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  • It's Saturday!

    All the workers in this house have been gone since 5:00AM and I am home alone. That makes it a good Saturday.

    The a/c was fixed yesterday and only needed a new part. Of course, that 'only' cost over $200.00! Last night the temps dropped into the 50s so the house is actually cold this morning.

    Hey Beth, the Cards beat the Cubs last night and are going to again this afternoon. That is such a fantastic rivalry and I wish I were going to this afternoons game. Suppose to be sunny and warm to 80 so even the day will be baseball perfect.

    There should be left overs for supper tonight. Better be because I am not cooking. In fact I may not do anything today. So this will be a happy relaxing day for people, no work! Hoping each and every one of you have a perfect Saturday too....

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    Good morning.
    Happy Cinco De Mayo, if you a’re celebrating it. Most people are just enjoying the music, dancing, and food. But it is a celebration of the Mexicans winning some war.

    Hot day ahead; it will reach 99į. 🌵 Tomorrow, just a little hotter at 102į. We watered the trees yesterday, and filled the birdbath with water so the birds get some relief.
    Yard work is definitely out of the picture for us, at this point.

    Got the laundry caught up yesterday. Today we will just take the day as it comes.

    Our middle girl should be at the Grand Canyon this morning. She is planning to trek across the canyon floor today. I think the Canyon will be somewhat cooler than our temperatures. I read recently that rattlesnakes there are a more pinkish hue than their cousins in the desert. I told her this, and seeing that her favorite color is pink she should not hug any pinkish snakes she sees. 😄 She says no problem there.

    Have a great Saturday & weekend!
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Ola, Amigos! I got up at 6:30 and then had to wait for Becky to work on a paper so I could have the desktop and see what I am writing.

      Jo, when I was getting my hair cut last night one of the stylists showed us a picture of a rattlesnake her husband killed on their Deck! She said they had never had one close to the house, just the driveway...and her client then told us how the shop at the Veteran's cemetery had one in a drainage pipe right by the doors...this is definitely snake country but a little early to hear two stories in the same appointment.
      there is a young man who used to work at our pet supply shop that teaches rattlesnake awareness to dogs. He was so successful that he is in AZ part of the year and then back up here. Not sure what he charges but I know ranchers and others who live out of town were keeping him busy.

      Ok, my nail appointment was all that I had planned but in the afternoon I called and said my hair was way too was just dragging me down. When I got there my friend said No wonder! We forgot to schedule a hair appointment and if we a had it would have been last week...When she got finished I told her she is in charge and not to let me let it get too long.

      I have to chop my olives this morning and get the cheese. I already have cans of olives from the daycare dad who works at the olive plant so that saves some money. Right now they are 4/5.00 and I am donating 8...

      Overcast but still will be in the 70's and lower 80's. Might feel a bit muggy but nothing like most of you back East feel so I am not going to complain.

      Maxie, I just today saw your comment about buying cars. made me smile all over again.

      I hope you all have a good day and eat some guacamole with your chips! Avocados are on sale, too, and on my grocery list.


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        Good morning...Yes Maxie your cards beat my cubbies last night but there is always today..

        I slept in really late today and just stayed in bed with the cat...its cold in the maxie said the temps bed room is in the basement making it that much colder..

        My plan out this morning groceries this afternoon...I also need to either pick up cookies at the store or make lemon bars for Bible study in the morning....


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          Paula, the rattlesnake is the AZ state reptile. So I guess we have a lot of them. I donít trek in the desert or mountains, so Iíve only ever seen them in the zoo. But they are definitely are a dangerous animal.
          In Sierra Vista there is/was a restaurant called had a huge mesquite tree growing next to it. (Great food!).
          Well, the owner had to go into his garage for something, and reached into the corner and was bitten by a baby rattler.
          He didnít think much of it at first....just the baby snake couldnít be so bad, right? Wrong! His hand got worse, so his wife took him to the hospital ER. The medical staff didnít see to his problem right away. His wife went to the desk and said her husband was having trouble breathing, and they still put him off. He died there in the waiting room.
          The wife went on to sue the hospital.....but it was all hushed up, we never heard any more about it, except that she had closed the restaurant. They should have had a snake sniffing dog as a pet.
          Sierra Vista had since grown, there is less desert. Our GPS cannot direct you to any specific place there now.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


          • Paula A
            Paula A commented
            Editing a comment
            That is awful! Around here they tell you that a baby snake bite can be worse, because they don't hold back any venom...? Like the adults might ot use all their venom in a strike.
            a friend of ours stepped out into his carport and was bitten by a rattlesnake. His wife drove him the 8 miles to the hospital and was told
            Always call in so they can have the anti-venom thawed and ready.
            He recovered at that time, after weeks in the hospital, but later died very suddenly and the autopsy said it was from damage to his heart from the snake bite.

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          GOOD Afternoon all! It's a pretty day out there and I feel so much better!

          ​Ever though I was feeling kind of under the weather yesterday, I kept moving. Got all the baking done that I wanted done. Didn't get the finishing touches, but that was OK. My Mom & brother Ray came here and we went to the funeral home together for Uncle Dave's sister Bonny. We had thought we'd stop to eat somewhere on the way home, but Corky was driving and he went straight home. Men! Becca & Oliver got here earlier than I expected, but that was fine. He's growing so much. He remembers me. She said he didn't want to get into the car to come, but when she said Grandma's house, he jumped right in. He loves me! She stopped at DQ before getting here and bring us the small Smore blizzards....YUM!!! She even got Oliver a dish of ice cream.

          ​Kathy got Blaise and took him to his karate lesson then onto their place for the weekend. At least that was the plan. She called early this morning to tell me he had a fever of 101.4...what do I do??? So after Cork & I were done going to garage sales, I went down and got him. He still has a fever and is laying around. Someone else told me that happened to them....a second round of this bug 2 days later. Weird.

          ​Cork & I had fun though what little time we got alone. That's our version of a "date". We were both thrilled with the few items we got. Now I did get a box full of toiletries for the church's Foster Love backpack program. I ask the lady is I could get $20 worth of stuff, and she went to town filling the box with an assortment of items. At the one place the lady was practically giving the stuff away, and we picked up a brand new pair of ladies steel toes tennis shoes for $2. Figure we could bless someone with them that needs a pair. They aren't cheap. Too good of a deal to pass up.

          Now I'm finishing up the cookies and getting them all put into the freeze then packaged up and ready to go. I was pleased with the coloring of the icings....blush and mauve. Very pretty. Had to look up on line how to achieve those colors since they aren't normal colors of tint that you buy. The blush starts with ivory, then you add a little bit of pink.

          Think I'll switch over the clothes today for me & Blaise.

          Have a good one all!