch for the church women up in Anderson this morning. I don't know what is on the agenda, usually a speaker and food, but I wasn't asked to do either and I am just going to enjoy. Nice casual dress, too, and I have a new pair of black pants I want to wear.
      So, once this hair is done I will be well on my way.

      Homecoming here is not a formal dance but a dress like each other dance! I have pictures of my kids in jeans and shirts that are very similar and also in dressy pants and dressy shirts...depending on the style of the time. None were ever into cowboy fashion but that has always been a big part of Red Bluff, so they all had friends who wore matching Western type shirts and jeans.

      Maxie, I have had lilacs in the fall, too! My yard guy said it is because of the warmer temperatures. He got a degree in horticulture, so I just took what he said. This year I don't have any for the first time in about three years.

      I have two small rugs in the washer and then I am finished. I did most of my laundry during the week. That makes for a better attitude around here on Saturday than when I try to do mine while Becky is trying to do hers.

      I want to buy some marigolds and mums to put out and start getting the front up on its curb appeal. There are no flowers out there at all. My planter right out front looks really bare and I need some cheap, easy care plants.

      Oh, and the other fun thing for today is go to a few shops in town that have been showing their items on Facebook. Since I stopped the paper I need some kind of reminders of who and what is uptown other than grocery and House of Design.

      I hope you all have a good day and weather whatever comes your way.


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        Good morning.
        we are in Phx. It’s in the low 100°’s here. Always warmer than Tucson.
        we expect to visit the kids over the weekend. Son & his wife are already off to MN for a week for her class reunion and family visits.
        E is looking up local Senior Living sites here. We will visit them after the weekend.

        Somebody in a nearby apartment here is walking their very happy little dog. It woke E. But he will be getting up “early” at 8, so he will appreciate the little extra snooze time til then. Yappy dog is gone for now.

        I woke at 3, 4:15, 5, and at 6 I got up. I’ve been reading to kill time, plus the iPad can serve as a light to see by, almost like a flashlight. That’s the trouble with hotel rooms....unless you want to get a suite that has doors between the sleeping area and sitting area. Plus the A/C controls which surely must be fake ones. It was the stupid cold air that came on all night that woke me, and E had reset the controls for me 3 times before bed time. also the fridge door won’t stay shut, we E brought in a couple decorative rocks to starch against it til the repair guy comes to work today.

        it will be an interesting time here. I won’t complain too much or be grouchy.
        My tummy bug is gone I think. No major problems on the drive here, or since we’ve arrived.

        have a good day.

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.