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And now it is Tuesday.....

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  • And now it is Tuesday.....

    Well they have extended the heat wave another day...gets so you don't care much...until the bill comes in to pay for all the a/c! Andrew's game was cancelled last night because the other team did not have enough players. We have another game tonight and it is home and early. Gonna be hot!

    Today I am running home for a haircut and to make a stop at the bank. Jon is suppose to also run home to the hospital for blood work so maybe he will meet up for Mexican. Only food I will be supplying today!

    Take care of yourselves everyone and stay cool.

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    It is probably hotter where you alla re than here, but by the end of the week we are to be in the 100's again. the pool is perfect right now: cool enough and not too warm.

    Yesterday morning was wonderful. Only half the kids were here. the other half were here by lunchtime. We just had a pool and water play afternoon and no nap. The two who would nap probably fell asleep on the way home but I told the parents and it just sometimes happens that way. especially on their weekends so I figured it was ok to happen here one time.

    I hope you all are able to get things done with the weather you have. I have to start the sprinklers and open up all the doors so we get the cool air inside!


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      good morning

      thank you Maxie!.. for telling me it is Tuesday.!... I was dead sure it was WEd. ...
      Heat we had yesterday... today , so far, its wet, some sprinkles. and humid. but no sunshine yet.... IF the sun comes out.. wow, will it ever be humid!.
      and , as Maxie said.. the A/C will be working . alto I set the temp quite high.. like 76.-78..and that is cool enough..

      Slowly getting house ready for Mike/Pam's visit from 6/30 to 7/7.. amazing how you never notice how sticky the light switches get until company comes.
      I just hope they aren't picky about what to eat.. I don't cook much these days. ( D. doesn't have an appetite for much of anything these days) Pizza and King's restaurant .plus 4th of July and leftovers should do the job.. ...

      will be back later to read..


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        Mine is set at 77

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      Good morinng..I am up early for me....I went outside for a bit...I am hoping that I am in for the day..not sure sister called this morning and today might be the day that she and I join the gym. We both need the exercise and I get the opportunity to see my nieces! It will be good for all 4 of us. I may not make it here the rest of the week atleast not in the morning..I have to be up and ready to go by 8 or 830 the next 3 morning...Wednesday and Friday I am volunteering at a camp for deaf kids...and Thursday is my day at the adult day care.


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        Hi, everyone.
        We have a 4 day ďexcessive heatĒ warning in effect now. We are back in the 100įís, and on Friday should get 110į. 🌵Phoenix will be a few degrees hotter. Satan must be around on vacation, ya think?

        I posted yesterday evening about my doctor appointment. We agreed I donít seem to have a heart problem. Then he checked me and I had a spiked heart rate. But the exam table was fixed up like a chair....but the seat angled slightly downward, and the backrest was in a slight kind of stretched my body for the exam and I did feel the spike. (Doctorís trick to keep patients.) So now I have a state of the art heart monitor on. Iím helping to test it for a month. But it will also show when my heartbeat spikes. The monitor is blue-toothed to a Samsung smart phone, that I need to keep near me. (I canít use it as a phone, as itís part of the monitor system). This device has been issued to hospitals or doctors for only 3 weeks. I can log in my activity if I feel my heart rate spike.
        He will also look up my latest med and figure out (along with another doctor or two) and see what side effects might affect the spiking, and how much spiking occurs. I generally donít notice it.
        Then in a monthís time, I pack all the stuff in its box and put it in a postage paid envelope, and send it back. They will call me/us with the results sometime later. I always take E in with me to med appointments, so he knows whatís going on. He understands Medical-speak, and I donít. Now I have a port implanted in the right side of my chest, and this little monitor taped to my left chest.

        I still need to order summer pants. I have a new pair from Blair that fit just fine, but I want other colors and can use extra pairs anyway. Then have to get out the last 2 birthday cards for this month.

        Today E wants to return to the gym for exercise, and is taking me to use the 2 machines I can use there. I refuse to do the ropes and pulleys because theyíre ridiculously hard to use, and they hurt. Iíll go, just to get out of the house a bit. And because the membership was cheap for him and free for me. And itís in the neighborhood. (And thereís a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store halfway between home and there. &#128517

        E bought a new bird feeder, a larger one, that keeps the larger birds from eating our desired song birdsí food. E had to move it to another branch. I slept in this morning til 6, so didnít see them at sunrise. I hope they will like it. I doubt theyíll be out too much in the heat of the day. Have a hummingbird feeder in the front yard, too.

        So thatís about it for todayís news. Iíd better think of what to come up with for tonightís supper.
        Hope you all have a good day. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning everyone.

          I slept in until 8:30 this morning, but didn't roll out of the bed until 9:00. That's when the alarm goes off on my phone for my meds that I take for my tremors. Have an appt. tomorrow morning with my Nuerologist, and we're going to have a talk about my legs getting weaker and wobblier. I think the tremors are progressing.

          Nothing to do this morning except go get a few "viddles" from the store. Then this evening I'll go spread the stuff E got yesterday at Terre Haute for the moles. Since they only had 1 bag of the Milky Spore, we are trying another brand to use in a different area of the yard so we can see if it does as good as the Milky Spore. The new one is to kill both the grubs and worms.

          Well enough talk of killing below ground stuff....will just say...HAVE A GREAT DAY.
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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            good morning everyone..

            Rise and shine...Hot,Hot,Hot...

            Not good week...My tower it is going....then i just broke my mother sewing machine...

            Double darn...And i have to finish two quilts..(UGH)...

            I try to come..When it is fix..


            • Paula A
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              Lol, those cats! So good to hear from you and sorry about the sewing machine.

            • sassygirl01
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              That is for sure..Thank-you...Me too...

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            Good Morning! The temp isn't high, but the humidity is so high you'd swear it was 10 degrees hotter & you can slice the air with a knife.

            ​Yesterday Blaise & I went to town first thing to go to the bank & the grocery stores. Was just unpacking groceries & Becca showed up and then my SIL. They all headed down to the pool while I finished putting stuff away and eating a bite before I headed down. The water was perfect! The heat sucked the energy right out of me, though I didn't get to take a nap. We had a bit to eat for supper and then headed for the swim meet. It was nice having both girls with me. Kathy went home & got her 10x10 tent. The sun was still very hot at 5:30pm. Blaise did great. He's getting there.

            ​This morning my feet hit the floor running once I got up. It's nice not having to get up with an alarm. Mixed up 4 kinds of cookie dough and some pie dough. Once Blaise leaves for his overnight excursion, I'll start baking off the goodies. First the pies, then the sugar cookies, and then MAYBE the other cookies. I need to have 4 doz sugar cookies iced & ready for pick up tomorrow along with the one pie. I really should make something for dinner since it's just the two of us and I don't have to run Blaise anywhere tonight. Maybe we'll go swimming.

            Back to work....have a good one all!