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Monday a new work week

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  • Monday a new work week

    Good shouldn't be so bad...busy and long but not bad...the days that I get first lunch are better for me....My station partner and I take turns going to lunch first...the person that has 2nd lunch has it a bit harder at the because their lunch is 130ish and we leave at 230.

    This weekend was good especially Saturday. It was a family day.

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    Finally it is the first day of School for my WA grandkids! I don't know if they settled or if the judge threatening to fine the union 2,000,00 a day convinced them , but I am just thankful the kids are going to school. And hopefully, no drama from anyone that involves kids.

    Dark and cool and that is the best way to start a Fall day. I have the dusting done and kitchen and dining room floors done and sneezing done (hopefully). that dusting really gets to me.

    I have the letter for my daycare family all ready with an envelope for them to read and if they are ok with it, I have an envelope ready and can mail it in.

    Food tonight will be sandwiches form our favorite deli. Take out just sounds like a plan, maxie!

    Yesterday we were planning on going to see where Becky's interview will be, but at the last minute she decided to check the address again and it is right next to the office she has been to so she knows where parking is and we saved a lot of time and gas since she realized she didn't need to go. We took cookies over to a friend who is recovering from a long hospital stay because of the wrong meds. had a great visit and it was a good afternoon.

    I better get moving again. It is just so nice to sit here and visit. I hope all is well with you and your families.


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      Good morning! Another hot day coming up...loving this heat.

      Yesterday we did get into Andrew's bedroom. Today I will clean mine. I have a terrible habit of piling clothes on the ironing board and so need to catch up the ironing and move the board out of my bedroom. Won't ever take it down but will move it into Andrew's room. We do not know what to expect with this. Scott is not the best patient and will be bored on top of that. He is the one who does not take being uncomfortable in silence...not the guy you can tell to suck it up! But I guess my first worry is getting him here then into the house.

      Looked up yesterday and Andrew walked in...must have smelled we grocery shopped! I also noticed the candy bowl is empty...brought up the Halloween Frankenstein on legs and filled with with candy. THAT is what he smelled I bet!! It had not been filled more than an hour when he strolled through. Also filled a bowl with apples but no one touched that....

      Well, I need to start the day. Have a pork roast in the crock pot and lots to do today. Beth, late lunch is pretty darn late and I would like the early break too. Prayers to those in the Carolina's and the mess they are facing and to Jostoy for her loss. In fact, prayers and good wishes to each of you. Don't know when I will be back but hopefully will only be gone Tuesday night.


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        Good morning everyone..
        Rise and shine....
        Another cool day..And it is light rain..No wind..That wind was awful..
        Tomorrow will be hot day...(UGH)...It feel like fall weather..


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          Good morning, everyone.
          itís supposed to be 105į today. But, hey, Wednesday should drop to the 80ís with thunderstorms! We can certainly use the rain. Yay! (If Mother Nature and the weathermen arenít right.)

          today is doctor day for me. I hope to hear the words ďstill cancer freeĒ!

          You probably have noticed that not all lines begin with a capital letter. Or that apostrophes are gone as well. Iíve given up on them. Itís time- consuming trying to fix up what isnít happening automatically any more. And when I hit ďpost replyĒ all of that and most emoticons disappear anyway.

          have a great Monday.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


          • sassygirl01
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            JoGee...Tell me about..They we will have heavy rain...nope..Light and windy..The wind had die down..but it is light rain..
            I will cross my fingers..Too hear those good news...I will pray for you...

          • maxie
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            I am also waiting for you to hear those words... Prayers and good wishes and whatever else will help!!!!

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          Thanks, Sassy & Maxie. Iíll be back to let you all know.

          by the way....does anyone hear from Val? I know she lives in one of the Carolinas. Unless her brother and SIL took her in.
          i sent an email, hoping for some reply.

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good RAINY Morning! My friend from Myrtle Beach got home last night. No damage and there is lots of sunshine this morning. Yea, they sent the rain here. LOL! We had a really nice visit while they were here during the evacuation.

              Yesterday was busy. Nothing new there. I started cooking food after delivering the pies. Didn't plan to bake for today, but when Lew calls & asks......I can't say no. So in among cooking food for Corky's lunches and our dinner for cards last night, I baked 6 apple pies. Also cooked & peeled some of the half bushel of beets. We played cards at my SIL's. Mom backed out, so we picked up Aunt P on the way to be our 4th. Deep dish chicken is one of Becca's favorites, so she was mmmmmmmmming through the meal. Nothing like Mom's cooking! Her & I were partners and we lost both games, but we had fun.

              Came home and baked 5 more pies...peach & nectarine. Those were easy pies, so that's why I left them for last. I was so tired, I went to bed as soon as I could.

              This morning we slept in which left us 15 minutes before the bus came. We made it with a couple minutes to spare. He is such a sweet boy. I'm going to be sad when he doesn't want to hold my hand & give me a kiss.

              Delivered pies & then headed into Aldi's. Picked up lots of baking supplies. Now to get everything put away and get started working. Lew gave me 3 doz ears of corn, and I've GOT to get those done today. They gave me some other day, and it's still sitting in the refrig. Such a waste. I have cookies to ice & bake off some dough in the refrig. Aunt J is coming later to scoop grease for me. Karate tonight. He was so sharp at it on Saturday.

              Have a good one all! Waiting to hear the good news JoG! (((((Jostoy))))