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Sunday..September 2..

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  • Sunday..September 2..

    Hope you are all heading to a Labor Day party today. Or at least getting out and enjoying the day. We are leaving in about an hour for the day. Suppose to be sunny and hot again...great way to end the summer season!! Have a wonderful day everyone.

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    Good Morning to all....sun is shining and the humidity is horrible...we have no plans to go anywhere, hoping the pool will be warm enough for one last swim this weekend. I have decided that I am done with canning, I am worn out...only thing left to do is wait to get the potatoes out of the ground...Its been a good season hubby making the raised beds did the trick...

    Even though it is hot outside I have plans to make chili to go with out smoked sausage with cheese fixed on the grill...I feel very lazy and plan on just relaxing...I need it, last week was just way to busy for my liking..

    Maxie enjoy your day...

    To all that follow, be safe but enjoy some of these really nice days.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      feeling lazy this morning with my parents and sister and her family...I will get to meet my nieces boyfriend today...I have seen photos he seems sweet.

      Then home to be lazy...They are all going to work at my sisters again job is stay out of the way. I am good at that.


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        Good morning.
        we havenít any plans for today, unless we decide at the last minute to do anything special.
        But I feel like Iím coming down with a summer cold. Iím going through lots of Kleenex and have a borderline sinus headache.

        Yesterday was mostly overcast, and despite the thunder we had an extremely light sprinkle of rain for a minute or two. Wouldnít have known it but E went to check the mail and it started to sprinkle a bit...he didnít really get wet at all.
        Today is ďpartly cloudyĒ again, whatever that means any more. Temps are in the low 90ís for the week.

        Yesterday I made my version of Pineapple Chicken for dinner. Served on broken spaghetti with broccoli. E loved it. Me too. Today Iíll cut up the leftover chicken and serve it over lettuce. He will like that. He loves pineapple, anyway.

        Soooo, not a whole lot is happening here. The neighborhood is very quiet. Maybe later today the grillers will be throwing steaks and hot dogs on their grills, and Iíll know that we still have civilization in the neighborhood.

        Whatever your plans are for the holiday, I wish you a Zippity-Do-Da Day !
        (I love that song, itís a real spirit-lifter for me.)
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Oh, Jo, that is a much better song to be going through our heads! And as soon as you told me which September song, I could hear ole Blue Eyes voice and also the sadness of that song. Not how I feel, but it always brings a note of sadness.
          My parents bought a stereo and then signed up for that columbia music club (?) and lots of show tunes and great vocal artists were always playing at our house. I learned a lot of the songs they liked as teens and then heard more as we drove to my dad's new duty stations. Those middle states are some of the best for radio drama, at least inthose days..

          We have a good-bye picnic for some friends who are least for the wife and kids who are leaving. Very awkward when she announced it at church a few weeks ago. She is moving to Colorado to live with her parents and not sure exactly what the status of the family will be, except she said she is now a single mom!

          We are getting very smoky skies from a different fire. It is just too much to even think about except you can't ignore it all when you see gray skies, breathe in campfire type smoke smell all around you, and eyes are burning. On Friday evening I had a nail appointment and saw dark gray skies to the east and thought for half a second we were going to get rain...looked out the curtain and saw it was smoke and the wind was blowing it down here. We haven't seen either Mt Shasta or Mt Lassen all summer.

          Like Sharon, I am hoping to swim a few more times. Yesterday it was too smoky out to be in the pool. It is in the low 100's this weekend and tomorrow so the weather will be hot enough to swim, but not sure about the pool temp.

          Wasn't I just complaining about it being too hot in the pool to be refreshing? Well, it is Refreshing now!

          I got my armoire all decorated with the new raffle things I won. And all the floors are super clean, the table totally cleared off (company for dinner does that), and the kitchen all cleaned up. We will have leftovers tonight form our tri-tip and the big job now is the pears! I have to remind myself I bought two boxes so I could give a lot to friends and daycare families. I took bags to my neighbors yesterday because one box was Ripe! LIke the most beautiful color of yellow but it is the Do Something Now color of pears...My outside refrigerator is full of pears and I need to give away some more. Maybe take some to the picnic...?

          I hope you all get to relax and enjoy the day and then do it again tomorrow! Take care all!


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            Paula, you can peel and slice or dice a bunch of those pears for your daycare kids!
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.