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Friday ~ May 4

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  • Friday ~ May 4

    Good Morning.

    Well, it is 5a, and I am up. Did not go to sleep until around 2a. I guess the cat thought 3 hours of sleep was all I needed.

    Rained most of yesterday afternoon, but it was actually just rain - not a storm with wind and a bunch of craziness. Same expected for today.

    Nurse at 10 and last chemo shot at the cancer center at 11. Whew! Luckily, John has not been too sick. Only one day and then we learned light soup, crackers, and some fruit is the best thing for him.

    I am in the process of wire brushing the hearth. Stacking wood and whatnot can do a number on the brick. Might as well do something useful while I'm up. TTYL

    Have a very good day, my Friends.

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    Good morning everyone..

    Rise and shine..
    I am up too..thank to my wake -up call..That was 4 am..

    Going to wal-mart early...Before the storm get here..And to pick -up last min things...

    I have supper in the crockpot...


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      Good wake up call came at 2. It was pretty cold in my room last night when I went to bed so I put an extra cover on the bed...I turned on the air conditioning Wednesday evening when I got home from got up over 80 in the upper level of the house..Cori must have been cold too...she came to bed with me and on me at some point so when I got too warm to sleep at 2 she let me know she was in bed too...then of course she wanted to eat...So I fed her and we both came back to bed...

      Work hasn't been horrible this week...I have gotten a few more hours...

      I will go to walmart or down on historical main street after work....I need to go to both places to pick up things for my mother's day gift.

      Which Island is Nalani on?


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        Morning. It's a dreary one here, but not wet yet.

        ​I was up sick a better part of the night. I told my PCP that the Victoza that my Endo Dr prescribed did not sit well with my body and that I quit it after 3 days. REALLY need to give it another chance, so I did and after the 2nd day I was burping sulfur and during the night I was throwing up and sitting on the toilet at the same time. Not good. I REFUSE to take it anymore. If this is how I'd have to live to live longer, it's just not worth it. Nope....nope...nope. I have way too much to do to be shuffling along feeling miserable all the time.

        ​Yesterday was a busy one. I did get more cookies done & in the freezer. Took the 2 boys to the theater. I swear, I'll NEVER do a boy BD thing again. The power blinked about 10 minutes into the movie and after 3x going out and asking when it was going to come back on, they finally restarted it. I could hear movies in the theaters down the hall, they just failed to tell the reset guy about us. GRRRR!!!!! Once the guys were in bed, I put the finishing touches on 2 kinds of cookies and prepped for today's baking. Don't know if it's going to happen.

        ​I'm moving very slowly this morning. I was going to bake today and hopefully finish up with the order. We were going to go to the funeral home for visitations for Uncle Dave's sister, and then have a quiet evening alone. Kathy is coming about 4:30 to pick up Blaise and take him to karate and then home to her place.

        ​OH.....let the cats outside and left the door open a crack do I would have to keep getting up to let them in & out. They came in and I heard this chirping...dang...a birdie must have come in too. Nope...Calipso had a baby bunny in her mouth and it was squealing. After following her & a long blood trail, she finally dropped it down stairs. I carried it back out. So sad. Circle of life, I know.

        Have a good one all!


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          Wow! You all are up early! the cats woke me up at 3:00 but I went back to bed and dozed a bit...I am not a good sleeper after a wake up call.

          No baby Friday! yay! although his teething pain is just about done for the top teeth...we can hope. Anyway, Grandma is doing every other Friday now, not all of them like she was. And I can see the day coming that she will just say he can come here every Friday, but for now I am taking the breaks as I can get them.

          For today I have one load of laundry which is in the machine now. And then a good clean of the floors and nothing to make for the weekend!
          We have a Cinco de Mayo in a park with the church but I volunteered for cheese and olives. I already had cans of olives to donate and I will get ta bag of shredded Mexican blend cheese on my way. Becky is just plowing towards finals and papers and presentations that she doesn't want to bake anything either.

          So, not much going on other than local politics right now.
          Get this: one of the sheriff candidates who is a police officer, was saying He was the first responder on the school shooting in November, He drove the child to the hospital and He gave first aid to a mother who was shot takingher child to school!
          NONE of which is true! the sheriff (who is running again) finally started addressing this at some fundraisers. I shared it on my page...
          I can't even imagine someone who would lie about something that is so easily checked! It is all public records of which units arrived when and which officers did what... Small town and county politics...!

          ok, I am stopping now.
          Hope you all get a nap (the up way too early people) and everyone have a great day!


