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  • Tuesday...

    Where is the time going? October starts next week and it seems like September just started.

    Going to be in the 80s today then rain and only have a high in the 70s for the rest of the week. That is my clue and once things settle down around here I will start cleaning. Always clean before I close the house up for winter...don;t know why but always have.

    Today I have laundry and will go ahead and cook what I had planed for yesterday. Potatoes are already fixed and just need heating and meatloaf is super simple to cook since it has been put together and frozen. Andrew brought home his grades and he is super brilliant. Only C was in Social Studies...I loved social studies but he wants nothing to do with history and finds it falling asleep boring! I also like geography but not a fan of math. In fact I cannot use a calculator and get the same answer twice. Which reminds me I have a checkbook to balance and I still use a paper statement. There is comfort in paper. Why would you want all this technology that is always changing and you always have to learn something new. Maybe that is why I like is old!

    Hoping for a quiet uneventful day. Tomorrow I will change beds before we leave so if Scott stays home I will be coming back into my own clean bed. Paula he is thinking of using a bag around his neck to carry things like you suggested. Last night he went in to make a sandwich alone and ended up calling me...I worry about him being alone most of the day. He will have someone to check on him in the evenings and his dog is old so not a jumper. Maybe the doctor will want him to come back with me for another week..we will see.

    It is early but need to get things started. Dishwasher needs started and laundry gathered. Have a good one everyone...

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    Good morning my brain is full of fog this morning....I had a really rough night..I didn't sleep well its over 80 in the house and I found it and called mom and we discovered the air conditioner not running at all. I am greatful that it was now and not earlier in the summer. Then I was up to feed cori around 1230 or 100 and the found the refrigerator not running. That was because the breaker got flpped when I was trying to reset the ones for the air. I was up a couple hours later to go to the bath room because cori woke me again....well I found the reason that she had woke me with my bare feet...poor baby had gotten sick! She never gets sick so I cleaned it up and came back bed and worried about her...

    Mom is calling the air conditioner man to see if he can come after I get off work.

    Yesterday work wasn't good...I got screamed at by a coworker while I was on the line making and serving wraps to a student...the guy didn't think that I was doing it right and was treating me like I had no idea what I was doing well I did...I went to chef and told him about it and he got the guy away from us and the front serving line for the rest of the of day.

    Silver lining on my cloudy day is I get first lunch.


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      What a night, Beth!
      I got woke up two nights in a row now by skunk smell...over the weekend I was woke up by the sounds of geese honking as they flew over. that one I like.

      Tell Scott if he can get a cross body bag it will be a better balance for him. And if he has a desk chair with wheels that can act as a way to get around also. Over the years we have had to find ways to accommodate different problems. Good luck to him!

      I don't have much on my agenda today. I do know I will be trying to get out a ton of Legos a toddler dropped into one of the empty water bottles. You know, the big five gallon ones that go on the cooler? I was changing a diaper and cleaning up form it and knew he was taking Legos out of the table but I thought that was it...ugh. He was kputting them into the empty 5 gallon bottle. And they don't come out as easily as they go in. Trust me, kit has happened before but on a much fewer amount. I decided I need a better place to keep the empty bottles.

      So on that note I will say have a good day and stay well, all.


      • maxie
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        OMG! I never ever thought of the chair on wheels! He is putting his leg on a chair while I wash his hair in the sink but it never dawned on me to use a desk chair. We do not have one around here but they are certainly cheap enough to buy. Paula you are a genus! The geese have been gathering here also...I was at a stop light the other day and watched them take off from a field and try to get into formation. Looks like a jumbled mess but they sort it out!

