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  • June..already?

    Cannot believe it is June already...hope this is not a sign of how fast the summer will be going by!! It is going to hot and sunny. We have had very little rain out of these last couple of systems although some people around us have had a ton of rain.

    Jon is off again today and sees the other dentist back home. I am hoping to ride along so I can go to the bank. Money is another thing that is flying through my fingers quickly! I think we should eat out a lot less. Sierra went back to work today but is not feeling the best. She is one that does not like to miss work. She says it is not fair to the others that showed up to have to work harder because someone has called off. Plus she likes the money. She has some admirable work ethics but I also think she pushes herself to hard. We did go to the clinic yesterday and she does not have strep. Her glands were so swollen yesterday she looked a little freaky but has already had mono so they did not run that test and the glands were less swollen today. She is like me and did not have anything this last winter but this Spring has been tough with allergies causing us so much trouble.

    I still have the rest of the hamburger to work up today and then need to find something soft to feed my sickos. I am so tired of seeing someone laying on the couch and complaining. What ever happened to suffering in silence?

    I am up and showered and ready to hitch a ride to the bank. Have laundry going and the dishwasher has been unloaded and reloaded. Yesterday I saw ants on the patio so I grabbed the homemade ant killer Jon made up and did not work very well on them but it was what we had so gave everything a spritz. Went out later and the darn stuff had killed the tomato and the dahlia was pretty sad. It was just glass cleaner and vinegar but it sure murdered some of my plants. The hibiscus had a bud but doesn;t anymore. They had better come out of it...please. That dahlia must have about 18 buds and they are all wilted now. Tomato will have to be replaced. So much for homemade remedies...

    Have a wonderful day. The sun is already hot around here.

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    I am sitting with two kids this morning.

    I got up later than usual and lost my office time, so iPad it is.

    I had to get a card and write a check for my granddaughter who has a birthday Monday. Her brother was this past week, but he wanted Wilkie talkies which I ordered from Amazon. I feel like I am slipping in the Nana department.

    I have a baby boy shower tomorrow and that gift will be a check, too. Small town living and waiting till the last minute are not a good combination.

    Have a good day and will check back in later.


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      Good morning. Hello June!

      Didnít get to run my errands at all yesterday. So today Iím going for a haircut, and then we will see how many of the errands we can squeeze in today. I do need E to drive, because I have neuropathy in my feet. I canít feel the pedals in the car, so my speed is a bit sporadic. So I refuse to drive except in emergency conditions, and only in the daytime. My night vision isnít great at all.

      We are going out tomorrow. Niece wants to go to the salad restaurant. (After reading Consumers Reports, I wonít be eating much there. Buffets are one of the easiest ways to pick up germs in foods, and soft-serve ice cream machines are seldom properly cleaned out when they should be.). I have a double whammy on my impaired immune system; first from my medical condition, and second from my new prescription. Oh well. She has breathing problems and a weight issue. And nephew has an arm/shoulder problem like E does, but from his motorcycle accident, but the opposite arm from Eís. Whatever makes them happy.

      Have to get some of this boxed up stuff to the kids. Soon. Hate making that drive, though we enjoy the kids and grandkids.

      Well, I need to get my breakfast and start my day.
      Hope you all have a great day! 🤗
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning! It's a dreary one here. There isn't much heat, but the humidity is high.

        ​Yesterday was good. Once I got my rear in gear, I baked 5 carrot cakes. Had to deliver one by 1:30. I just slowly puttered around. Once both guys got home, we went for a test drive in an Escape we saw at a local dealership. We are getting it! Waiting a week so that Matt can get his finances in order and buy the Fusion from us. Got home and then took Blaise for swim practice. There was lightening about a half an hour before practice was done, so we all packed up & left. You have to wait 20 minutes after the last strike, and by that time it would have been time to go.

        ​Speaking of Matt....Kathy & Matt are back together. Funny thing....apparently Xander's Mom found out that they were broken up through the grapevine, and called Matt offering 50/50 custody of Xander. Forget lawyers & the courts and write it up and get it notarized. She was being extremely difficult because he was dating Kathy. Well they aren't telling the world that they are back together until after Matt gets the custody thing taken care of. Oh will she be ticked off when she finds out.

        ​This morning I went and picked up 2 doz donuts for Blaise's class. It's National Donut Day! Giant Eagle is having a sale just today on donuts for $3.99/doz. Got those delivered and then headed into town to put a down payment on the Escape. Just got a text from Matt...he's not buying our car....DANG! Had counted on his money as a down payment on the purchase. The dealership is offering way less on the Fusion than we were going to sell it to Matt. Of course they had a laundry list of things that they would have to do to it before selling it. Believe me, they weren't going to sell it there, it'd be going to auction.

        ​Now I've got to get busy and make 5 doz cupcakes for a bridal shower....purple & teal. She sent me a picture of how they want it iced. Easy. Never did start the laundry yesterday, so I've got to get it going too. Karate & swim. Glad the swim season is very short. Blaise will be at camp the last week, so we only have to do this to the end of June. We can manage that.

        Have a good one all!


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          good evening

          been a sort of quiet day.. cloudy, sunny, rain, dry.. and warm .. also a LONG day.. the next 3 weeks are my favorite of the year... so much daylight!!!.... got the laundry done, kitchen mopped, and wiped off fronts everything, sweeper, cat hair , cleaned up.. and even make a quick trip to pharmacy to get my 3 month supply of my scripts.. eventually settled into chair in my lady cave and read and read,

          Donna, Kathy always keeps the drama going . ... happy for her and especially for Blaise sake, He sure does like Matt. .
          Jo G. you always have to be aware of Germs... on everything .. thats a tough job...
          Maxie ,, Im having the same problem..Money flying though my fingers...some months are worse than others, and this last one has been an expensive one.. crossing fingers that both cars behave and don't have any problems!...

          back to the books.

          thinking of you Elaine, and John..
          and will be in to read .hope to hear from ALL of you.