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Thursday 9/27

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  • Thursday 9/27

    good morning! It is a hurry up Thursday for me. Too many things to do to get ready and not enough time to take a breath, it seems.

    I have to get some art things ready for daycare and yesterday I found the orange spray scent had leaked and the cupboard is still smelling too strongly of the orange so I have to go scrub it out again!

    I will be back to see what all is going on.

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    Good yesterday was too many things to do no time to breath! We had 3 people call in. A lot of others stressed from some huge catering orders. The poor lady that manages the cafeteria part and keeps things full had no help and all the kids know to come ask if they need something. Seemed like the first 20 minutes I was there Student after student was coming to us out this and that. The new girl didnít know what to do or who tell. I wasnít much better. I did learn how to fill the silverware containers.

    off to work in a few. Praying for a calmer day realizing itís our busiest day of the week


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      Oh gosh, Beth, Sierra complains all the time about call offs! As a manager, she has to stay over to clean up the mess and sometimes gets called in right from school because they need the help and the managers are expected to show up. She is the harassed manager you just spoke about with newbie employees and not enough of them! Today has to be better for you because sometimes you cannot beat the worst!

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    Morning! Dug out my red fluffy robe this morning but the sun is shining.

    Yesterdays trip went fine. He has a walking boot and can get off his crutches to a cane when he is ready. Scott texted last night and said he took a shower and feels like a new man! He is still swollen and the stitches are still in but everything is coming along great and he is glad to be home and I am glad to be in my own bed. Someone came in and turned off my tv last night and I slept this morning until almost 9AM. I left Cape and set the cruise control at 78 and made it to St.Louis at the end of the ballgame traffic, rush hour traffic was ending and parted when I switched highways and merged to cross the bridge so it was an easy drive. Andrew greeted me on the street and was not happy with a corn dog supper so I will do better tonight. Normally he does not complain when his dad cooks but there have been several of those lately and a regular diet of corn dogs is not what Drew signed up for. I would complain too!

    I NEED to grocery shop. The fridge is empty and we are out of bread. Sierra said if I went early this morning she would help with the hauling but I overslept and do not see that happenings since she is still sleeping. Maybe I will just go out and grab what I need for supper and leave a big shopping until Jon is home...he is off this weekend. Today the school chums are meeting but I had thought I would stay in Sikeston last night and I am going to leave it at that. Although today I know where they are going and it is right down the street from me. There is always next month!

    I have on this horrible supreme court hearings and am so disappointed in our congress. It is time for wrinkled, old, out of date men to retire. How do the wives, daughters, granddaughters look at these old out of touch men and not wonder how they have never learned to respect women. The entire ordeal is disgraceful and should have been turned over to the FBI for investigation instead of calling it political crap to stop a nomination of a 'wonderful' man who just happens to have questionable morals to be put on the supreme court. In my opinion of course...

    Have sheets to wash and another bed to change plus need to run the vac. Someone spilled koolaid and only half cleaned it up so that means a floor to mop. Jon just called and said he pulled pork steaks out so he will grill....seems he feels bad about his son's supper last night too...and if I just pull out a garlic bread Andrew will be in heaven! Supper is falling into place...meat and bread!

    Beth hope you have a better day...good morning and happy day to each of you!


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      Good morning.
      just checking in for today.

      I just had a quick breakfast, and am going to head to the shower. I have PT this morning.
      Tomorrow we head to Phoenix for a week. We will pack this afternoon.
      I think I picked up a stomach bug yesterday, but itís pretty much under control.

      will check back later.
      hope everyoneís day is a good one!
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.