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Thursday, 9/13

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  • Thursday, 9/13

    Good Morning.
    Had a good time in Vegas with our friends. We stayed at the Paris hotel there. I don't think we have stayed at any hotel twice there. They are all different themed, and overpriced. They slip unexpected fees into your bill. No coffee pot or fridge in the rooms (unless you get a large suite for a longer stay). Meals are at least 3x the normal cost. But it was the one chance we had to visit with these friends who live way up in Maine got half a year, and in the Philippines the other half of the year.
    The shuttle from the hotel to the airport came an our early, but luckily we were ready early. We discovered this quite by accident.
    I didn't even touch the slots once. I know better since it's all a computerized deal now.
    So many smokers there, the air was pretty foul. And drinkers, my gosh! They're in everyone's way, one guy sound asleep on a slot machine!

    Today at I have an MRI schedules this morning. So I need to shower and find something comfy to wear.

    E didn't leave our iPads at home. The cabbie is holding them for us, as they were in the trunk and he didn't see the case right away. E will get them later today, one way or another.

    Hope you all have a good day.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    good morning!
    Jo, thanks for the Vegas update. I went once to meet up with a friend and that was when I saw how it really was and much different from tv ads.
    Around here the casinos are on tribal land and run by the different tribes. I just realized I never hear or read of any Big winnings...probably the whole computer slot thing.
    what did your daughter say about it?
    a friend who is a lawyer said he gets a lot of criminal cases because of gambling addiction related crime.

    My class last night was wonderful! Becky got home after I did, so it was a good thing I had rides arranged.

    This morning i was sitting outside and heard geese flying over. They were really honking!

    i have a mandatory food program meeting this evening. Lots of new regulations and people to listen to. Not my idea of a good time, but it keeps me current and in the pay process.

    yesterday we had a smoke free day! The kids played outside for a whole hour and after lunch napped really well. I had to start waking them up.

    Have a good day, everyone!


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      Paula, it is one of my older grand daughters. She works for USAA, and apparently LV has some kind of insurance program with them. Part of her job is to visit the casinos out there 2x a year, and check out the gambling equipment and their books.
      First of all, every casino's machines are computerized. Every casino gets a certain percentage every day, and it's the same for all the casinos. The whole city is wired up on that computer system.
      I don't know how the rest gets divided into winnings. Some hotels give you a gambling card to use in the machines. The cards are different colors, which basically indicate your wealth. I'm a low spender there, so I had the basic blue card. I found someone's "black diamond" card, it was the card for top spenders, who get the biggest returns. I turned it in.
      E used to give me $20 for spending (I've only played the slots), and I used to come out breaking even, or with small winnings. The best I ever got was $1,640, but it was before the computerization. Also, when we played with real money (quarters), our daughters family was there and I poured half the quarters I had one into her cup, twice, and still had a full cup at bedtime.....I counted $300 filled those large cups. The least I left with one time was $20.....I had one quarter in my purse, and played it while E got me a roll of quarters.....and I came home with the roll of quarters intact. When it was a fair game of chance, it was more fun.
      Oh, this GD and her mom invited us to Vegas for Mother's Day one year. They paid for spa facials and mani/pedi's for us all. We had fun, but the downside was that our room we paid for besides the high cost had additional fees in the bill for spa, pool, and a few other things that were available whether or not you used them. So besides our driving expenses, it cost us several hundred dollars, not counting the food which easily amounted to over $100 per day for us, and of course E treated the GD and her mom for most of the meals. I spent my limit on the slots and really lost my little self imposed budget. So GD, who normally sticks to Black Jack tables, put her card in a slot machine, and we took turns picking the play. She insisted I take $100 of the winnings. But, of course she is a high winner with her card....she's the one who inspects them! And so it goes.....
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.