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Saturday 9/22

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  • Saturday 9/22

    good Morning, round Table! I can't even type that right apparently.

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    Ok, now that the day is started on the West Coast I hope the late morning is starting well for you who must be really enjoying the morning!

    Becky had a great interview (her words) but because she was not able to start work immediately she was not offered the position. She said the questions were not at all what she had prepared for (standard : what are your strengths, etc), but were much more to the point of what her experience with the homeless has been and she said it went really well. The only lquestion she did not have an answer for was How have you handled an ethical problem or something like that. She said she had never been in that situation (and they knew she had been a manager at Starbucks).
    I told her she has made an impression and that is the next best thing to getting the job. Also, just before the interview she got an email that she passed the entrance level test she took last Saturday and will be notified when jobs come up...that was for a legal clerk position, but the only one open now is about 50 miles away...

    For today I am definitely changing my bed and adding a blanket.
    My neighbor can not have wheat and that changed what I was planning on making her this weekend. So I am making a pumpkin pie filling and baking it without the crust. We will see.

    No other plans. Becky has things she is doing and we are just structuring our day around each other's errands.

    I hope you all are enjoying your day and your family.


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      Good morning! First day of fall and the temps are showing it...going to be a sweatshirt kinda day. I am not going to complain because it probably is time for fall to begin and those 96 degree days to go.

      Nothing new around here. I know Scott wants to get out but with the steps on the porch I am afraid to try and get him out without a strong man's help and Jon is working until 3. He is doing great and has very little discomfort but I am tired and` my routine broken. He cannot carry anything with the crutches and I am up and down all day even though he is not demanding at all. Jon teased him last night with leaving tips for the maid but everyone is helping out when they are around.

      Sierra finally has her car running. We have heard that Cruz's are notorious with problems but who knew that when she got the car. Thank goodness most of the repairs have been warranty with the exception of that darn alternator and then the battery. She puts a lot of miles on a car!

      Need to find a meal for tonight. I do have a big meatloaf in the freezer but hate to waste that on just 3 of us since it is big enough for 5 of us. Maybe meatballs in gravy over noodles? I just so happen to have meatballs made up too! I'll come up with something. Afternoon ballgame so looking forward to that. I really need to get home and to the bank but being down a car and Scott not able to get out is leaving me a little short of ready cash. Also need to transfer money for the huge credit card bill coming in. Car parts are expensive plus that last $130+ workbook is on it along with the extra grocery shopping I did to to have food in the house of which we again have none. I bought Sierra's car for her and make the payments so feel responsible for the repairs until she is out of school.

      Paula, hope Becky did well on her job interview. Cannot imagine that pressure! Sharon, how is the kitty?

      Time to shower and dig out some warmer clothes. What a difference a day makes when you live in the midwest!


      • Paula A
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        Tonight starts the new Fall Hallmark movies!
        If I had your number I would !
        It is that exciting to me....

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      Good morning to all.
      Having an off day already , Paula?

      this whole week looks like it will stay in the 90’s. I like it far better than the 100’s. The night temps are starting to touch the high 60’s, so I guess we are stepping into autumn. yay!

      nothing much happening here today. E would like to go to the Trader Joe’s store in our area, and check it out. That is an opportunity for me to get out and do some walking, up and down every aisle.

      Got a text from stepdaughter in NM. She broke her hand somehow and will be having some surgery done Monday. But she can only get off work 1 day during our planned stay. Goodbye hot air balloon watching. E cancelled our flights and hotel reservation. We are out $100 on that. Costs were probably up for the balloon festivities. We told her we would see her when she is doing better.

      again, I wonder what has happened to my automatic capitalization here? I can’t count on it very much. But when it does capitalize when it should, I have to check if it added any little words. Have to watch for that, too. The problem only occurs here. But what the heck. The posts are still readable. I’m no techno wizard to understand it, but at my age I shouldn’t expect to understand the mysteries of technology. Right?

      well, I need to get dressed, and whatever.
      Hope your day is absolutely wonderful!

      Paula, that crustless pie should save on calories, for sure.
      But for another time, I wonder if the other-than-wheat flours would make a nice crust?
      Some grocery stores might carry a couple kinds, health food stores have several kinds.....if you have a Big Lots store, I know ours has a large assortment of various kinds of flour.

      Maxie, your hands must be very full, with the full house of family there.
      The meatloaf sounds good. It could be tonight’s meal, plus tomorrow’s sandwiches.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        for Scott: can he use a cross body bag to carry his stuff I or am I trying to fix something that isn’t fixable?
        i am waiting for the dietitian to give my neighbor a list of foods. I have almond flour but her helper said no. We’ll see.


        • maxie
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          What he is wanting pr needing is food and drink. Just as easy for me to get up and get it but that is an idea for other stuff. We did get out today and I got to the bank and drove through McDs...getting out of the house is easy. Having him hop up the steps is hard when he cannot put any pressure on that foot at least until we see the doctor on Wednesday and those stitches come out. He had a bunch of ligaments reattached and is suppose to get 75% usage back eventually. Happy Becky's interview went so well! Those ethical questions are really something you have to think about I guess especially when ask during an interview.

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        Hello I just crawled out of bed...Lazy I know!! I went to the store last night and got a few things to get me through a few days...I am doing a major grocery trip on Monday evening...

        I had a bad scare last night and the police came and checked the house.....I was in my bedroom and my alarm system started telling me the garage door was opening...meaning the door between the house and the garage as far I knew I was in the house alone and there was no reason for that door to open. Scared me bad and I called the police they came and declared all was well then I called mom....we decided that maybe I didn't get the door all the way shut allowing it to pop open on its own.


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          Hi,, Im still in the neighborhood.

          had a long message type out, and I hit some Key and you all disappeared!..

          had 2 tiring day ..Friday . grinding up 1/2 bu tomatoes in the blender.. such a lot of green tomato goo
          today cook the tomato goo, with sugar. added strawberry jello and made delicious strawberry jelly.!

          but sure was hard on the knees and legs standing that long on my ceramic floors..
          back to that pile of books I have borrowed from library.
          Maxie.. any time some one else is in the house, sure changes the routine!!!!!!.. I get son and wife either Christmas or Thankgiving . mostly they fly in for a 10day stay.. love having them but sure wears me out .. ( don't tell them Please)

          Hi to you all.. hope someone sees and read this late evening hello..