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Monday July 2nd Rise & Shine!!!!

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  • Monday July 2nd Rise & Shine!!!!

    Good Morning! Going to be another toasty one today.

    Well mission was accomplished yesterday. After church & SS, Becca came with me to take Blaise to church camp for the week. Used her GPS and it got us there quicker than the MapQuest instructions were going to take us. He didn't even want me to make up his bed with the sheets, so we just said good bye & left. Funny thing, he was so excited about getting a top bunk, that he picked the first one when we came in the door....right about the camp Dean. LOL!

    Came home & we had dinner & played cards. My niece Maddie & her friend were swimming, and after they were done, Maddie stayed and ate & played a couple hands of cards with us. After they left, I settled down with my book and read to after midnight....nice.

    I've got a semi busy day today. I just made up the pie dough for the two pies I've got to bake today. After breakfast I'll be heading to Aldi's to get a few supplies, then home to cook & bake. Need to make up a dbl batch of cabbage & noodles for the concession stand tonight. I know, Blaise won't be there, but it's fun for me, and I get to do fun things this week. My SIL is coming this afternoon to swim, and I hope to have all the kitchen stuff done so I can go down and join her.

    One of the pies is for the neighbor guy who is coming up to dig up the ground at the corner of the house. He's going to help Cork get a new pipe laid to the septic tank. Now of course he's charging us, but he was so nice offering all kinds of help after he's worked all day at a construction sight. His backhoe should make quick work of all the digging. I need to go get the cash to pay his since that's how he requested his payment. It's going to be his fun money. Anyways, I'm making him a pie. I buy eggs from her daughters sometimes.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good morning.. I need to get myself in gear..,headed to Walmart on the bus not my favorite thing with the heat. Cori needs food and I have a few other things to pick up. I had planned to go to Aldi tomorrow but I just remembered I have a meeting with job search people. The only other plan is working out tonight


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      Getting cat food is the chore of my life, Beth! The huge bags of dog food are Becky's chore and because she decided to stay much longer in MD, she bought a second bag so I won't have to go to the feed store for it..or if I do, I will buy a smaller bag.

      It is so nice out right now, I drank my morning smoothie out on the patio and read for awhile. 76* now and into the upper 90's Ithnk they said. It was 110 yesterday so going down to the 90's will be nice. By Wednesday we are supposed to have 80's!

      I swiffered the living room and will clean the tile next when I finish here.

      Church was nice yesterday but the day was so quiet when I got home without Becky...I got a photo this morning. they are on their way into Washington. I kow there will be a lot of pictures. Yesterday at church in Annapolis there was a lot of prayers and ways to help the families of the shooting victims talked about. Lots of signage giving support.

      I am looking forward to the lighter work load this week: one baby is in Hawaii with his family. They chose the beach there to do their baby reveal. Having another boy. the new toddler will be here only today and tomorrow and then they are going on a campout. And I am closed Monday for the DMV and an eye appointment and since it is my birthday I am going to do something fun. Not sure what but something different...

      I hope Monday is good to you all. I have to make a call about CPR and First Aid training. The cards are good for 2 years and the last one I got I thought for sure would be my last...

      Blessings on us all for safety and health!


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        Morning! Had a great time at my sister's yesterday. Stayed a bit to long and was only about 10miles from home when I hit the storm. The temp dropped from 95 to 74 and it rained so hard I could not see enough to pull off the road so the guy in front of me and me just kept plodding along at a crawl since it was safer to go forward than try to find the side of the road. Suddenly it just stopped! That fast!! I was glad to be home...knew I was going to hit an afternoon storm since it storms almost every afternoon around here. Today it is suppose to cool to only 90! Yay...only 90 is a big break from the last week.

        Today I have a doctors appointment. When they removed the melanoma from my arm 5 years ago it left a big divot and now I have a lump in it that is affecting the muscle in my upper arm. Probably a cyst but it grew fast and is getting sorer and it is time to get it looked at. I have just decided to change my attitude about Sierra's bf and move into sweet lovable grandma mode and then have this arm thing to worry about. I have decided I cannot be responsible for people or make then change so I just say nothing. These are her mistakes to make and she will have to pay for them when and if the time comes. This little old lady is going to live her own life and do her own thing and it is time to be taken care of instead of spending life worrying about what cannot be changed. I have really enjoyed being around my brother and sister and their families. This brother is the baby and he was telling tales of mom and dad and we got to laughing at being poor and not even knowing it. We were not poor dad was a factory worker and it was the way everyone lived but by today's standards and what we give our kids it was a way different time. Still, in every time, there are some kids who always had more and better than others and that was not us.

