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  • Hello Everyone

    Well, it's 5a on a Monday and I have a little time to check in.

    John and I are on a journey nobody anticipates or desires.

    Six weeks ago he was doing well, walking, doing the usual things he liked to do. Then it changed in an instant. He was walking around in the pasture one morning, and by nightfall, he had a temperature and his leg and foot were in agony. By morning, he couldn't walk at all, and I called 911.

    We spent a week in the hospital. His foot was swollen and halfway up to his knee, it was covered in tiny red spots. One doc diagnosed gout, another infection. Steroids and antibiotics were infused around the clock.

    We did not realize it, but lying on his back for a week created a coccy tear, a dreaded bed ulcer that is beyond painful. I certainly did not understand at the time the danger of this situation.

    Anyway, they sent us home with a diagnosis of nutropenic sepsis, and for 3 consecutive weekends we went to emergency with pain around his tailbone and redness in his leg. By now the red spots in his leg had become one huge red area.

    He can no longer walk with a walker, and he is tied to a catheter ( a huge blessing, when you can't walk).

    So last Wednesday, out of desperation, I took photos of John and made an appointment with our primary care physician, who was unaware of any of this.

    He took one look at the photos, and said he has Petechia and he was coming the next day to see John, and he did.

    Petechia is a condition of low platelets. Antibiotics won't help. Only platelets can help, so we went by ambulance on Saturday morning to emergency ( again ) and they infused 2 units of platelets.

    Never before have we had a physician make a house call, spend an hour an a half with us, drink punch and eat cake, and give us hope. He is the doctor who diagnosed John with bone marrow cancer 2 and a half years ago, but we see him rarely, since we are under the direction of the oncologist.

    If we can eliminate the pain he is in, we can begin physical therapy to built his strength. Praying that can happen.

    Anyway, with my normal duties around the house, coupled with doing the things he used to do, and now on top of that taking care of his every need, the world is a bit topsy turvey.

    I want to thank Donna and Janet for calling and Lisa for the gift she sent. And Paula, for the shoutout on FB.

    I know we are down to few people here, but I think of you all so often. I wish I could be more present, but my job now is taking care of my husband (who will be 90 in 10 days), and although it is tough and not fun, I will do everything in my power to make his final days more bearable, because he has been my rock and foundation for 40 years.

    I love you all, and I hope I can pop in again sometime.

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    ((((Elaine & John)))) Has the platelets helped? You know we all think of you two & worry about you all the time. We are few, but we are mighty! You know if you need to unload, we are always here for you.


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      ((Elaine and John)). So so very sorry to hear this news but assumed something out of the ordinary was up when we stopped hearing from you. I know each and every one of us has wondered and worried about you and John. I will continue to pray and send the best of wishes to you both.


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        Elaine, prayer is very powerful. I'll pray that the Lord will relieve John's pain, and help him to get back on his feet. The CARETAKER always needs prayer as well. I'll put both of you on our prayer list at Church.

        Whatever the Lord's wishes are, let them be painless.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Prayer is very powerful. I will be putting John's name on the Temple prayer roll and keeping it there. Oh, so thankful for your doctor!!! That was an answered prayer, for sure.
          I understand how it is wanting to care and comfort him. If any of your church friends or neighbors asks what they can do or what you need, try to have a list of things to tell them. People want to help and you need their help.
          Adding my prayers for your strength and John's as you face this challenge, Elaine. Big hugs and much love!


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            I will continue to pray as well!


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              Elaine, I didn't realize how very similar John's and my medical problems have been!

              I'm so sorry you both are going through this difficult phase. I wish there was a way we could help to ease the end of this journey.

              As always, you two are in my deepest, most heartfelt thoughts each day.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                You have been missed!!!!... and we will surround you and John with lots of prayer and love.. you should feel it vibrating in your Bones!!!...

                when you need a Female Chat,, give me a call... caregivers like to talk to others who understand...big time Hug