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tuesday 9/11

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  • tuesday 9/11

    I think that first awful 9/11 was a Tuesday, too. Terrible memories that I can never forget.

    My son's school district finally settled Sunday morning and he and his teachers and students were back. My grandkids' district did not settle and will have a mediator tomorrow up in Olympia meet with the Union and the District.
    Donna, how are the feelings at your school after the three week strike last year?

    You should see the air filters in people's a/c units. They are posting the black filters. I need to get a new one before I even want to look at mine. I change them out once a month so I know what it usually looks like.

    I will turn on the news for the weather and storm information this morning. The interstate re-opened yesterday with 17 miles of one lane traffic. Some truckers were waiting 5 days to et through.

    I hope this day is peaceful for all of us and the storms don't cause the damage they have in the past.

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    Good morning...I am hoping for a much better day today!! The peach cobbler I made yesterday I ended up dumping it down the front of me as I was getting out of the car with it. My day didnít get better from there. Enough said.


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      Good morning everyone...
      Rise and shine....
      Oh Boy.!!!..Humid and rain..
      I am get ready for Flo...I try my best to get on line...It hit me on Friday and Sat...
      I feel so sorry for the rest of people..
      And people who lost there lives at 9/11..My heart go out to the family...


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        Hi Ladies

        Ah Bethina, what a shame!... if you were a cussing type person,,, a few words would have slipped out... ,, I"m teasing ..

        Sassygirl..sick with the Flu?.. miserable stuff. hope you have some meds that help..Tylenol, don't wait too long to see Dr. if you don't start getting better.

        Paula, the morning of 2-11 just though my mind when I saw the picture on the news.. Nature sends us tragedies but this man made one was horrible,because it was deliberate!.. Have there been any homes ,towns destroyed by the fire in you forest?..

        no big plans for today.. reading . might find a drawer/cabinet,closet to sort through and throw out stuff. Maybe...

        see you all later


        • sassygirl01
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          Aunt Maye...No..Getting ready for Hurricane Florance..
          I was not morning person..I need more coffee..Kittys got me up too early..

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        Morning...I woke cold this morning and had to pull up the comforter. No wonder I did not sleep so well last night. But it is a sunny,bright day so should warm up into the 80s.

        Yesterday a couple of the shrubs were trimmed back and the front door frame was finally painted. Andrew went to pick the tomatoes and every one of them had the bottoms eaten out so Jon just pulled up the plants and burned them. No way am I going to treat a tomato plant this late in the season. He got 2 batches of salsa out those couple of plants and is happy and I had a few grilled cheese sandwiches with my own tomatoes so it was a good season. He wants to move the hydrangea to the other end of planting area because it has gotten so big even though I trim it to the ground every was 'suppose' to be a dwarf but sure outgrew that. I had planted a cute clematis around a pole and it needs to be moved and transplanted along the had to be trimmed back earlier because it was to heavy for the pole! However the clematis along the fence has never grown into its spot! Go figure. Still have that transplanting to do but we did more outside work in a hour than we have done in months around here.

        Ask for stew meat to be brought up and there is none so maybe this will be our carry out night and I will pick up stew meat today. Always have a grocery list. Tomorrow I am running home for a haircut and banking so it will be a good day for something in the crock pot. Thursday I will be shopping and Friday Andrew's mom picks him up early and they do family supper. Easy cooking week for me.

        Heard from Scott last night and he is coming here after his surgery. I would love to bring him home next Wednesday straight from the hospital but that is a 3 hour drive for him to handle. But anyway, it is still a week off. Jon surprised me with planning meals...or he just thinks he can stick his favorites in there and make his brother believe they are his?

        Beth, so sorry about the cobbler. What a disappointment...and mess! Paula you have had a summer with fires and air quality. Hope your son gets back to work soon..we have had several in the family so I have a soft spot for teachers.

        Time to get dressed and my store list in order. Have a good Tuesday!!


        • Paula A
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          My son did go back yesterday. He and his wife fixed candy bars with welcome back messages wrapped around them and put them on each teacher’s desk!
          He was a teacher before he was a principal and knows the struggle.
          Plus he grew up in a teacher family and Gary was one of the best!

          My grandkids teachers are still out and I hope they can work out their settlement this week!