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Wednesday 9/12

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  • Wednesday 9/12

    It is trash day and the trucks have already been by. It is the Tuesday night ritual I don't like: take out the trash, but it has to be done because they come by so early. I had been watching my bank account to see when the trash check came through and then saw where I had it held to the door with a magnet (daycare door) waiting for a stamp. I grabbed that and put my last 50c stamp on it and mailed it in. The next day I received a gentle reminde rthey had not yet received my payment. So I was happy to hear the truck this morning...

    Everytime I turned on the tv to hear about Florence I got politics. Ugh.
    One of our friends who moved form her to Richmond, VA two years ago posted a picture of a shopping cart full of 2 liter bottles of cheap soda: 50 cents a bottle. There was no water left at her store so she was going to pour out the soda and put in water at her house while they still had it....

    This evening is the Christmas decorating class at House of Design. I missed the Fall class because I was at my reunion so I am really happy to be able to attend this one. Becky's schedule is so different I have to find a ride to this one. I didn't say anything but I decided if I had to call a cab for a ride home I would! My mom will give me a ride over and another friend who is going will bring me home.

    As soon as Becky gets a job, we will get a second car for her. She has been looking at things to put on her graduation cap. I think she has decided on She thought she could and she did or something like that. I saw one that said: 54,378 dollars later...(if you know about SpongeBob you will hear it in the voice on the show!) She doesn't have much of a sense of humor right now, so I just lol'd and moved on.

    I hope your day goes well and youstay happy and healthy!
    Jo, I hope your trip is going well!

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    Morning...I am a little later this morning but had to put my stew together. It really does sound good. I did not peel the potatoes this time because I just didn't feel up to it and that made me remember the first time I made Thanksgiving Dinner and stuffed a bunch of potato peels down the garbage disposal. Funny how your husband can lose his holiday spirit when laying on his back taking the sink apart..

    Today I am off for a haircut and hit the bank. Never picked up the tee shirt Scott wanted and it just so happens I will be seeing him (A LOT) next week so will do that. AND that reminds me that I need to get this tire thing going before I am back and forth for hundreds if miles this upcoming month. Guess I will do that tomorrow and hope I can get them on Monday. The people in this house were very noisy this morning getting out before 5AM. I do not know how Sierra puts in the hours she does without sleep. Work, school, social life...good thing her laundry is done and food always available to her. When we told Andrew his uncle would be using his bedroom for a while he has been in there digging around like he just remembered he had a room! He is dragging out all these battery operated cars and drones and crap he has forgotten about and creating a bigger mess for me. This weekend his dad and I are getting in there and we are going to dig around! Lord knows what could roll out of the closet or from under the bed!

    Talked with my sister for a long time yesterday. We are basically shopping for her tomorrow and may not even go into the mall unless one of the other ladies has to. We pretty much just pick a day and get together without a shopping plan or goal. We have shopped all day and filled the trunk or we have shopped all day and not bought anything but breakfast and lunch. I hope to pick out a new fall door wreath. At Home has the cheapest and prettiest I have seen in a long time and I am still in love with the poppies on the front door.

    This latest hurricane is so scary. Hope the government responds a whole lot better than they did for the poor American citizens in Puerto Rico and yes I went there. Guess it is time to get moving. The sun is shining and it is beautiful. Things to do and places to go!


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      I started to ask when you went to Puerto Rico! I am way to literate.

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    Good Morning! I NEED SUNSHINE!!!!!! It's been almost a week since we've seen any. We've had our fill of rain though we'll probably get more from Florence.

    Yesterday was busy but a different busy. Mom came and we went into town after delivering the pies to the stand. Neither of us was feeling great when we left, but retail therapy helped. I got 2 tops & 2 bottoms, and I bought Mom her BD gift(s). Her BD was back in July, but I told her I'd take her shopping AFTER Blaise got back in school, and we'd shop for her gift. She got 2 tops & 1 bottom. We then had breakfast food for lunch and then went home. We don't shop like we use too. Wear out sooner.

    I came home and got started on some of the cookie doughs I have mixed up. Slow but sure. Didn't have to bake any pies for the stand, but one big one for the doctor's office. Speaking of the doctor, my Aunt P called & told me my cousin saw him yesterday & he's leaving in 6 mos. WHAT!?!?

    So today when I went to deliver the pie, I told Dr N that I heard through the family grapevine that he was leaving. Sad. Company politics. He doesn't have the time or energy for that kind of sh**. He has other businesses he can devote his time to. BUMMER.

    Sue will be coming soon, and we'll be working on cookies. Karate tonight.

    Have a good one all!


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      A quick good morning to you all.
      i donít know if this will come through. E accidentally left behind our iPads. The iPhone wasnít accepted in sending since we got here. There is no free WiFi here. I donít want to pay $15 for every use. Apparently thereís going to be a $45 fee on the bill for services that should include WiFi. But Iíve had no luck with that.
      i havenít touched one slot machine. I know the setup now since a GD who works for the insurance gets 2 free trips & free rooms to check out the setups every year; she explained it to me. Itís not a true game of chance on the computerized slot machines.
      had a good time with our friends. Iíll look forward to his chronicle reports and see how he describes the meeting up visit here. His wife is Philippino and quite interesting.
      Well, we need to get packed. They are already in flight to their home. We will be leaving around noon I guess.
      Tomorrow I go for an MRI at the cancer center.
      Have a good day!
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Well, how is this for honesty? On my way home I stopped to make a tire appointment and when the guy checked he said I had another 6 to 10 thousand miles. He said he saw where I drove on the flat but it was still good enough. Of course I drove on the flat! I was not stopping on a country road and trying to change it myself. Anybody who thought that must not have a mother, ya know or at least a mother like me.

        Jo have a good trip home. Paula I have forgotten to mail a bill before...just found it sitting there. I hate late fees especially if they are my own fault!! Cookie, losing a favorite doctor is a bummer. I stayed with the practice when mine left and do not like his partner at all. It is a personality thing. Pies and cookies...your house must always smell like heaven! Do you have trouble keeping your own guys out of the sweets or are they immune to the aroma after all this time of smelling?

        Got my hair cut and we had a couple of good laughs...her business is now regulars and it is a comfy feel. Even if you do not know the person waiting you still have a friendly conversation and laugh. The stew smells soooooo good and picked up a loaf of Italian bread for sopping. Those poor people in the storm path. I truly love the tropics but those storms would be a big consideration.

        Afternoon ballgame so going to curl up and watch the end before moving again. Training camp for hockey starts Friday!!!!


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          good afternoon,,, hello to one and all.!

          though I had checked in... but was feeling so tired this morning .. took me until noon to get motivated to Donna, I need sunshine. and more sleep.
          David and the Kat are going themselves locked out on the front porch one of these nights!!!.. I don't mind him getting up at 3:30or 4am.. ( he goes to bed and to sleep about 9:30).. but there is always this loud yelling at kitty. who just wants out on front porch with a few treats . same thing every morning.. once I am awake ,,I stay awake. agggggggggggg.... and that is my complaint for the day.

          the rest of the day was nice. My computer took a fit yesterday.. files would not open.. so grandson Jake got called, and he was here at 4pm.. and fixed it.. I just had a bad file , could not get it clean up. so finally he deleted it.. and all was ok... so glad those computer smart kids live nearby.!!!.

          Donna had brought me this HUGH box,es, full of yarn she got at a yard sale.. and today I finally got sorted through it.. what to keep , what to pass on the the Church rummage sale winter past time is ready..

          see you tomorrow..