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Thursday ~ 4/12 ~ Good Morning!

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  • Thursday ~ 4/12 ~ Good Morning!

    Hi Y'All!

    5:30 here and we are headed out the door to hospital for transfusion.

    I drop John off and then I go to Wally World. I love it at 6a because it's just me and the floor cleaner and the checkers.

    Nothing else going on here. Weather is super fine right nowl

    Have a great day!

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    Good morning headed out the door with in the next 20 minutes....We switched my volunteer day...I will go there after work...they have 16 or 17 clients today...and there was only 7 on Friday which is when I used to volunteer.

    When I get home this evening I am going to work in the yard for a couple hours....not because I want to do it but because it needs done...stupid gumballs!!!!!!


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      Good Morning! It's a gloomy one here, but they say the sun is suppose to shine better!

      ​Yesterday was good. Since Cork was off, he went into town with me. We came home with a trunk full of groceries. Half of it was for the church. We are prepping for the homeless shelter meal on Saturday. Got that all unloaded and then headed down to Kathy's. She needed help moving furniture. She was scrubbing the carpet in her kitchen. We had leftovers for dinner.

      This morning is Bible study. I'm taking some of the supplies to the church with me. Not sure what the rest of my day will bring.

      ​Oh...when taking some pies to the Bistro, my Escape sounded horrible. Apparently a pipe separated on the muffler. Corky is going to fix it this morning. I also signed Blaise up for martial arts starting Monday.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning.
        The sun is just coming over the mountains, and it looks like a clear day. It’ll be cooler today, about 86į (dropping again tomorrow), but windy and gusting to 40mph. And the pollen count warning came on, so that’s pretty high today. Glad we have no plans to go anywhere.

        I lack energy...get tired quickly when I do little chores. The “fatigue” side effect of my med, i think. I can’t even make the walk around the block. I see my doctor on Tuesday. The lightheadness is mostly gone, when it returns it’s more subdued now. E is very patient. Laundry is easy, it’s broken into segments, meaning I can relax between loads. I do get upset if E tries to do things and make my job easier....I NEED to get up and do what I can. I told him I’ll ask for help if it’s needed, otherwise I want to plod through what things I’m trying to do. So he tries to stay out of my way when I’m busy with something.

        For a couple of days now, Iíve heard small birds chirping in the pistach tree in front of our house. They must be nesting there now. I hear the chirping on and off throughout the day. Itís a pretty sound to me, so I really enjoy it.

        Oh, I think we have a new mail carrier. All the mail was one house off. E took the mail from our box, and delivered it next door to the left of us. The neighbor to our right gave us our mail. And so it went. I will be glad when our regular mail person comes back.

        Gumballs, Beth?
        Elaine, hope it goes well for John today.
        Cookie, another busy day planned, huh?

        Well, I hope you all have a good day. ☀️
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          The brown ball things that fall from a gumball tree! My neighbors have a huge one and we have one in the back yard so we get a ton in the yard

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        Good morning! Scattered showers and not much wind.

        I am prepping the homeless shelter lasagna today...I want all the ingredients set out in the order I need and mix the ricotta and cheese. I will cook the meat and then put it together after daycare. A family at church had a death in their family and I am going to make a lasagna for them, too.Becky is going to take the meal to the shelter for me so I don't have to stress over waiting for parents. It is at a new location that is over on the other side of town. A new church...some churches have dropped out of the shelter volunteering. One got a new minister, one said they didn't have the room (and they really didn't) and another said they were re=doing their plumbing..

        My grandson Boone, in Maryland, turns 12 next week. He wants to complete his Scout uniform (he has been wearing jeans with his Scout shirt) so I sent a check for pants and shorts. Spencer was just made the treasurer of the troop. He called here to get me to send his Eagle Scout card and letter that said he is an Eagle. The troop also did a background check! Director of Finance at work, but I guess the scouts aren't leaving anything to chance.

