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9/28 Friday

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  • 9/28 Friday

    Good morning! And a fine one it is!

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    Well, interruptions happen, folks. and I am back again.
    this week has gone by quickly and our temperatures have started going down so all is good!

    This weekend will be in the 70's! We have 4 days in a row they are forecast. I have leaves to rake behind a shed and want to get them started. The fence on that side will have to be replaced and I want to be able to show someone and have them give me an estimate. I am hoping if I buy the wood my neighbor and I will be able to get some friends and relatives (hers) to do it, but if not, then I want to get it done while I am still working.

    The car appointment turned out to be a Well car check up...nothing wrong and they adjusted the computer to stop turning on the warning light. I really think the rough roads we have in town are what triggered it. Anyway, I got a complete car wash and vacuum and a check up for 31.50...ugh. but at least it was cheaper than the doctor's office that charged me 76.00 for a med check! Just come in and get my b/p taken and then he said, Now why are we seeing you? Because the office said come in to get my Rx continued! I was all happy thinking today was my payday, but it isn't till Monday.

    How do you miss that? It is the day the State puts my food money in...they don't pay me as much as I spend, but it all helps.

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying Fall weather!


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      Good morning.
      that "stomach bug" I had yesterday had me down most of the day. But it is pretty much under control with Mylanta and Tums.
      Today, when E gets up, we will pack and head to Phoenix, where temps are still at 105°. Ugh. I need to be extra careful in that heat or my breathing can be a problem.

      right now I'm going to have some breakfast.

      have a good day.

      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Jo hope you feel better and take care of yourself! Have a good trip ad stay safe.

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      Morning...another cool but sunny morning. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon so have supper in the crock pot. Andrew does not eat with us on Friday because his mom picks him up early and Sierra is never home on Friday for whatever reason so we are eating something I cannot fix for the kids. Then I am finished cooking for the weekend.

      I need to sit down and pay bills...ugh! My credit card bill is huge with Sierra's car repairs and the other credit card (the one I use only on the internet) is equally big. It was a lucky month for me. The garage called and my car repairs have begun and will take 14 days. It is all moving quickly and I am grateful...I just feel more comfortable in my own car. Never did get to the grocery store yesterday so will do that either later tonight or tomorrow...the Frankenstein head is empty so need more Halloween candy too. It only comes around once a year and we need to stay on top of this candy stuff. Should bring out the Halloween decorations too.

      Scott sent a picture of his foot and it looks good I guess..I was surprised at all the stitches. But he is trying to use a cane and bound and determined to get back to normal. He has a new job waiting for him at work that takes him back to what his degree is in and he is anxious to get started. He will no longer have to work weekends! With both boys working different weekends it was so hard to try to plan anything and someone always missed out. Now we will have just the one weekend to plan around.

      I seem to be behind on everything around here but did get the laundry caught up. Sierra was out of work shirts so they are washed and ironed. Andrew's sheets are washed but not on the bed. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes and the sink full of dirty. Seems the cool weather increases appetites and for the life of me I do not know where they are finding any food in this house to eat cuz if I knew I would be eating too!!

      I am alone this morning so have no excuse to be sitting around. Jon took the Kuerig apart last night and it is working for now but I think I will go pick up another just in case. I just cannot be without a coffee pot! I mean I really cannot be without a coffee pot! Take care everyone and have a wonderful day. Anyone see Murphy Brown last night?


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        No, I forgot to set it to record as well
        as Magnum PI on Wednesday. That show was one of my Favorites back in the day!
        what are you cooking in that crockpot for the adults??


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          I was not impressed with Magnum maybe because I was so in love with the old Magnum? Anyway, I did not finished watching it so maybe it got better. I did enjoy Murphy...nice to see them all back in their same old roles. We are having Cantonese Dinner over rice. Kids hate it!

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        Hi....I'm alive. That's saying a lot right now. I'm tired. Only 1 more week. What would I do if I owned a bake shop? I was taking the last pie out of the oven last night at midnight on the dot.

        We are at that in btw stage....pies & cookies. Making both right now. I had a lady stop yesterday with a friend's $40 and ask if her friend could buy $40 worth of cookies. I had them ready when she came back this morning for the cookies she ordered. We had baked about 40 doz cookies yesterday morning and they weren't all put away yet, so she got to sample & see what she might be interested in.

        Last night I had my mouth & heart all set to eat the subs I had ordered from a friend's son. I waited for the call to meet the dad, but by 6pm I gave up & called my friend at her beauty shop. Here it's NEXT Thursday. DANG!!! Just cooked some spaghetti & warmed some sauce...whalaaaaa….supper.

        Sue was here again today, and we busted butt again. I still need to make 4 apple pies & ice some cookies before I head over to the school to help with the Fall Festival. Will come home and bake other fruit pies if needed.

        Looking forward to the Ed Sheeran concert tomorrow night. Going with Becca and her friend Emily. I've never been to a big concert like this. It's at the arena, so I'll have to dress warm.

        I tried watching the new MacGyver last year, and just couldn't get into it. Like the old one better.

        Have a good one all!