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SUNDAY, Sept 9th

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  • SUNDAY, Sept 9th

    Good morning.
    Where is everyone today?

    Not much happening here. I was awake way too early this morning, but went back to bed and slept beyond the time I normally do. Donít know why Iím feeling so tired today, but I do. Havenít even brought in the paper yet.

    Today we will pack for our trip. E had a heck of a time finding a cab for to-and-from the airport. Many cost the price of a hotel room, or more, for the short drive. Some cab services must be individually owned, because the driver himself answers all the calls...while driving! Not safe. E finally contacted one that had a reasonable price, and the guy made better sense. Itís a shame that the Airport Shuttle service closed down...never did find out why. But E put this new cab in his list for future use.
    Mon & Wed are traveling days, and Tues we will spend the day with our friends.

    Guess Iíll get the newspaper and my cuppa tea.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    I'm HERE!!! Good WET Morning!

    It has rained non-stop since Friday morning. We desperately needed rain, but I'm ready for some sunshine again. Thankfully it's been a nice steady rain and not pouring.

    Yesterday was good. Delivered the pies. With the leftovers from the day before, they had 17 pies to sell plus the 5 that were pre-ordered. Lew called around 12:30pm and ask if I had anymore to bring down since they only had 2 left. NOPE! With the rain & cold, I didn't think they'd even sell half of the 17. Would you believe though that the 2 they had left at that point, they still had leftover for today. Strange! I really wasn't thinking I'd have to bake for today, but after we got home from all our running around 4pm, I got started. I got 16 pies baked. Did sit down & watched a movie with Corky btw oven runs. Kathy picked up Blaise at karate, so we had an evening alone.

    Went to church this morning, then came home to deliver the pies. Once I got home I jumped right into getting food ready for Xander's BD party. Xander is Kathy's BF Matt's little boy. He turned 4. He is a far. I'm Grammy B to him. The party was suppose to be held at a local park's pavilion, but with all this rain predicted and it not evening hitting 60's, Kathy FINALLY came to her senses and is going to hold the party at their it should have been in the first place.

    Becca is coming down and going with me. We decided to skip cards tonight. Mom & I hate driving on wet dark nights.

    Have a good one all!


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      I am here but slow moving. No reason other than I have absolutely no motivation. Everyone here is working today and I do love the quiet. Thank you Jo for merging the posts for us. Sharon, the time on this site is waaaay off. The computer time is synced with the universe but not on this site for some reason. Anyway, I am just happy someone merges the posts and makes us one! I do not especially like being the first of the day for the very reason on someone else may be starting it at the same time.

      Surprise surprise! I found a $50.00 gift card from Kohl's stashed behind a bunch of junk in my wallet and yesterday received a 30% coupon in the mail. There is also a rewards coupon to be printed so I may be picking myself up some tops. I am so happy the longer fuller tops have made a comeback. Not all of us are flat bellied size 6! Not for many many years!! How do you forget a gift card? But it will be nice to treat myself. I am not a snazzy dresser but you do need something to 'clean up' on occasion. I am NOT buying towels with it for sure....

      Guess I need to start the day before afternoon creeps in. Cards are playing an afternoon game and I have plenty of reading material so plan to snuggle up for a peaceful afternoon. Maybe I can talk Jon into Chinese when he gets home...But that would mean dressing better than I had intended after my shower. Need to think on that. Have a wonderful Sunday and do exactly what you want.


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        Oh My Word: Started at 4:00PM and you did 16 Pies?! Donna, that is beyond my comprehension!

        Jo, I am with Maxie: I don't like starting the thread because I just know someone else will be typing at the same time.
        So thanks to all who fix up the posts and put up with my typos.
        Thanks, Sharon, for the information on the wallpaper. I think mine will stay up a bit longer, at least until I have some help. It is in a bathroom and still looks good; just not the painted wall that is more in style now.

        Maxie, I have a few tops and capris that I call my Saturday clothes, meaning I save them to wear out in public and hopefully, look more presentable than the daycare clothes...Have fun shopping with that Found money! I still have a gift card for Red Lobster, but it isn't in my normal path when I go to REdding (and Won't be going there for awhile due to smoke) or Chico so I just forget I have it in my wallet.
        Becky goes to Chico for school and doesn't really want to go anymore down that road than she has to...the joys of country living!
        I could re-gift it...I have done that a few times and just had to impress on the receiver that I was giving them something I could not use and Do Not thank me for it on Facebook!

        We really enjoyed our lunch out yesterday. By the time we got almost to Orland, we could see blue sky way up there. the air smelled fresh, too. But, just about 5 miles going back toward home the smoke was very visible and it looked like you were heading into dense fog.
        No swimming this weekend. I obught more Ibuprofen for the headaches we are getting from the air quality.
        Thank heaven for good books and movies to watch.
        Maxie, I saw an announcement there are 34 New Hallmark movies for Christmas. I don't know if that includes the new ones they usually have for Thanksgiving or not. I can get some deep cleaning and decluttering in the daycare with one of their movies.

        Nothing after church today. Salad for lunch with leftover tri-tip. I am trying to not eat ice cream and extra desserts and lose about 10 pounds.
        I had a great taco salad wrap for lunch yesterday and want to make up more at home the way Beth is making them for her job.

        Hope all goes well for you all!
        Oh, Jo, I am not an Uber or Lyft person because of where we live, but I bet that is why the shuttle may have gone out of business. I have a friend who used Uber during a long wait at the SFO between flights. She went down to the Wharf and spent a couple of hours and then back to the airport. I was amazed at her calling one but she was not at all nervous about it. In Washington we grabbed a cab, but it was super reasonable. I am happy you found a ride to the airport; maybe E can check out Lyft and Uber to see how they charge...

        Rain sounds wonderful!


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          Paula, Those self-driving vehicles are not perfected as yet, from things we have read. There have been accidents, even when they had some test-guy in the front seat (he fell asleep). You can have meals delivered that way too, I read, you order and pay ahead via credit card. The person who ordered was not immediately at the curb, and the car didnít wait.
          So because of things like that, we still prefer the cars with drivers.

          Thanks Maxie & Paula, for the vote of confidence. I wish I wasnít left with the Moderator title cold, and no instructions for anything. I canít fix things that go wrong on the board. So Iím glad that Janet can contact Nightstorm when that happens.
          Im glad to merge the threads and have everyone on the same page-of-the-day. I donít know why the times arenít always in order.....maybe it has to do with the time zones?
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            good evening ,

            been a LONG day. rain and more rain and more rain..with lots of wind.. soooo.... we two old folk stayed Home... no church, no lunch out.. and did not housework.... but I have a stack of books to read.. so filled the day with them..

            son Mark called two trees in his yard went down , wind .missed the house and garage,( and cars).. but went across the power line to house. so no electric ..and he will have work chopping up After the rain stops..

            make the to-do list out for most of next week..I see David and I both have Dr. appts. Mine is a routine type Dermatologist one, should cancel it. or move it.. but its early in morning and can combine shopping afterwards , so will let it on.. ..Need to get tomatoes from the farm Stand.1/2 bu green ones for my Jelly,,,and maybe 1/2 bu. ripe ones and made some tomato Juice.. easy job. Will play it by ear.. make too many plans and some of them will end up
            not getting done.. Like I have two small outside paint jobs planned but it has rained every day since I bought the paint.. and with the looks of the weather ,,Hurricane Florence,,, we will continue to have wet weather for a while ....

            we have a grandson lives in Myrtle beach, (as does his Mother ).. so I hope they are planning their evacuation already!!!..

            see you tomorrow. would miss you all if I did not have this lovely computer connection!!.