        My mom called me to ask what channel the baseball games are on...So, I got on Facebook and asked. I guess when she changed to Directv she got the general package which is a little too general for what she wants to watch. I told her to call and ask about the ESPN (she was able to watch hockey, maxie!) and the WEstrn movies she always wants to watch and my brothers and I will pay for the upgrade. My last minute gift brother thought that was a great idea...he usually calls me at the last minute to ask if we can go in on a gift. so this was good timing with mOther's Day coming up.

        Hope you all have a good day!


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          A great sunny morning here with a high in the 80s today! Finally!! But not long lived with temps dropping into the 30s for lows this weekend. No matter... I am going to be sun sitting this afternoon. Andrew wants to cook so hamburgers on the grill tonight. Already made a green bean salad and bought potato salad...might make deviled eggs. Sierra has been home 3 nights this week but after we ate took off to Staunton to visit the bf. When she left I told her I hoped he got better soon and she said he wasn;t sick. Oh, I thought he must be to not come visit his gf on a beautiful Spring night but make her come to him. Then I got the lecture about keeping my opinion to myself. I can' just comes control...just a rapid flow of pure dislike.

          Beth...hate gumballs! You can't do anything with them but rake. Feel for your back!!! Early morning shopping is the best Elaine...shelves are full and no other people in the aisles. Sorry John needs another transfusion. Hope Blaise enjoys martial arts...suppose to be a lot of discipline stressed right? Give him a place to blow off steam. Andrew only plays baseball in the summer and I do not think that is enough interaction for him. You are doing a great job. Raising grands is not easy.

          So off to do whatever I will get done today since I intend to sun sit this afternoon. Yesterday I needed toothpaste so in 7 days my teeth will be 95% whiter and the new skin lotion says there will be a difference in the horribly damaged skin in 5 days...the sun will tan my bleached winter body and I will look like a rock star in another week. Yay Spring!!!!


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            Maxie, what are these gumballs you speak of? I only know of one kind, which kids like to chew. Please enlighten me?
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Gumballs are the seeds of the Sweet Gum Tree. They are round, spiked, hard balls about as big around as making a circle with your index finger and thumb with a long stems and fall everywhere. The lawn mower will not mulch them so they have to be raked. Most times they do not burn so you have to put them in a bag for hauling away. Anyone with a Sweet Gum Tree hates the seeds! I have seen them spray painted and used in wreaths but I gotta tell you anyone who has raked them will tell you there is no beauty!


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                Yikes! Now I understand. Thanks, Maxie.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  good afternoon.... another day on the road.... we don't go far but have to get in that car and Go...

                  i guess Davids days are boring...He can't do the outside work anymore.. and walking is a wobbly experience.. so going to Walmart , stopping to eat. are his activities... he has increased his reading.. for years would not 'borrow" books from library... would buy at yard sales, etc... but now borrows and reads . better than staring at the news station on Tv .......but I would like a complete day at home once in a while... All my "routine" days are gone.. you know, laundry on monday...clean of Thru and Friday.. do the "bigger Jobs, like windows, on another day... now I might be doing laundry in the evening.. I clean one window at a time.. and so it goes....I guess complaining is not what I should be doing ,,but being thankful I Can still drive. and that no one cares when the "house " gets cleaned ... my house, my dirt.. ..

                  ok, shutting the complaint Book.
                  good to hear from you Elaine...
                  Paula, good idea, for your Mom and TV... give what will be really appreciated.. At Christmas , our kids load us down with gift cards to our local restaurant..
                  and its a perfect gift..I don't like to cook anymore... either lazy or just tired planning meals... never did like to cook tho'. . good gift idea!
                  JoG.. keep pushing yourself... but NOT too much... you have to keep some energy in reserve..

                  thanks for information on gumball tree.. are they pretty otherwise?.
                  Donna, hope Cork will be happy with the Name of garage I gave him.. they have done ok by us..

                  a sudden burst of really warm noisy wind went past just a bit ago.. like it was blowing in Spring.!... I sure hope so.

                  Seen the Dr. again,, shes still fussing over my blood pressure.. It IS NOT high... and only in her office... but now I take another pill.. aggg.

                  hi Maxie,
                  Sassygirl , where are you?..
                  ~~~~~all you who are not here... we really miss you!.