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Wednesday 5th

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  • Wednesday 5th

    Good yesterday was really good My parents came and had lunch with me. Everyone talked about how great I am doing.

    There was a mix up for my ride home that left me almost running to catch a bus. I got sick from the heat and allergies and ended up in bed extremely early last night. this morning my ear is hurting super bad. I may or may not get it checked after work.

    tonight I am meeting friends for supper at a place just a couple miles from my house.

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    Good Morning, another steamy one out there, everyone stay safe and hydrated..

    Beth if I didn't take allergy medicine every day I would be like you are, my ears would hurt also my head and throat.

    Getting ready to start cubing the beef meat I bought yesterday and get it canned today...makes things so easy when you want to make beef & noodles, beef stroganoff, beef stew, etc. the beef is already cooked and the broth also.

    Not much else happening around here, canning season coming to a close thankfully, worn out..

    Hope all is well with everyone, jostoy how is the back situation?

    Have a great day.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


    • #3 has been hot around here! I did hear that hurricane Gordon is going to bring us several inches of rain and break the heat. Take care of yourself, far allergies have been nonexistent around here. The rain coming in may help.

      Need to run to the grocery store this morning then stop and pick up a scribt for Sierra. I do not know what people do with their time around here but they sure think I have a lot of it to do their errands. Actually I do but sometimes I don't want to get out...however, if I time it right I can drive through some place for lunch! Need energy to start that laundry that is always piled high. Sad thing is Arby's has finished serving their chicken salad wrap for the season. Back to McD's....bummer!

      Jon was to bring up meat for supper so I have a surprise package to throw into the crock pot. I will stop by the produce stand and get corn on the cob. Hope there is still some cuz I do not want to use what I have in the freezer until winter. Picked a ton of tomatoes last night so thinking he may want to make another batch of salsa. Makes him happy and I don't have to mess with anything. Last night I ended up cooking breakfast. My family loves breakfast for supper.

      Today would have been my wedding anniversary...48 years...and in July he was gone 21 years. So why do those dates still mean something? I think it so sad he never knew his grandchildren and wonder how much of an impact he would have had on them. He certainly was a pack rat like Andrew! Which reminds me to check on the boots again today.

      Think I will fix another cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet before starting the errands.. might beat some of the heat too. Have a wonderful day and stay cool!!


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        Good morning.
        temps here will start brushing 100į for a while. Nothing exciting happening here.
        allergens must be up here, too. My eyes are red-ringed and feel heavy. I use eye drops for allergies, which gives some relief. I canít take allergy meds, though, because they contain aspirin....which has serious side effects with my other meds.

        Beth, im glad you are doing so well at your new job.

        Sharon, the beef dishes sound so good!

        Maxi, those dates are just too precious to forget.

        To everyone.... ☀️ have a very good day!
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          yes, I agree: the dates are too precious to forget.
          i am on my phone checking in.

          all our temps are hovering at 100*.
          i am preparing today for an observation tomorrow for my part time child. I am always trying to adjust the flow of activities and make life simpler!

          good luck with that!
          hope you all continue to do well!


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            Good Morning, today is grocery day here too. Other than that nothing else going on.


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              Good afternoon everyone..
              It was laundry day..
              it is one humid day..It will be 90's...
              And it took me longer to put them


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                Afternoon all! Another sunny hot & muggy day here.

                The pie making has slowed down during the week now. I'm only taking 6 pies. Business will pick up IF we get some rain and it cools down a bit. The tomatoes are producing due to the lack of rain. Funny how my business depends on theirs. Though some people are just coming for pies. Good for me!!!

                Yesterday Sue & I baked & filled 40 doz ladylocks. I thought it should have made closer to 50 doz, but I ended up with enough to fill all my wedding orders & still have some left. On Monday I emailed Blaise's teacher telling her that I've been around the school block enough times to know that I should be filling out paperwork for the year. She actually responded on Monday, and made sure he brought the papers home yesterday. I spent the last part of my evening filling everything out.

                This morning Sue & I kicked butt. Baked off the rest of the cookie doughs, then Sue mixed up a bunch of pie dough to be rolled out tomorrow. Then we did up the super ripe peaches and I'm making them into filling. Right now I'm only making peach & apple pies. I'll have a variety over the weekend.

                After Sue left, I headed into town. Delivered the pie to the doctor's office then went to KFC for lunch.....was thinking of you Maxie while eating there. Then it was onto Sharp Shopper to buy lots of things I didn't know I needed.....$100 later. LOL! Got 3 lbs of butter for $4.49....great deal!!!! Oh there was all kinds of good deals. Love that store!!!

                Tonight is back to karate. I'm hoping to mix up all the icings needed for my baked cookies & get them done. At least that's the plan. Need to make up the pies for tomorrow too.

                Have a good one all!


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                  Yes, I bought a lot of things I didn't know I needed too! The Halloween candy is out and I bought the first caramel apples. Actually,now that I think about it, maybe I didn't need some of those things I bought!

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                Oh, yummy! That means orange filled chocolate Oreos should be on the shelves most favorite!
                I used to love caramel apples, too......then I discovered I canít eat any nuts, so I looked for the non-nutty ones. Now,
                thanks to the idiot dentist, I canít bite apples any more. But I can chew on the mini tootsi rolls. Oh, donít get my sweet tooth started!
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  Never thought to look for orange oreos...was to excited about the Halloween candy.