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Friday 9/14

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  • Friday 9/14

    Who knows if I am the first to post, but we will see.
    I was ready to start writing and then the dog needed to go out and I walked past the kitchen and got distracted...

    It will be a good Friday because I have one less 1 year old today and it is not the one that needs to be by my side the whole day!
    My Food program meeting went under time and that was so good! I also ended up sitting next to someone who knew me and it didn't take long to figure out who she was without embarrassing myself. We know each other onFacebook through her SIL and she bought my friend's house who also used to do daycare...

    Becky baked a really good smelling (haven't tasted yet) pumpkin spice cookie and will frost with a cinnamon buttercream later today.
    They are for an Open House on Saturday.
    She has a test for a State job tomorrow and an interview on next Friday! For some legal analyst position for an agency that works for the state in finding housing for low income people. This a huge deal but until a position is offered, just a lot of stress and nerves for me.
    Pretty sure for her, too.

    Ok, I am going to get the rest of my day organized. One child not here but the early child will be her in 15 minutes.
    Oh, one more thing I found out: new childcare providers are charging about 10.00 More an hour than I am. They are following what the State pays for subsidized care and I have only private pay so haven't got any updates...but I did start charging the part time early child more per day and If I take on any new children (including the new babies) I will charge more.

    have a great day!

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    Good morning to all.

    My MRI went pretty well yesterday. After being in the machine for almost an hour, my back bothered me the rest of the day.
    But afterwards, I did manage to browse around the Trader Joeís (health food store) to see whatís new. We did pick up a frozen cheese-on-a-cauliflower-crust pizza. At home I added cut-up tomato and turkey pepperoni to it, and it was really delicious.

    Today we are thinking of going to get our flu shots. The hospital bulletin said last year the flu season started early, and probably will again this year. And about suppertime we are going to meet with another friend of Eís and her new spouse for dinner at a new restaurant.

    Its supposed to hit 107į today. Too hot to be outdoors, really, but I need to take along a sweater for the A/C indoors at the pharmacy where we get our shots and the restaurant as well.
    i also need to make up the sugar-water solution for the hummingbird feeder.
    Other than that, I donít know what else will pop up for today.

    The month is already almost half gone......where has it gone?

    Paula, those cookies Becky made sound so good!

    Have a very good day, everyone.
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Editing a comment
      I have gotten my flu shot early this year and for the first time a pneumonia shot. Jon gets his through work and I need to corral Sierra and have her get hers. No one was sick at all around here last winter and I am a firm believer in flu shots. And I know what you mean about the month passing so quickly. I am going to miss the summer heat and will think about it fondly when we enter months and months and months of cold and snow and ice and gloom. Think I sit outside today in the sun!!!!!

      Do your hummers migrate?

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    Morning...went to bed early and then was up in the wee morning hours but went back to sleep. I was so tired after shopping yesterday. It was a fill the trunk day! We really just ran into what we needed and or wanted. More wanted for me since I bought myself a new pair of converse shoes and a door fall wreath...shopped for the wreath but wanted the shoes when I saw them! My sister and niece were the trunk fillers. After so much fun shopping and eating I drove home with all the nuts in the world. The last 10 miles closest to home were the worst. What is wrong with people? It is a wonder there are not more accidents during rush hour. Or maybe it is me...they are used to driving like that and I am the newbie just going home after a day out.

    Jon is off this weekend and i must get something done in the bedroom arrangements. They need a good cleaning for sure. My biggest worry is getting Scott into the house with his admitting he was horrible on the crutches the first time and we have all these stairs to get into the house. Once he gets in everything is on one level. It will work out because it just has no other choice...but I do need to clean those bedrooms. He will have more info on Monday but I do know I am leaving here on Tuesday and hoping to be home Wednesday or Thursday with my patient in tow.

    TGIF! No cooking day for me. Andrew leaves early Fridays and eats with his mom and family and I will run out for burgers for me and Jon later if we want. Paula, good luck to Becky...I can imagine how stressful it all is. Those cookies sound wonderful! I am not looking forward to winter but the smell of fall spices is delish! AND YUMMY!

    Lots of laundry to do and have not looked if the dishwasher is clean or if I can empty the sink and start it up. Andrew wants me order a part for a junk toy he dragged out so I need work on that...I would like to just trash it but need to tell him I made the attempt. Time to start the day...prayers to those people in the path of the hurricane. So much rain expected...


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      Yes Maxie.....the hummers do migrate. But itís still hot weather here, so I suspect they will stay a while longer.

      The friends we met in Las Vegas got home in Maine to find one of the hurricanes approaching them; yesterday they said something about the winds and weather there, to E. Hope itís not terrible. In October they head back to the Philippines for their 6 months of being away from new Englandís winter weather. They built a house on the islands some years ago, and say theyíre just bi-continental people.
      CORRECTION: I misunderstood what E said. Our friends arenít having any hurricane in Maine. Itís the Philippines, in his home area there, that a huge typhoon is about to hit. Itís the rice harvest season for the Philippines right now, and if that hits there will be no harvest. The people are trying to decide whether to harvest as much as possible now, or to evacuate the area to be in a safer place. E says that the typhoon is 550 miles wide right now. Itís likely the people in their barrio will lose everything. These people are largely the wifeís family & relatives as well as friends.
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        good late afternoon

        David did one of his, "Get up at 330am and managed to wake me at 5.. aggggg"... so I drank coffee , ate my toast and announced we would be leaving by 8.45 ... first stop , the Bank at 9.. and then on to Walmart with a long list.. got that done.. headed back towards home. with a stop at the Gas station,, and a stop at the Phamacy for his glucose test strips. .. a Stop at the Library.. return some, get some books.. and HOME... all by noon... made big salad and sandwich for lunch .. found my way to the recliner in my "ladies Den".. and read, slept.. and did not move for couple hours...

        I did get out side , in spite of the heat , and dead-headed my marigolds.. if you do that, they keep blooming..

        Now he wants to go to Sons house... HE had huge tree go down earlier. in his yard and it landed on a small shed ..the insurance paid for the removal of tree, and will pay some on the shed ... so David wants to see what he got done today... 7 miles..I'm taking back roads to get there.. the main roads at this hour are a solid line of traffic!...

        see you later..
        I do enjoy reading every post. and could set down with a cup of coffee and talk for hour to each of you... a nice dream huh?...


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          Hi Maye,
          I am glad you are posting, even if it's later in the day. I still come back to read later in my day.
          You are probably having dinner right now, but we will not be eating dinner for a couple more hours. Meeting with more of E's friends at a new restaurant in our area.

          I am missing Elaine here so much. And am wondering how Jostoy is doing. I guess cookie is baking up a storm so she isn't posting daily, but at least she posts. Beth and Sassy still post as they can. And Darla pops in occasionally. Sharon is on a trip again, isn't she.

          Im trying to catch up with some stuff here. A few days out of town, and I am behind in everything again.
          Today E didn't feel like getting up til nearly 10 a.m. He finished his cereal at noon. At 2 he's asking about lunch. I just said we have that dinner in a couple of hours. So he got out the chips and salsa. I had a bit, but the mild salsa was still too spicy. No sense in doing much with what's left of today.

          Have a good evening!

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.