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Thurs 5/31/18 Rise & Shine Cupcakes!!!!

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  • Thurs 5/31/18 Rise & Shine Cupcakes!!!!

    Good Morning! It's suppose to be a wet miserable day here, but we'll see. Yesterday turned out nicer than they predicted.

    ​Yesterday wasn't super productive, but enough so. Aunt J did come to scoop lard while I worked on pie dough. I eventually rolled out enough shells & tops for next week's orders and put them in the freezer. It was a busy evening with Blaise...karate lesson then a half an hour at home then swim team practice. Fortunately swim team season is only 6 weeks long, so it's very doable. Had a nice chat with some of the moms I haven't seen since last year. It looks like it's going to be the same group of us running the concession stand. We clicked very well together. We discussed what we were going to do different this year. Last year on the first night we were standing around wondering what we should do, but this year we already know and can get things going immediately.

    ​Tomorrow I was suppose to have limestone being delivered, but Sue finally got me the information of the guy they use. I called him, and the price was WAY less. On "sale" at the other place I was getting the first 10 ton at $30/ton. This place is $16.60/ton plus delivery fee. BIG difference. I'm going to save up to get the 30 ton I need to get the whole job done at one time. Cork thinks it's a waste, but I like a nice looking driveway.

    ​This morning I think I'm going to bake 4 dbl layer carrot cakes for the freezer. There is ALWAYS laundry to be done. I swear to grows in the basket overnight. After supper we are going to look at another Escape at a local dealership. I already emailed the guy and made an offer and he counter offered, so we know what we are looking at price wise. The past couple years of going to yard sales & estate sales have taught me how to dicker. I've learned the worst they can say is no, and you have the option of just walking away from it or accept what they want. We'll be trading in two of our vehicles. We have 3 right now, and we only need 2. Though it is nice to have an extra one when one is in the garage, but we really don't need that extra expense. Then it's off to swim team practice. I think tomorrow night I'm going to ask Cork to do the karate lessons and I'll so the swim team practice. Don't know if Kathy will have Blaise at all this weekend or not.

    Time to get busy.....have a good one all!

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    good morning

    Son Mark has been here and gone.. was here at 7 to plant the marigolds! he prepared the flower bed, then came in . woke me.. ( snoozing in recliner.).. got dressed , went out to help? .. supervise.. so that job is done..also he planted, in big separate buckets 4 tomato plants.. a garden in a bucket...

    to Donna, as I handed Jim,( the neighbor who mowed our yard ) your plate of cookies,,, he Said.. as he grabbed them out of my hand,, "You don't need to do this. I was mowing my yard anyhow.".. I pointed out a few new ones for him to Taste Test.

    Elaine, thinking of you and John,, give him a hug from us..

    Sassygirl ,also thinking of you... big warm hug to you too..

    hi to all. I will be back later to read.. be good.. be careful.. no falling!.



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      Morning! Suppose to be wet around here, too, but that sun sure looks bright..maybe rain will hold off until this evening. Yes Cookie, laundry does grow in the baskets! It must because it is always filling up the basket. I keep her work clothes done up every day but how many towels can they use in a day?

      Yesterday Sierra and I went out for lunch and then to Bath and Body and Big Lots. We got lots of new summer smellies for ourselves and for the house. It was so nice but we came home with stuffed heads from all the smelling.

      Today I have nothing on tap. Need to check if a ballgame is on. Yesterdays game was streamed on face book only and I do not have unlimited face book so could not sit and waste three hours of time on a ball game. Jon is doing ok with his tooth but I gotta tell you to look at my son and see a tooth missing is a shock. This has to heal then they will pack it cadaver marrow and when that heals will set the post and when that is all healed will screw in the tooth...all this could take up to 6 months. I am thinking wow, they advertise a whole front section of your mouth done in a day on tv. Do they fallout in a couple of years? He has this fake tooth in an invisible tray that he is going to use for cosmetic but it has to be removed when you eat so he will be the guy taking his tooth OUT at meal time.

      Guess it is time to start the day. Jon is eating soup today and I am hoping we can go to Pantera's for supper. Sierra is getting off at 4 and loves their broccoli cheese soup. I am partial to the French Onion myself. Should run the vacuum and the bathroom door needs a good cleaning...I think the hinges are making a grinding dust and I also know that does not make any sense but around the hinges there is a dark stain on each one. He replaced all the inside door hardware with that nickel colored stuff which is why the dark color. Always something to complain about and always a job to do.

      have a beautiful day. Enjoy the sun and the rain if you are getting it.


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        good morning! It is cooler and the temperatures will stay that way today. It should be in the 70's...kind of cloudy skies, but no rain . Just when I start talking about water play with the kids, but not much I can do. We are not getting all suited up for them to be shivering and wanting to get back in the house not to mention all the , it will be other outdoor activities to keep them happy.

        Becky went to an information meeting about being a poll worker and came home saying they asked her to be an inspector instead. She came home with all kinds of stuff and a big bag of things as well. Instead of working very close to our house, she will be about 12 miles north of us on I-5. And this year the state will be auditing our county during the elections so she was told to expect a visit...The woman who is head of our Elections office is a former daycare parent and has remained friends through the years. Small town makes that easy. She is running unopposed this election.

        Not much to say this morning. I hope you all are having a good day and staying well and happy.


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          Good morning, and the last day of May already.
          Where does the time go?
          Today will be a hot 💯į day, but it will be more of a sizzler on Sunday when we hit 108į. 🌵 It gets harder to take in advanced years. Before long we will be taking advantage of Siestaís at midday, and enjoy just the mornings and evenings.

          I did manage to get through to my hairdresser. I go for my haircut tomorrow at noon. It shouldnít take too long, bit I want it looking nice for our going-out evenings and my birthday. I especially donít want to look like a shaggy old bag lady on the day I advance my age another year. Plus 3 doctor appts this month.

          So Iím finishing that car-seat granny blanket. Iíve finished the last rounds and am edging it now. Most of my crocheting is freehand stuff. But Iím no longer making toys. Just flat work. Easier on my hands. Simple hats/caps are okay, too. But thatís it. I found a couple bins of yarn, then two totes packed with other yarns.

          Today we will be running errands. A small bit of shopping. I need to get my June birthday cards bought, addressed and ready to go.

          Hope you all have a lovely day. 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Maxie, that sounds like a long, arduous time to fix a tooth. Take it OUT when eating? Doesnít that defeat its natural purpose? I donít think I want that done on me.
            One of my errands today is to get an appointment with a dentist. I have a back tooth getting sensitive. So we will see what needs be done on it.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


            • maxie
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              Editing a comment
              The temporary tooth is set in an invisible tray that is pretty flimsy and only held in place by the tray. It is pretty funny when you look at the tray and it has a 'tooth' sitting in is cosmetic only. i think the one thing that makes it a long ordeal is the cadaver marrow since the bone needs to grow around it before they set the post.

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            I gave you bad info on Jon's tooth saga. He already has the implanted marrow and it is plugged with something the insurance will not cover, of course, and stitched shut. It is swollen and the antibiotic they gave him has upset his stomach...if you know what I mean. He is miserable but normally suffers in silence except for today. Sierra has come home from work already with a sore throat and swollen glands so I am guessing she will be at the clinic later today since she is prone to strep throat. I have both of them home unhappy and eating soup...holy cow!


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              Well Maxie, you weren't the only miss informed one. Just talked to Kathy and apparently all is well btw her & Matt. Thank God!

              Now go get your nursing uniform on & heal those sick ones. LOL!