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Saturday the 23d

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  • Saturday the 23d

    ah , overcast morning... makes for sleepy people... no coffee on the deck this morning.

    been setting reading and reading ..

    there is a High School graduation Party today.. We have been invited to by Bethany's,(gd). boy friend parents.. .. Bethany and he have been an "item" since grade school. He is a nice young man and I am hoping he is the One.. Hope I live long enough to see if the romance lasts. ...
    but going to the party is iffy,,, Depends on weather and David's wobbly balance.

    Picked up the books at library yesterday... 2 of the three were a waste of time.. they were recommended by another author i read a lot, but they are just too "manly" for me... so I guess they are really men reading material.. skimmed the plots but not interesting enough to wade thought the other crap.. there are a way tooooo many books on the shelves to be read .. don't need to read Crap.

    have a great day.. each and everyone of your Rounders.

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    Good morning everyone.

    Nothing on my schedule for the day YET. Didn't do any work yesterday. Just spent my money on a new gas weed eater. My old one was going to cost about $20 dollars less than I could buy a new one. EXCEPT I bought one $50. more as it is an EASY START one. Getting too old to be pulling and pulling on a rope to start any kind of yard equipment.

    Not much on my mind today so will just say...HAVE A GOOD DAY>
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good morning.
      A nice day ahead.
      We are perplexed at why the birds havenít returned yet. The food is untouched. I see only one house wren occasionally, but it doesnít seem to stay. The suet remains untouched since the neighborís solar panels were installed.
      Have to make a trip to the dental office. Apparently they think our insurance is covered, but we got some paperwork from the insurance that says otherwise. Since we have paid over $1K for treatment so far, I hope it wonít be a lost cause. Theyíre expensive people.
      Maye, I hope your gdís relationship works out for them. Since grade school? Iíd say it will.
      Hope you all have a great day! ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning, and overcast one here so far, they do speak of more rain today...need to find something to get us out of the house today.

        Maye if they have been together that long there is hope, but will say college days seem to change things sometimes. Hope you are able to attend the graduation party, uplifting for both you and David.

        jostoy, its about time you started making life easier on have and are giving your body a real workout...there comes a time we all need to realize we ain't what we use to be.

        JoG, dental and eye care are both off the charts expensive...wonder why the solar panels would keep the birds away, the reflection of light?

        Well no news is good news I suppose as I have none to report...have a good day one and all..
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Sharon, it may have begun with the noise of preparation and installation. I could hear andfeel the reverbations of it in our house. The previous owners covered half the roof facing us. The panels there are dull. The new ones facing us do have a better shine on them. I canít believe it took all day for the panels I can see. Maybe they had the other side done, too???
          Havenít seen the neighbors in a while. Both adults work and travel. Both kids are in college, and the boy comes back a couple times a week to run the motors on his vehicles. Someone comes to care for their dog, which deters intruders. Apparently their back fence is invaded by night-prowling teens. Itís inside during the day, and roams the yard at night. Barks a lot at whatever moves. It gets other dogs started.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good very warm morning here! I woke up at 5:30 and it was so warm I decided to go swimming. It was already 78* at 5:45! It will be up in the 100's today.

            I have done a load of laundry and ready to do some floors. I did my floor and the hallway already but walking down the hallway I saw a few places I missed.
            Not even sure how since it is a regular sized hallway, not like it should be hard.

            My son in Maryland is getting a puppy today. Becky will be a big help to them when she gets back there next weekend. that is one of the reasons Spencer said they decided they could get one, besides buying a house with a big yard (the last house was pretty much pool, deck and forest) and having Aunt Becky to teach the boys about caring for a dog...and summer being a good time to be able to go out with a dog a lot.

            Today is a trip to Home Depot for a number of things. When my gate blew down on Mother's day weekend and I was away the friend who came over and fixed it did not do a latch that I can even open from the inside. I have to use a hammer to release the latch and form the outside you can't open it at all. Well, the pool guy gets up somehow and uses the hammer, we are going to see what we can buy. Becky went yesterday but no one could help her! They didn't know exactly where and sent her to a couple of different aisles and No One went there with her...I think I am going to buy our own drill and to have to borrow her friend's drill. I need more play sand and we need light bulbs! Trying to find them at Walmart or our grocery store has become next to impossible. Is it Everywhere or just in my crazy state!? There are enough proposed ordinances to scare me into moving. If some of the water ones go through...

            I also need to figure out a shade structure of some kind for my begonias out front. It doesn't have to look pretty right now, just protect them from the sun!

            I hope today has way less stress on your To Do List than this one sounds like. I am off to the Farmer's market to get some blackberries for a dessert I saw in a magazine insert with food tv magazine. And gas needs filling: 3.47 a gallon yesterday .

            Praying for all in distress, especially those children.
            So thankful for the friendship I have found here!


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              Afternoon! It's pouring rain right now.

              ​Yesterday was a busy one. Took Blaise for his counseling appt then to Chinese for lunch. Stopped @ Aldi's & Sharp Shopper for a few things. Got a call from the Field House for some pies & a cake, so I did that as soon as we got home. Delivered those & the extra goodies ordered by The Bistro. It was then time to run Blaise for karate & swim team. He was running around the pool in the grass & guess who slipped & fell onto the sidewalk? He boo hoo'd and never did get in the pool. After 45 minutes I packed him up and we went home. He'd just asked on the way there if he could try baseball & I told him no. On the way home, I told his this is EXACTLY why he couldn't. He cries too much over little things.

              ​This morning we went on our weekly garage sale adventure. We both found a few treasures. This it was time to take Blaise to karate & then down to Kathy's. Stopped at a local grocery store there & stocked up on the meat they had on sale. Now I need to package it up and freeze it. Need to get things picked up because I'm hosting cards tomorrow evening.

              Hope you've been having a good one!