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  • Another Tuesday

    We are having a heat wave! Temps have been in the 90s and more to come this week with no rain in sight. Nice way to end summer since Saturday is the first day of Fall.

    I have to change my bed this morning then throw my jammies and a change of clothes into a bag. The doctor told Scott he saw no reason he could not make a 3 hour trip tomorrow after his surgery so I am happy to be gone only over night. I may not be able to sleep in my own bed for a while but at least it is home.

    Never left the house yesterday other than a trip to the mail box. We are out of stamps so I should have picked some up. Why is it all those little things are my job? Like moving people's shoes from in front of the door or putting a new bag in the waste basket? And who ever kept TP in the bathroom before I moved in?

    Have a wonderful day everyone and hope you are all getting this beautiful sun and warm. Won't be to many weeks and we are freezing, cursing the white stuff falling from the sky!

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    Oh, you crack me up, maxie! I gave Becky money to get me stamps yesterday because she was going to the post office: she brought back a sheet of the same, normal flag stamps I could have bought at the grocery store! I asked her if they were out of all the good stamps and she just said, Stamps are stamps. I was thinking, Haven't you noticed all the stamps I buy and put on the refrigerator for you to use are much prettier and different, but I thought better of it and just put those stamps up.
    One of my bills to the garbage company was ready to go for about a week and I had put it on the daycare door...and forgot it! When I finally saw it I had no stamps left and finally remembered a 50 cent stamp I had in the cards I keep....leftover from sending mail to Japan. But I got that garbage paid.

    Ok, I wish there was something exciting to tell you all, but there isn't. I am waiting to hear how Jo's doctor appointment went. And trying to enjoy today with the weather and the kids. The one baby is just having a time of it. He wakes really early at home so wants me to hold hm for a morning nap and he just is clingy. To the point that I feel like other kids are not getting the attention they deserve. So I have to rethink how I get it all done.

    The deli sandwiches were great yesterday and I am making a taco salad for dinner tonight.

    If you saw any of my fAcebook pictures yesterday, my DIL tagged me in the First day of school. My granddaughter looked super cute and happy but the 7th grade gson did not. His mom posted that he was one of the biggest supporters of the teachers strike! I thought it was funny and very true of Owen. He is his own person, for sure. No photos of the Kindergarten g-son, so I amnot sure what his feelings were,

    One month late, but they started! Without a court order!

    I always read later on and hope to see what all of you are doing. Keeping Jostoy and Elaine in my thoughts. And all of you!


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      About to start my work day and I didnít want to get up!! It looks like I am going to start haveing to be ready by 7 am on m-w-f. My sis and along with nieces will be going to work out.


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        Good Tuesday morning to you!

        First off..... my appointment yesterday went very well. No signs of the cancer returning. Yay!
        I have an appointment in 6 months for a followup. He wants me walking more. But I canít out in the heat that we have. (I get breathing problems.). So E said maybe we will start going walking at the mall. Or Costco. Or any large indoor facility I can come up with.
        We will see. Iím just glad that the cancer is under control.

        Despite the fact that I took a nap yesterday afternoon, I still woke up twice last night and slept late this morning. E has a doctor appt today, so I will have a few hours to myself.

        Stamps! I usually pick mine up at Costco. Theyíre just the flag ones, but I donít hear any comments on the seasonal colorful ones. I have some ďcelebrateĒ ones left for birthday cards, but no one seems to notice.
        But stamps can be ordered online as well.

        Maxie, youíre so funny! I never looked at home responsibilities that way, but I can relate. Those little things are so important, but if you do them they ignore it, and if they are asked to do it they complain.

        So.....time for me to get dressed and get busy here.

        Jostoy and Elaine both are in my thoughts.

        Have a good day, everyone.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          So thankful for your results!

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          JoGee,I am so happy..I am doing the happy dance..

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        Afternoon all! It poured all day yesterday & into the night. The sun is finally peeking out.

        This morning my feet hit the floor running. Doesn't happen much lately even though I need to. I got things prepped & ready to go once Sue got here. We got a ton done. Feels good. Taking a break now, and then will get back to work. I need to peel the beets I cooked this morning. Need to make a pie for the doctor's office for tomorrow. Then onto starting to ice the 12 doz heart sugar cookies. Will have to think of something good for dinner since we don't have to go to karate tonight.

        Got a phn call from Blaise's teacher yesterday & it wasn't the good kind. Not bad behavior, but just totally disorganized & got his peg taken down one each time. He fessed up to it when he got off the bus, which impresses me. He's taking responsibility for his actions. He still forgot his spelling sheet, so he'll be doing a couple days worth tonight.

        Back to work!!!!


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          I just want to say thank you very much for the moral support and good wishes.
          It means so much!
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.