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      Good morning.
      the weather is still cloudy, and the humidity is high but will be dropping in the course of the day.

      yesterday went pretty well. Seems the weather was affecting many people with allergies. I just get sinus pressure.
      my red blood cell count was quite high, just so very little under normal that our NP said “close enough” to call normal. I didn’t need the blood infusion. Still, I go back next month for the same tests, checkup, and “possible infusion”.
      The lab didn’t send the complete results of my blood, though. 5 vials of blood, and they don’t give complete results. I know the NP prodded them after I left. The white cells and maybe platelet counts hadn’t arrived.
      Also, the hospital has again changed procedures. The check-in gal didn’t punch me in properly. That messed up my place in line for the blood draw. And it was a long line. The gal drawing blood refused to use my blood ID stickers because “she didn’t need them”??? I must have been stuck at the lab 2 hours,because I was being buzzed by my doctor’s unit the minute I left the lab. (My doc took down names.). A typical Monday morning.
      The good thing is that my eventual outcome was a good one. Everyone was smiling and happy with it. My new med is doing its job, though I may get a slightly higher dose in the near future. Unfortunately, the med has added 20 lbs (one of its side effects), and is screwing up my wardrobe. E is taking me places where I can walk around without the worry of being in the heat. Like stores, or the mall.

      So so we will be going to Phx in a few days. Got stuff to give the kids. Then we will check out senior living places there.
      In mid October our trip to stepdaughter in NM is back on. She begged us to be there. But we are driving up, and we have stuff to give her and her hubby as well. when halloween comes, we will be going out that night. I’m tired of dealing with 200 kids and the parents who accompany them, not to mention the overaged “kids” and the babies who are too young for any kind of treats being handed out. It’s gotten to be too much for me, and E can’t deal with it alone.

      maxie, I had the worst teachers for geography, history, and civics/government. I excelled in most everything else. I didn’t go into advanced maths or chemistry, though.. I enjoyed school. I did math in my head a lot back then, but when you are a cashier (the old cash registers didn’t have receipts), the people want you to start again and write it out. It wasted a lot of time, and I was never off even by a, it would draw crowds around my station, just amazing the people with the proofs......and, of course they’re blocking the aisles to watch the math exchanges for a customer, which the store manager didn’t appreciate. I sold all my Xmas stock out in 2 weeks, then was let go. Go figure.

      beth, I hope Cori is okay. That coworker had no right to make a scene like that. Am glad you have 1st lunch today.

      paula, kids are funny. But the trick of emptying that bottle isn’t, so much. Did you ever try to empty a piggy bank that has no money release? Use a butter knife to position those legos to come out of the bottle. Tip the bottle first, of course. The butter knife should have those legos falling out before too long.

      Have a a great day, ☀️ everyone.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


      • maxie
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        Good news on your blood work etc., Jo. Must be a relief. I read an article about older kids trick or treating by a parent who says she would rather have them dressing and enjoying the holiday than the alternative such as parties and drinking. When my boys stopped dressing for trick or treating they started teepeeing and soaping. Personally my sweet tooth hated when they stopped bringing in candy. And you gotta admit they make the cutest costumes for babies but I understand what you are saying!

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      Thanks, Maxie. It is a relief, and the NP will continue the monthly appts to be sure it stays there.

      Halloween is a favorite holiday especially to E. Our driveway has always been packed with kids. But we need both of us out there to keep the decorations from being stolen or broken; to keep up with the kids treats, as well as keeping an eye on the kids who sneak around our table to steal the treats. It’s heartbreaking when the Hispanic kids who come to the neighborhoods in trucks and vans, and the shabby costumes, and are hurried through by parents....these kids, who don’t even speak any English (yes, we are close enough to the border), have to hand their haul over to the parents who resell the treats in their stores or food trucks. But the kids themselves are fun, and the Hispanics are the first ones to start the dancing in the street to our “La Bamba” favorite decoration.....I wish they lived closer to us. But neither of us have the strength or energy to deal with the Halloween crowd now.
      My first skeleton was broken because I tied it to a little chair against our tree. Our big brass pumpkin and it’s big candle was stolen. Some of the scarecrows were torn and the bamboo stands missing. Not sure where our large witch from “Wicked” disappeared to. A few people can really mess up the holiday. And , sadly, we will miss the kids and the fun parents.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.