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Friday Finally!!!!

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  • bethina
    started a topic Friday Finally!!!!

    Friday Finally!!!!

    Good yesterday was a tad bit crazy! A couple different times we had 3 people on my station making wraps and still had a line!!!! The night before they severed over 400 kids in one hour! My plans for my! My parents are in town and There is huge project happening at my sisters...I will be there tonight for supper and then come home and make brownies to go over there with my parents tommarow..I am not going..I have things to do here...

    Sunday is church and family lunch....Monday or Tuesday my parents will be coming to work to have lunch with me.

  • cookielady
    Good Afternoon!

    Yesterday was another productive day. Didn't get everything done I wanted to, but very happy with what got done. Made up close to 40 pies and baked almost half of them. The other half I'm baking now for tomorrow's stand order. Linda had sent me home with almost 3 doz ears of day old corn yesterday morning, and I never did get to them. Took a power nap during the afternoon.

    This morning we slept in a bit, so it was a little rushed getting out to the bus, but we did fine. It helps when he's in a good mood. I see signs of him growing up. Sue worked on pie crusts and I worked on mixing up cookie dough. Baking off the pies I prepped yesterday. Still need to mix up some other fillings for an outside order I got for noon tomorrow.

    Karate tonight, then none again until next Wed. Thrills me to get a break. Both Cork & I remember Kathy saying she's have Blaise for the entire weekend....guess who's not having him but for 24 hrs? She said she never said that. Originally they were going to have Xander for his birthday this weekend, but they aren't now, so since they don't have Xander, they really aren't wanting Blaise for the whole weekend. I've said all along that she gets Blaise to entertain Xander.

    Back to work.

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  • JoGee
    Good morning,
    I am all caught up with my weekís laundry. There still is a zillion things to catch up with. Iím glad to say my energy level is a bit better, so that is a good thing. I have a clear week to see what I can do in that time. The following week we are going to Las Vegas to catch Eís buddy & wife for a day. Havenít seen them in 20 years.

    Got it my hair cut, and love it! Looks like the hairdressersí young stylists have flown the coop. Quit. They expect more pay for what they do (they donít do much, really, and us older gals donít want pink/purple/blue haired girls with odd looking haircuts and piercings to do our hair. Manicures/pedicures maybe. If I donít like the appearance of my stylist, she doesnít work on me. But basically these girls want to set up their own shop in their home, and think they will make a fortune that way. More power to them, but they will find out soon enough that it doesnít work out that way. The in-home beauticians really just make pocket money....those who Iíve known, anyway.

    Was surprised to get an email from my cousinís wife. He recently got his heart transplant, surgery was successful. He will be in ICU for a week, then 2 weeks under doctorís watch in a regular room. Must send him a card.

    Looks like I will see my oncology NP every 4 weeks for a while. She is closely monitoring my blood stats and the new medication. She does see some improvement. Then in a couple weeks I see my colostomy surgeon with another MRI to insure I still am still cancer free.

    I let my PT guy know I wonít see him for 3 weeks, he is so booked up. He looked shocked when I told him....but I do have other appointments and a life as well. When I go back to see him, I will see if they have opened the October appointments yet, and get that locked in early for MY convenient days. Iím trying for Thursdays, not too early and not too late.

    Right now I want to finish my mocha and then redo my nails.

    Maxie, maybe Carl Hiaasení humor isnít what it was any more. I read a couple of his hilarious books years ago. The next one was pretty much a boring dud in comparison. Sometimes it seems an author has developed different inner personalities, and it feels like itís someone else writing some of the books.

    Paula, itís good to take a day or two for oneís self. Relax and enjoy.

    Beth, your parents will be proud of you. I donít get wraps, because I love breads.......but I wish the restaurants wouldnít make mile-high sandwiches. Iíd make tortilla wraps, but E doesnít like tortillas. I donít see how lettuce wraps hold together, so I donít bother. But itís a healthier way to eat, thatís for sure.

    to everyone, ☀️have a great day!

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  • Paula A
    ok, trying to post on my phone.
    Finally Friday is right! Yesterday was so bad here I cancelled what I was going to do and stayed in for the evening. Cancelled taking cookies, cancelled picking up two kids.
    iím sure It all worked out, but I was Done.

    This weekend will be hot but that is ok with me. I want to swim and cut some things that are growing that are sneaking through the fence or something!

    oh, one Awesome thing! I Won the raffle at my favorite floral shop! It was spend 25 and get a ticket. I spent 60 so with two tickets one of mine was pulled! So excited. It is for an arrangement and some products.
    i will post later.

    ok, this is too hard on my phone

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  • maxie
    Morning! Yep it is Friday and a 3 day weekend and that means no cooking for 3 days....still gotta come up with something today. We went to the KFC buffet last night and it was ok. I much prefer the drive through.

    Yesterday I ironed and watched Sen. McCain's funeral. I did not always agree with his politics but I certainly appreciated his service, honesty and heroism. To see a sitting a president be so disrespectful is very disturbing but then I am sure we will be hearing a lot more disturbing things about this guy in the near future. But my ironing is all caught up for the week.

    I have finally gotten involved in my car book so want to finish it up so I can pass it on this weekend. Sometimes it takes me a while to get into a book and I think this one had a lot of characters to sort out and some of them I was not much into. I remember reading a Carl Hiaasen book and laughing out loud but this one has not struck my funny bone. Maybe my sense of humor is off or I have grown out of his? Anyway, I have a couple of books to pass on this nephew texted he wanted to meet Sunday. When our boys were young we went to a favorite family style restaurant every time we went to my sisters. As the boys got older we got away from it but now they are planning a dinner Sunday. That means I have to go back to my sister's but Jon is off and will drive it. Their move is in 2 weeks so this will be the last time and it is fun that the boys got together to plan it and even remembered. You know, I hate getting older but I also love that we made memories the boys remember through the years. Mainly I think I hate getting older!

    Things are so dull and in a rut around here. You can feel the season change no matter the temps and I guess it makes it a frame of mind with this being Labor Day weekend. Need to round up my grandson and start trimming back bushes. It may be early but the potted plants have taken a beating with the hot and dry and need to be disposed of. Andrew picked 4 tomatoes last night and that looks like maybe the last 'mass' picking. The plants got huge but were not big producers. Our other sister is a real life farmers wife and she says the gardens were not good this year. To cold so late then to hot so fast!

    Going to fix another cup of coffee and glump a while longer. Need a good swift kick to get me up and moving I think. Hope you all have big weekend plans to look forward to. Enjoy!!

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