        I saw a package of very thick pork chops in the fridge and a box of wild rice sitting out so I am guessing my son is cooking today. Works for me. I have laundry and need to finally settle in to being home for the summer. A two day break between trips south is not being home! The drive is getting longer and I will be glad when she has moved an hour closer.

        Cookie I hope Blaise likes camp. It is not for everyone and he is so young...I know, he will love it but grandmas worry...even if he is not their grandson but yours! Need to get my shower and start the day. Sierra wants to meet up for Mexican for lunch so guess I have no choice but to treat her and her bf to lunch. My niece was telling us they have a name for a smile that does not reach your eyes so that will be me today. Fake smile, buying meals for people I don;t want to lunch with and trying not to care. So much for doing my own thing!


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          Maxie I totally understand your changing how you handle things with Sierra, I had to make that decision a long time ago, sometimes it is so hard to keep my mouth shut but thankfully hubby listens to me rant and rave, LOL...I just need to manage my own life and not anyone elses, very hard when you see, hear, watch it happen in front of you...(especially with my daughter)!!

          Oh do get an appt. soon for that Dr. to look at your arm....sooner rather than later dear lady..

          Pork chops and rice sounds really good...I was also thinking chicken and rice casserole this week..

          Glad you had a great time at your sisters, sometimes time spent with our sibs is the best medicine..

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        Good Morning dear ones, I think my day is shaping up just fine, started out with a small piece of steak leftover from supper, and egg and english muffin..

        Now on to some housekeeping, laundry, and litter boxes..

        Donna enjoy some alone time, don't spend it all working and cooking, enjoy some 'life' time...maybe you and Cork could have a special day out together...

        Paula I hope you find some enjoyment from your free time.

        Well Sis is on the back later...Have a good day, hope not to hot out for you..
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          I rant to my son and he is carrying the same burden I am and have to stop that too because he does not need to listen to me plus worry himself. My niece says to rant to her and my sister. I just pray this therapy works for Sierra but I know it will be a long trip for all of us. I try not be to negative here but sometimes if just comes out. Off to see the doctor...thanks for your good sense approach and the advise you give. it is appreciated!

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        No baby today! She stayed home and the 4 kids here and I will enjoy the day.
        I misunderstood the weather : today will be in the low 100ís.
        Whatever! No baby!!!


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          Good morning.
          I woke during the wee hours sometime when light just does not exist. Could not get back to sleep for a long time. Then suddenly it’s almost 8 a.m. and the sun is bright and the A/c is blowing cold air on me.
          My jaw still swollen, big bruise, and sore but the soreness may be lessening. I think. I hope. Still too sore for me to try on my new partial plate.

          My instructions relieve me from doing much of anything this week, and certainly no lifting. But I do have PT exercises to do. They are simple movements.

          Had a lovely email this weekend from my longest-time friend. It was her birthday. She shared some old memories of our youth together on my birthday, so I shared a bunch more including her first love. How we used to walk miles and miles together so often, tirelessly. Today neither of us can do those things. Her first big infatuation was a road worker, Italian immigrant who didn’t know English, a Tony Curtis lookalike. His name was Tony. And she was tall, blonde, and big blue eyes. They had eyes for each other. He wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone or he would lose his job, but he really stopped to look at her when she walked by, and vice versa. I would have thought everyone within a block of them could feel the tension in the air. Then the streets were finally paved and the crew was gone. I take it there is still a very special spot in her heart for that particular memory alone.

          Well, I have no idea what today will bring. Other than sunshine and heat. Time to download another book or two to read, I guess. I just finished a book by J.A.Jance., one of the Joan Brady series. She grew up near Sierra Vista, so knows the area well. Her books are whodunnits within ar least 3 counties here. Itís fun to recognize various places I have been to or seen in passing. Some cover Indian territory as well, particularly the Jimmy Chee series. She now also has a home in WA, so has a third series covering that area.

          Hope you have a really good day! 🤗
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.