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  • Its Wednesday

    Today is a lonnnggg day for me...I am already up and started with my day....have already talked to my mom too....I wanted to check on mom the doctor gave her new meds to help her relax and rest at night...I could tell the last time I saw her that she wasn't getting the rest she needs....she thinks she slept better last night I am thankful.

    I on the other hand didn't sleep well at all...I joined a gym with my sister yesterday and man did it kick me in the butt last night..but over time the good will out way the bad....

    Today I am volunteering at a camp for deaf children...then coming home and resting...then I have sign language class....then I have church...

    Here are some hugs (((((rounders))))) Just gonna leave those there and I left enough for anyone that needs them....I may not say it but I appreciate this place and each of you.

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    Oh, (Bethina) for you!!!