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Happy Mother's Day

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  • Happy Mother's Day

    Here's to All of our Wonderful Mothers (and those who aren't). Have a very special day. Love you all
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    Good morning and Happy Mother's Day! It is going to be a hot one today so that makes it perfect. All the trees have over night grown leaves and our grass needs cut so must be a holiday...yep, we are those people who never fresh cut their yard for holiday's.

    Yesterday was a wonderful day..the creamy potato salad was to die for! Need to get that recipe. Today Sierra has promised to try to get off work a little early and help her dad set up the pool. Then she tells us her bf will be helping. Oh joy! Must have heard we were grilling later. Now I need to make a fast run to walmart so I can make a bigger salad. But please notice that my mouth is closed and the only nasty things are floating silently in my brain.

    We have something planned every weekend for the rest of the month and it just feels so good to have the weather acting like summer. Need to get moving before Jon gets up..he sidetracks me and I need to finish laundry so Sierra has clean work pants for tomorrow. Have a wonderful Mother's Day to each of you. Sunny, hot and hamburgers off the grill...sounds like a great day to me!


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      Good morning...I woke up early to call my mom and then fell back to sleep. I need to get up and do my 10 minutes in the yard. I hate yard work but mom has asked me to do some weed work so I have decided 10 minutes a day in the yard won't kill me. Then I want to strip my bed completely and take bedding to the laundry mat. I want to get groceries for some prep ahead meals. I think turkey tacos is what I want....

      Then I am going to spend the rest of the day reading..

      Mom was hear for a couple days but has to go home due to responsibilities at church so she got her gifts from me early. A new pair of pajamas...a non traditional mother's kne necklace and a box of our favorite tea. She was quiet pleased


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        Good morning.
        Momís or not, I hope you have a beautiful day today. We have no particular plans today.

        One of my girls was whining to me yesterday (she whines pretty loudly) about how hard it is to be a mom to one of her girls. I didnít say anything, but this daughter of mine is the one who caused me the most distress. But she will work it out. I just compliment the good stuff, and stay out of the rest of it.

        A nice warm sunny day ahead. Itís sunny out, the winds have stopped. Itíll be a grand enough day.
        The birdies are having fun in the birdbath, and happy to have a feeder close by. Some of them are nesting in the Italian cypress (evergreen) trees that line the back of the yard. Also in the yellow blooming Mexican bird-of-paradise bush.

        Have a very good day, everyone. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          good afternoon

          been home all day... heard from 3 of the 4 kids.. expect the other will come visit or call before day is over...

          gave my right knee a twist ,accidentally, yesterday.. and it bother me most of the night and today... decided not to go limping into church.. and just let knee rest....did not even go for lunch... restaurants would have been crowded at lunch time..

          I have had my dear niece on my mind today... a sad day for her...

          back to my library book... be back to read this evening


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            Hi Dee Ho Neighbors & Friends!!!

            ​Yesterday was very productive in the kitchen, but first we went to several garage sales. Got a treadmill for $10. Shall we take bets on how long before there are clothes draped on it? Dropped Blaise off at Kathy's after karate lessons. Ended up making 3 different kinds of pasta dishes, deviled eggs, and an apple pie for tonight's MD dinner at my brother Tom's.

            ​This morning we went to church & SS. We thought we might skip SS and go to the flea market together, but it was pouring rain, so we went to SS. Of course around noontime the sun came out for a couple hours. Too late to go by then. I took a little nap and then made a swt & sour carrot salad. Decorated Blaise's BD cake. His birthday was 10 days ago, but we combine his & my SIL birthday celebrations on MD each year. He wanted it to look like a Pokemon card, and I think I did a semi decent job making it look like it.

            ​Well, I better get my Mom's gift wrapped and cards signed. Have a good one! And Happy Mothers Day!!!!


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              Hi again.
              Iíve heard from all my girls, but not my son. I imagine they sent a card, but the slowness of the mail lately, I wonít get it til next week. I hope they retire soon. He works 2 jobs (his wifeís idea), but he does whatever she says. Everything is her way, but sheís not doing much of the work. Sheís about 7 yrs older than him, and is feeling her age now, and brought up the retirement idea. She told me what I need to feel ďbetterĒ, a few OTCs and marijuana. Forget it! Itís certainly not doing that much good to her; and I said my meds are all either prescribed or recommended by my doctors. Mental note: god help me if they ever become my caretakers!

              I hoped my shower this morning would be refreshing. By the time I was done, including doing my hair, I was so tired. My eyes feel heavy. I think itís allergens. We still have winds coming through, not constantly, but they keep coming through on and off. One of the young trees looks like itís trunk or bark might be a bit cracked. Poor tree. Iíll have to keep an eye on it.

              Nothing good is playing at the movies. Too bad. I think families have enough going on today to see movies. As for out to dinner, the restaurants are likely to all be crowded. And my new prescription instructions clearly warn to stay away from crowds. So much for immune systems, huh?

              So we will stay home today, maybe watch movies on Netflix or equivalent channels.

              Well, E is yapping away. Sarcastic humor. I canít concentrate when heís in yapping mode.😉

              Til later........
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.