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thursday the 20..

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  • thursday the 20..


    will open the door. put the coffee on, and be back later ..going to busy day around my house... people coming and us going .. will check in later

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    Good morning people! Today is the last day of our excessive heat wave with a temp of 95 and steamy windows. I do love the summer and the heat but am ready to be done with the 'excessive' utility bills.

    Last night things settled down around here when the school/work people began to file in. Jon adjusted the height on the crutches so Scott is walking better and today we will pick up pads to go on the top part of the crutches under his pits. No pain pill until 9:00 last night then he fell to sleep for the night. Today Jon and Sierra will take the boot off and look at the bandage...we are not to change it. Last night everyone brought their pizza into the living room and it was festive. AND now here is my Archie Bunker moment...Scott is spending his days sitting in my chair! Ok, petty, right? but that is my chair and my remote and he is sleeping in my bed. Think of me what you will but well, I have no excuse but understand how that 2 year old toddler feels when everything is hers and you are touching it!!

    After the medical chores are done Jon and Sierra are off to deal with AT&T and her phone. He mother is taking her off their phone plan and not with any request from us...just a 'oh by the way, here is another bill for you'. Her phone is also so old and falling apart and not working well so you know what that means. We should start sending mommy dearest a copy of the bills and workbooks and tuition payments etc etc etc we are already paying. You just do not stop being a mother.....I have a 45 year old kid sitting in my chair to prove that.

    Today is Jon's birthday so he wants to grill. Good, then all I have to do is bake a cake. Since he is already going to be out with the phone thing he can stop by the grocery and pick up whatever sides he wants. I am a day behind on laundry and the pile is growing.
    Looks like the sun is coming up so will dry the windows. Jo so happy with your good news. Happy anniversary Sharon a get well wishes to your kitty. Have a wonderful day everyone...


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      Good morning...I don't want to sound whiny but I am having a ton of trouble with my arm wrist elbow hand and fingers on my right side....the pain is so much that it some times wake me up at night. Mom is tendinitis from the repetitive cutting at work,,,All I know is I want the pain to stop.


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        Good morning......
        yesterday we had our rain all day. Light rain in the morning, a medium rain all afternoon. It seemed to stop by sundown. No thunderstorms as forecasted, though. The temp will hit 90į today, the humidity is still extremely high, and no more rain in the forecast.

        I am about to have breakfast, then a shower, and today is a PT day for me. I have not been too good about keeping up the exercises at home. The PT facility has been booked up the last 2 weeks, so I couldnít get in during that time. I need to set aside a certain time and get my home exercises done, better than I have. So far, Iíve kept up. Itís mostly about more movement (and ignoring my reading time more), nothing very complicated, but sooooooo tedious!

        Also, today, we need to go shopping. The veggies are running low, so need to get more. Iíd better check out the deep freezer to see how the meats are holding up, if thereís any left in there.

        Thanks, Maxi. I feel so good about my medical outcome, too.
        Hi Aunt Maye! Looking forward to your news today.
        Sharon, I hope you and your sweetie had a nice anniversary celebration. Hope the kitty is better soon, too. I am a cat lover, too.
        Beth, I hope you have aspirin or ibuprofen on hand for your pain.

        Oh, our hospital is trying to collect a group of hopefully a million people, to check and follow the progress of health in general. Theyíre studying ways of making life better, healthier. Maybe settle down the aches and such of elderly people. Iím thinking of joining, so they can follow my history/progress, and hopefully get a better handle on my various health issues, so others wonít have to go through it. Or there is a quicker way to spot it coming on and fix it. I feel that with alll thatís running through my veins and bones and all, I do not want to be an organ donor and possibly put those cells in anotherís body. An army of doctors have been startled, confused, searching, guessing, and treating me for 29 years ....... an many called me The Miracle Lady, as I have not succumbed to all that Mother Nature has thrown at me. But I am slowing down these days. Itís inevitable.

        well, Iím sure one or two have posted as I typed this.

        have a great day today. May wonderful things happen.

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          ok, I am on my phone and enjoyed reading the posts.
          i need to make a grocery list for a few things we need and a lot I want! None of those are candy, but just saying that might get it on my list.
          i wed to make a dinner for my neighbor who just got home from a 2 1/2 month stay that included two hospitals and a rehab.

          one child who doesnít usually come on Thursday just walked in.

          be back later!


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            Good Afternoon! It's a sunny & toasty one here too.

            Yesterday my energy level was lower than the day before. It's was a run, run, run day. Went grocery shopping in the morning. Once I got the groceries all put away, it was almost time to go pick up Blaise from school. Took him for his counseling appt. We aren't going back for 6 weeks...our choice. We did this with the agreement if I see back sliding, I'll call for a sooner appt. Just one less thing I have to do. Got home just in time for him to change & out the door to karate. Corky took him because I had a church meeting at 6:30. I told them they only had an hour to tell me what I needed to do. We were done in 45 minutes. I refused to feel guilty when they as for someone to step up and be in charge. I just don't have the time. It's for the Thanksgiving meal our church will be hosting that day. There is no way I can be there the day before prepping. Will be baking pies for customers & them coming for pick up.

            Got home & ask if homework was done. Of course not! Cork said Blaise told him there was none. REALLY?!?! You believe an 8 yr old? There was vocabulary & spelling. Blaise knew it too. GRRRR!!! So guess who had to be the heavy and get him to do it? Me, of course.

            Today Sue came and we busted butt. Got a lot accomplished. I still have a lot more to do....bake 4 carrot cakes and ice a bunch of sugar cookies for 2 order for tomorrow. Last minute, of course. Sue was one of them. I ask her when she was going to tell me? Tomorrow morning? LOL! We pick at each other all the time.

            Have a good one all!