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Saturday June 2

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  • Saturday June 2

    Good sunny morning..for now. Storms predicted for later. Sure has been hot. Weather man says this was the hottest May on record which is funny since April was one of the coldest. I think Spring lasted less than a week!

    For some reason I felt the urge to get up early today. I do have to mop the kitchen especially since I have already thrown the rugs into the wash machine. We cleaned corn and used the new seal a meal. Hoping for fresh corn this winter! Made up meat loafs and meat balls and also have them frozen. They make such a fast meal in the winter when I do not feel like planning one.

    All the sickies are back to work. Andrew starts his ball season next week and we have 3 games with only one home. We have to drive at least an hour for his away games....small towns do not all have ball teams so you travel to find one. But you do it because you just do it for your kid. Drew's cousin is also on his team this year so there will be a group of us in the stands.

    I ended up driving myself to the bank yesterday since Jon had another appointment. I stopped for donuts and ate them on the way home....saved me stopping for lunch later! Ran into Walmart and pickup some packaged stuff for fast meals. Stopped at the deli and there were 3 people back there but they were not waiting on people. Several of us walked away. I could have said something but it is just to hot to make a scene. I must be getting old!!!

    Think I will have another cup of coffee and then head into the shower. I just have this naggy feeling to get dressed and moving this morning. Maybe my self conscience is tired of all the dirt and sending sublime messages? It is pretty dirty and dusty in here.....

    Have a wonderful Saturday.

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    Good morning.
    Yesterday was a good day for me. I got my hair cut, and then got all my errands accomplished. Yay!
    It was also National Donut Day, so we picked up some donuts to eat at home at our leisure.

    We do seem to have a hummingbird nest or two in our front tree, so I replaced my old feeder so these little guys have a nearby food source. I also bought one of those bags of finch seeds, that only the little finches can get seeds from.
    I had E stop at a car wash, so it doesn’t look like we are driving a car that’s a dove’s or pigeon’s outhouse. It took the guys only 15 minutes to get the car washed and polished. They’re under new management, and “the works” is only half of the price that used to be charged. But they didn’t do quite the good job the others did. But they’re the only nearby car wash. (With a water restriction in place, we can get fined for washing cars in our driveway.).

    Got a couple packages in the mail with some dressier tunic blouses for the summer. Found I forgot to order some summer pants as well, so will do that before we take our trip in July.

    I also need to get some housework done today. I hope that my energy will hold up.
    Oh, and it’s out to an early dinner today, and then the theater with our nephew & niece. Oh, my hairdresser and I talked about the actors quite a bit. We share the same opinions on the actors. Neither of us can remember all their names (I did better than she did in that area), but we can describe them pretty well and know which ones they are.

    So, busy day ahead. My ice machine is running this morning, what with the heat we’re dealing with outside. 🌵
    Guess I’ll have my cereal now, and get started on my day.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day! 🤗
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Good afternoon.

      Been busy this morning and just finished mowing my yard. I finally washed my car today. Like JoG, I thought my car belonged to some "once upon a time bugs". Don't usually have to worry about bird "deposits" as my car is in the garage when I'm home.

      Everyone must be awfully busy these days. I usually stop in in the evening when I haven't posted in the morning, and see only a few are making it here.

      Went to the Dr. early yesterday morning. Since all my Doctors are now in Vincennes, I have to leave early for appointments as Indiana is an hour ahead of us. Did find out that I'm "fit as a fiddle". The only lab work will be to check my thyroid after he upped the dosage about 3 months ago. All other labs were good for an "old bird" like me.

      Hope all who haven't stopped in are have a wonderful busy day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Hey! Our feet hit the floor running this morning & I'm just finally get a chance to sit down here.

        ​Yesterday was busy. As soon as I got Blaise on the bus, I headed to Giant Eagle to get his class donuts in celebration of National Donut Day and got them delivered. Got us a dozen too. YUM! Then headed the other direction to go drop off a check at the Ford dealership to hold the Escape until next week. Came home & texted Matt to let him know he had to get his affairs in order, and he texted back that he had changed him mind. Great. So now today we put the car out front with a For Sale sign on it and hope it sells in the next 5 days. Otherwise we won't be getting that Escape. Whatever.

        ​Had to bake cupcakes for a bridal shower and made an extra 6 of each flavor. I heard a car going by from the house behind us & then I heard mens voices which was odd. Here it was Jerry & one of his co-wrks and they could smell the cupcakes as they were driving by. They stopped in to see what I had baking. One bought a PB pie & the other 6 of choc extra choc cupcakes. Blaise had karate & swim team practices during the evening.

        ​This morning we went to several garage sales. I got a few good deals. Cork did too. One community yard sale was a total bust. Will never go back there again. Came home and iced the cupcakes. The bottom ring of icing is teal and the top ring is purple then she wanted purple sugar sprinkled on top. Blaise & I went down to the pool for a quick dip before we had to get ready to go to the church for our picture to be taken for the pictorial directory. Now to think about dinner. This I'm going to make some taco meat. I'll make myself a taco salad and Blaise will just have tacos. Not sure what I'm going to make Corky. He's out mowing right now.

        ​Have a good one all!


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          Oh, I got up and was on a fast track, too! I was at the church at 7:00 to clean, then went to the store for ingredients for an appetizer for a baby shower. Then home to do some yard work, then go pick up a friend for the shower, which was at 10:30.
          Games and talk and fun... then paid a bill I forgot this morning, and then went outside to skim the pool ( in my swim suit) when the pool service guys came to clean it! I was glad I was still dry and could ask them to wait while I got my dog and into the house.
          We will both go out when they finish.
          Yesterday Becky picked up donuts for my mom and us and the maple raised I had was so fresh and good!

          I had some for the daycare kids, too. Who knew there was such a day? Kids loved it!

          I cleaned floors around Election voting equipment. Being an inspector means Stufg! Big, unwieldy stuff.
          There is no way this Primary is going to end well for me. Every yard with signs has one I voted for and 2 I didn’t!

          Going out in the pool now. Hope you all
          Are having a good day!


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            Hi again. Thought I’’d pop in with something that made me happy. Seeing more posts here now also makes me happy.

            My news: you might remember when I mentioned that when my girls became moms for the first time, at some point they considered the aggravation of “following the rules” when growing up, when their friends seemed to be handed whatever they wanted, pretty much. And they came back to me and said, “Mom, you were right all along.” Yes!!!
            Well, today my DD and I were texting about her daughter...her last child has graduated and is a “practicing adult” now. Well, she has been practicing all year. She will be going off to a seminar in Maryland for a week. I asked DD a few questions to be sure the girl won’t be mugged, stolen from, etc., and stays safe. She told me all I needed to know, and GD is prepared. But she is learning to not spend too frivolously, and must earn part of her expenses on her own. She doesn’t know we have already covered it and it’s in her mom’s account for now. I told DD she has done her job well, and I was proud of both of them. You know what DD said? “”I learned from my Mom!”” (Music to my ears.)

            Well, E reminds me it’’s soon time to leave, so I’’ll put my shoes on and we will be off.

            Nighty night to all, then.
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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