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Monday morning a new week!

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  • Monday morning a new week!

    Good morning hard to believe that I am going into week 3 at new job!! Time flies..I really do like my job! I am finding my self looking for new wrap recipes...I have some that I want to try at home when my parents are is a modified southwest wrap that I make at work...I am going to make it with hamburger meat flavored with cajun spices instead of the chicken meat then leave everything else the same....or I will make it dad doesn't eat chicken...and I don't much care for the chicken meat at work....its always today I am going to make one for my lunch with out meat.

    I have a peach cobbler dump cake in the oven now...I really do enjoy baking when I have some one to bake I am taking it to work with chef said as long as I make sure he gets some he doesn't mind my bringing it in.

    On Friday my co worker was late coming in so I got to learn to chop mushrooms for our stations to care. I was proud of myself for not cutting myself..

    I think I hear the timer so I must go....

    Have a great day!

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    Good Morning! OK...enough already. The faucet can be turned off & the sun come back out.

    Yesterday was good. Came home from church, delivered the pies, and the cooked until it was time to go to Xander's BD party down at Kathy's. They moved the party from the park pavilion to their house, which was a smart move....drier & warmer too! My daughter does not know how to throw a party, or maybe she does....I made all the food & didn't realize it until we ate. Good thing I made extra. I was in a comfy seat in the corner & apparently fell asleep a couple of times during the gift opening. Oops!

    Came home & the only thing I cooked was Corky's lunch food for the week. I actually sat down and watched several episodes of Code Black I had recorded.

    No pies for today. Still plenty to do. Want to mix up about 6 kinds of cookie dough, then work on the peaches I was given. Think I'll freeze some of them because we don't need that much pie filling anymore. Karate tonight.

    Have a good one ! Glad all it working out Bethina!


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      I think your daughter threw a perfect party...she had it catered!

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    Good morning and a good start: laundry almost done washing, lawn being watered and floors Swiffered.

    Jo, the Uber and Lyft I am talking about are driver services. They are people who use their own car to drive others and it goes thorugh some central screening process...when I was at the airport waiting for Becky, all the cars around me had a sticker for one of these driving services on them. The car next to me had a woman driver with an Uber sticker. You do have to download an app and I think you are right about using a card to pay...

    Beth, the diner I went to on Saturday had a number of wraps. One of them was a Reuben wrap! The one keep talking about, the Hawaiian pork wrap, was wrapped in a tomato (red) wrap. The one I had Saturday, the taco wrap, had a green spinach wrap. It also had crunched up Dorito chips, not too many, but a good added texture. Becky had a chicken pecan salad wrap...

    Yesterday I went to church in Anderson, 20 miles north, and we could even smell the smoke inside the church!
    Some fires have been contained but two north of us have merged. 45 miles of I-5 are closed and there are towns and businesses that are getting no freeway business. I have rad posts from restaurants that they are closed: can't get in more supplies...

    Well, I hope your Monday goes well. I really hope mine goes fast!


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      I don't care for the flavored wraps..the green or the red. I am going to try my own version of the taco wrap...I tried turning the south west wrap I make into a vegitarian version it wasn't good...I used mushrooms instead of the chicken meat. The caesar wrap is by far the most popular!

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    Glad you like your job Beth...your wrap ideas sound good. Your cake sounds delish!!

    Well, like Beth said, another week. Sun is shining but temps dropped into the 50s last night. The season is changing quickly. Watched the ballgame then switched over to Hallmark. I saw where a bunch of new movies were coming for Christmas Paula. Those movies ares so easy and simple I can just sit and watch and not think. Red Lobster is a favorite of mine but the kids do not like it and Jon has a shell fish allergy...cuts my chances of hitting the shrimp lovers special! Use that gift certificate...just pick up your mom and go!

    Hope Jo and her E made it off ok this morning. I never think of rides being difficult when you leave in the city.

    Guess it is time to get dressed but then I am the only one up. Jon is off today and Sierra does not have class until this afternoon then will be going on to work. As much as she works you would think she would have more money than she does especially since her bills are paid by us. I dunno. Need to plan a few meals this week and make a grocery list. With the cool weather it is time to open the shades and let the outside in. I close up everything in the summer and keep the sun out. That means dusting the blinds and washing the windows so maybe they can stay closed another week.

    Have a good day!


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      Good morning.
      Well, this morning we are heading to the airport. In the next couple of days I will check in when I can.

      Beth, I’m glad you are liking your new job.
      Cookie, you are amazing. You never slow down, do you. Next time Kathy throws a party, as her what SHE is cooking, so you can cook something that goes with it. That might keep her from leaving it all up to you. She needs to learn a little more responsibility in that department.
      Hi Paula. I hope they get those fires out soon. It’s not good for anyone’s health to have to breathe in that stuff.
      E may have called a few of those personal drivers......they call themselves “independent cabbies” or something, and they wanted way too much $$$ for a 15 minute drive. It took E 3 hours on the phone to find a decent priced driver.

      I guess I’’d better finish getting ready for our trip.
      Hope you all have a very good day.

      Hi Maxie. You posted while I was typing. Thanks for thinking of us.
      The trouble with getting a ride to the airport right now is that with the Shuttle service shut down, people are thinking that passengers will desperately pay anything for a ride. The shuttle cost us like $35 round trip. Right now that price for one-way is the best we can find. If E says many are charging the same as a night in a hotel, it is at least $80 minimum, one way.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good afternoon everyone...
        I am here..I did house work...
        Had everyone been watching this storm..
        This what my kittys did to day.....