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            Good morning. I am not up especially early like most of you ahead of me but I am dressed much earlier than normal. Have stuffed peppers in the crock pot all ready to turn on. I made half of them with turkey and the other half with reason except I had the hamburger ready to go and then I find a package of ground turkey on top of it. I do not need something hard to fall on my head to get the hint...or did I totally misread that and make double the mess for me? Oh well,my contribution to the healthy diet.

            Yesterday Andrew came in and told us he had the talk yesterday. What? did you get in trouble at school or the bus? No 'the talk' about puberty. 'learn anything?' 'not much but got deodorant'. Omg! He said some people did not have to go because their parents wouldn't sign the permission slip and wondered why his mom did. He is lucky he has two parents that will openly answer any questions. AND his father has already given him the bathe every night and deodorant talk! I wasn't around for that conversation but am thinking the word stink was involved. Probably the same talk Jon's father had with him so many years ago. A father/son tradition to tell your sons they stink. There is also the bathroom talk and aiming, etc., that every mother of a boy has probably asked their father to have. How did he grow up so fast? I hate to see him grow up.

            Today I am waiting for the repairman. Andrew has been told if the repairman is here I will not be at the bus and to walk on up. He has early dismissal today. Jon told me to do whatever i think best with the furnace/ air conditioner. Last night the windows cooled so much i pulled up a blanket in the middle of the night. I also have laundry...again and again and again laundry. Have bills to pay and wondering if my granddaughter will cash a check for me. If not I will be making a trip home tomorrow. Damned old veggie stand will only take cash.

            Still feeling moody and then the furnace thing has us opening windows so allegies are hitting without filtered air.
            Summer finally arrives and I get the blahs...not fair! But a bright side is heard from my brother and they have a son finally graduating from college and are having a big party. When I rsvp'd he said all 4 of us would be there. that normally does not occur often when all 4 of us are together. Repairman called and got to move....

            Take care everyone and enjoy the day.


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              Good morning...
              I’m up, but not really fully awake yet.
              My checks came in yesterday evening’s mail, so I can get the May birthday cards out today.

              Yesterday E was on his knees in the backyard, pulling up weeds and grasses. He came in and said, “Remember when we had right and left knees, instead of bad and good knees?” Whatever he didn’t finish has to wait. Today’s temp will be 91°, and tomorrow 99°...after that we break 100°. No way can he do outdoor work in this heat. (I think summer has arrived here.)

              So...I still have a couple loads of laundry to do. Need to wipe down the fridge shelves today as well. And whatever else pops up to be done.

              Elaine, am hoping you two have a very relaxing weekend. I’m glad you found a way to control the sickness from the chemo treatments.
              Hi Sassy. Aren’t crock pots or slow cookers handy?!
              Beth, I’m glad you got those extra work hours.
              Cookie, I’m sorry your med made you so sick. Let your doc know! Next year, why not let Kathy hostess Blaise’s birthday. If you make up the plan, she can just see it through. You can relax. She needs to learn to do more Mommy-stuff anyway, right?
              Paula, Cinco de Mayo is a big to-do here, too. We have never participated in the event. I’’m supposed to stay out of crowds, and doubly so now with this new medication. Politics...I hate it at any level.
              Our nation’s leader sets a terrible example, and the rest follow. Monkey see, monkey do.
              Maxie...I guess we were typing together. Had to laugh at the puberty class. My mom signed my permission slip when I got into 5th grade. Then she found out it meant “sex talk”, and she threatened to send me to the catholic girls’ reform school for knowing what sex is about. 🙄 LOL

              To all, have a wonderful day. ☀️
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              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                JoeGee,They sure are..They never cool off..I use mine all the time..


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                  a quick good morning

                  we got a good nights sleep, today will be a busy one... Bonny's daughter and all family are on their way here .. will eat lunch at local restaurant then.. come back here, change clothes , go to the funeral home for viewing 4 to7 pm...there was enough phone calls and publicity that her friends around here should be coming in... ...
                  thanks for all you concerns for us... and prayers...

                  Elaine, John is always in our prayers... David will never forget meeting him... ( nor will I).. DAvid does not "mix" well with strangers. and it was quite a job talking him into visiting but so glad now..

                  ok, will be back in when I get time.