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Sat June 30

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  • Sat June 30


    the last day of June, My favorite month of the year... sigh

    company from Colorado coming today.. get here about 9pm... so have last min sweepering ,dusting, etc etc.. Mike and Pam will be here until Sun,July 8.. have not heard from Mike's sons whether they are coming also,, , one , sometimes both. drive up to see their Dad. they live in Va. and S.Car..

    was sure Hot yesterday.. but I enjoy having sunshine, heat ( so glad to also have A/C.) Will be making some sort of "food" to have in fridge, like potato salad, also need some more sandwich fixings. have a great meat market 2 miles away..

    be back later to read, Enjoy the day...

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    Good morning, Maye... you’re up early today.

    Yesterday was good. We found the PT building, and I’m set up there. The guy who is my PT person started me on simple exercises. He explained the whole schmeil of why were taking my route of exercises and how and why they should be done. Then he guided me through the first set.
    So it seems my hospitalizations and medications had definitely weakened me. It may be that my lower back pains might come from the new medication, but we will do our best to change or deal with it. Those “icy-hot” patches might be a temporary solution if it gets bad. Meantime, doing simple core muscle work (with an isometric exercise touch) is on my daily agenda.
    While I was busy learning all that, E found us a new PCP in the same building. We will not be seeing a slew of different doctors each time, but the same one on each visit.

    Today that last chance of a few raindrops disappeared. It’ll be sunny and just 101° today. E did water all my trees yesterday, thankfully. But if any of you get unwanted rain, just push it our way. The heat and dryness are a threat to getting wildfires. Plus, our water table is getting lower. Water is getting to be a very precious commodity here.

    This morning is my appointment for oral surgery. I need to try to get the dentist to get all the work finished by mid-month.

    And that’s my news today. I’ll get my breakfast, E will have to help charge this heart monitor, or set up a new one. And we’ll be off to the dental clinic.

    Have a great day.
    Now to see if anyone has posted as I typed. 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good luck with the dentist.

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    A good but hot morning! Last night's game was another game lost but we sat near the concession stand which is under a roof and had a nice breeze break the heat. The bonus was we were home by 8:00! Love home games..

    Today I will go out and gas up the car since I am leaving early in the morning to spend the day around my sister's pool with my little brother and his family. My nephew ask if I would swing by to pick him up so I am hoping to slide over and let him drive the rest of the way...traffic through St.Louis could be a bummer with the 4th coming up and everyone heading south to the lakes etc.

    Yesterday when Jon came in I was frying potatoes but he wasn't hungry so I just put them in a bowl and after the game we fried eggs and had a late was actually yummy. Since I cannot compete with a gourmet meal like that I don;t think I will cook today. We also have a huge supply of sandwich fixins' Maye! Even a loaf of rye bread for grilled cheese with a tomato slice.

    Jo,so many health problems and complications...thank goodness for your E to help. I had to call my supplemental insurance the other day with a question and she said I should have another person on file to have access to my info. i used to handle my dad's stuff but never realized I was that age myself now. I know I'm old but somehow to 'need' someone to handle things if you can't just seems OLD...ya know?

    Going to be hot today with always a chance of pop up showers and storms. Ever rain drops about an inch of rain so things are still green in spite of the heat. The tomato plants are flowering!! I just love those little guys.. Time to start the day. Cannot believe it is the last of June....summer is flying by so enjoy it!


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      Good morning..Good luck jo with your dental work. Today will be spent in the kitchen and working on laundry and straightening the house.

      I am making chicken alfrado for the next few days unless my sister and her family come for supper. The other thing I have been really hungry for chocolate cake with coconut pecan icing. I won’t be making it from scratch I will use use sauce from a jar for the alfrado and a mix for the car with store bought icing


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        my favorite is broccoli alfredo! And that cakes sounds like a German Chocolate which is also a real fav of mine. Sounds like a great meal Beth!

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      Well, it almost seems lke afternoon to me and it is to many of you. I left home at 3:30 this morning and it was 78*! Drove to the airport in Sacramento and got Becky off in a big group at the Southwest curb check in. Lots of flight crews arriving. Vans and cars double parked doing the drop off. We stopped once on the way down, but on the way back I just drove home. I was in Red Bluff at the main street at 7:10. I came in, let the dogs out and then took a nap for about 30 minutes. got up, cleaned up and now ready to go to an appointment. In 15 minutes so this is a quick stop.

      Maxie, I guess I better get people set up on insurance, too. Right now I have Stuart on my insurance and when she gets back I will get Becky on the medical stuff.
      The DMV let me know they think I am old because they said I need a vision test. Thank Heaven I don't have to take the written test. I would love to see a photo of the people (or computer) who come up with those questions.

      The alfredo with chicken and broccoli is somethingI was thinking of last night! I think that will be tomorrow's meal. And should last me through a day or two.

      I hope you all have a wonderful day! Your family week will be great, Maye; I feel as if I know your kids and grands from all the posts.
      Same with most here. I really feel like extended family and wish I could drop in with a salad or something. Thinking the layered Southwest cornbread salad!

      Take care!


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        I renewed my license last year with just a vision test and Jon just got his notice yesterday and will need one. He was slightly insulted! I certainly hope I never have to take anything more than a vision test although I think I could pass a driving test over the written part! They have changed things in the few years I have been driving......

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      Yesterday was good & busy. Made a coconut cream pie for a gentleman and I was to call when it was ready. I called from 11am to 7:30pm and got a busy signal the whole time....phn off the hook. I iced the 8 doz sugar cookies I had baked first thing in the morning. 6 doz were for graduation parties. In btw all that, Blaise & I slipped to a garage sale a few miles from us. We went there last year on the last day, and got books for Blaise for $.25 each. She told me last year that she'd be putting out the Big Nate series and Blaise loves those books, so I wanted to get there and buy them for him. They were $.50 each, but that was still a fantastic price on them. Picked him up some clothes for future years.

      I spent the better part of the afternoon icing those sugar cookies. My SIL came to swim, and I eventually joined her & Blaise. Matt & Kathy came late afternoon. Matt works for a plumber and he brought his snake/grinder to clean out the pipe leading to the septic tank. It got hung up on roots, so now we have to remove a bunch of bushes on the corner and maybe also replace the line. While that was all going on, I was taking Blaise to karate lessons.

      This morning we were up bright & early. I was having a customer come at 7:30am to pick up her cookies before we left at 8am. We hit up several garage sales. Came home & I took Blaise for karate lesson. That's it for those for 2 weeks. He'll be gone all next week, and the next week the instructors are going to classes themselves. No swim team or karate...going to love it! Finishing making up two different potato salads. My Aunt P has a picnic to go to at her one daughter's, and she just doesn't feel up to making anything, so she ask me to make it for her. Her's is just regular potato salad, and mine is going to be horseradish potato salad. Then I HOPE to go swimming. Need to pack up Blaise's camp stuff sometime today. Last year I had his stuff packed a week ahead. I'm slacking this year!

      Maxie....Kathy was listening when Matt told Corky about having to dig up all those bushes. She was really concerned about Corky doing that at HIS AGE. LOL! She's been making those kinds of comments to me too. I guess we seem old to her. Think we are going to hire someone with a backhoe to come in & dig it up for us, then we'll do the rest ourselves.....ok, Corky will do the rest HIMSELF.

      Have a good one all!