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Saturday..September 1!

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  • Saturday..September 1!

    Had to check and make sure I spelled September correctly. Hard to believe we are in Sept. The year has flown past and we are back to putting out the mums! I saw this morning there is a grocery list started and I knew we were out of bread so looks like that will be one of my stops...also need gas. And stamps...why didn't I do all that running during the week and here I am having to do it on a Saturday.

    Hoping the grass boy comes today since Jon is off to talk with him. He was told to come every week but looks like he is back to wanting to be called and he really likes Jon so may be making sure he is here. I don;t care as long as someone starts cutting the grass regularly.

    Well, I have nothing to say but plenty to do. Enjoy your first day of September! Hope you have a fun filled holiday weekend planned.

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    Good SUNNY Morning!

    Yesterday was another busy one. Only 4 more weeks. I made up approx. 25 pies and they are all in the refrig ready to be baked. I wanted to use up all my fillings so that next week I can start fresh. It's also going to free me up from having to do it the next few days. Had to make up some blueberry filling because I got an order for a BB pie for today. The last thing I did last night was blanch then cut off the corn from 2 doz ears of corn. Will bag it up & freeze it later today.

    Blaise didn't want to go to karate last night for some reason, but I made him go. There is no karate again for him until next Wed.

    This morning we hit up a few garage sales. Got a few really good deals. Yesterday I mixed up 5 kinds of cookie dough, and I hope to get some if not all of it baked off. Kathy isn't getting Blaise until tomorrow, so he's around today. We'll figure out something special to do....maybe. Right now I'm ready for a nap. Coughing up a lung occasionally just has me worn out and a headache too.

    Have a good one all!


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      Happy September 1st! It is a Fall cleaning day after I have an appointment and some grocery shopping...Labor Day weekend was always a clean up form summer in our family. Gary was all aobut changing the furniture around and I let him do it. I never change it around, just the decorations.

      I have friends coming for dinner tonight but that works into the cleaning. My table is full of the raffle stuff I won. There must be over 250.00 retail in it. The arrangement is way too big for my piano where I thought I would put it; it will probably go on the armoire or...? There is a bag of potpourri that I was going to buy in it along with candlesticks, candles, votives, and a tablecloth, the decorative kind for draping around your tablescape...not really what I would eat on.

      Tri-tip, salads, and something else with a dessert are what's for dinner.

      Thanks for that stamp reminder, maxie! I need regular ones for the bills. I don't want to use the cool sports ball ones for bills!

      Gotta go, and will check inlater!


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        Good morning.
        Happy September. This month the days should be getting shorter. (Maxie, The September Song has been trying to go through my head, but I donít remember all the lyrics. I did look it up, but it wonít ďstickĒ.).
        I see we have dropped into the mid or lower 90ís for the coming week. The rainstorm that was supposed to be today is pushed out to Monday, now. But we have the humidity.

        Have to look at the calendar for this monthís friends or family birthdays. Iím a card-sender. I am due to order more cards from Current.....I can get sets of cards cheaper than the individual cards in stores. But I do get the special cards in the stores for the most special people in our life.....those who like to stay close, those with very special things happening, or those having an especially hard time. In the past 3 weeks we are touched by 2 serious surgeries, and 2 deaths. Plus a GD who has gotten her first bachelorís degree in medicine, and is about to get a second bachelorís degree that should open the doors for her to go into medical research.

        Cookie, take good care of yourself! You seem to be tired a lot lately. Do you need to catch up on your rest, before you get too sick to do your baking and caring for family?

        No doubt Paula or Sharon is posting as I type this.
        Jostoy, you still doing okay?
        Hi Beth, Sassy, Janet, Darla..... did I overlook anyone?

        Have a good day, friends. ☀️
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Jo. do you mean Try to Remember the Kind of September...?
          Or is there a 30 days hath September song?'
          The first is form the musical the Fantastiks...spelled some different way...

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        Good morning I slept until 10 today,,,will probably sleep some more....Yesterday work was the best day yet! I am starting to really really like it and the people I work with....My parents are coming for lunch on Monday or Tuesday...I get show off the skills I have learned for my mom...and my daddy will eat my friend's pizza or pasta. I am pretty excited for that...Also yesterday on campus there was a petting of the chef in charge took those of us that wanted to go on a field trip to see them...I thought was really neat that they took time to take us to see that special event.

        When I came home I made 2 pans of brownies for my sister's house today....there are 4 families working at their house today...I chose to not go...too many people and my feet are still bothering I just provided brownies and 2 cases of water. I don't feel bad at all for not going today.

        Tomarrow the 7 of us will go church together..then maybe lunch.


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          Hey.....that rainy day we arenít going to have today?..........well, we got the clouds, gray day, and thunder rolling overhead.
          just might get that rain today after all. Maybe.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            there is yet another song that prominently came through. ďitís a long time from May to December, but the days get short when you get to SeptemberĒ.....obviously, it is about aging, and can get depressing...... Iím guessing that Iím in the September years of my life.
            but so is ďTry to Remember...Ē
            so I think Iíll switch to ďAutumn LeavesĒ.......though it is also depicting the old age thing, but in a lovelier tune.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.