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Monday April 9th Good SUNNY Morning!

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  • Monday April 9th Good SUNNY Morning!

    Good Morning! The sun is trying to shine here. At least there are no snowflakes in the air.

    ​Yesterday was good. I went all out cooking during the afternoon. Got Corky's food for lunches done first, then started on food to take for cards...sloppy joes, SW mac salad, pierogis, and chili. Even got a nap in before leaving. Tom & Bill joined us for dinner, then went on their own ways afterwards so that we could play cards. Lots of laughs.

    ​Not sure what today will bring. Want to work on more paperwork, there is another mound of laundry, and I should cook something the guys will eat, because they won't eat anything that I made for cards last night.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good morning.

    ​Donna, sorry I can't say the same about "snow flakes". We have snow on the roofs and cars. None on the ground as the ground was too warm for it to show.

    ​Today I think I will cook ham & beans as soon as I get off here. It may be April 9, but it's still cold here.

    ​Sharon must have fallen off the face of the earth. Haven't seen her here for a while.

    Everyone have a good day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good Morning.

      Hi Donna! Hi jostoy! Yes, I was wondering about Sharon, as well. Hope all is OK

      Much warmer this morning - by 33 degrees, in fact.

      Pondering what to do today. No chores that seem apparent. Sure I'll find something if I look around.

      Have a good day, Everyone.


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        Morning..yep snow on the trees and railings BUT the weatherman said last night this should be the last of the winter precipitation for the season. Hurray!!! In fact it is even going to reach 80 one day this week with a couple of 70 days leading up. Maybe we have finally rounded the corner on this winter thing. About players are wearing some type of knit face mask.

        Yesterday i washed Sierra's work clothes and did some ironing and then watched the ball game and channel surfed. Jon is off today and said something about grilling and Sierra said if we wait to eat 30 minutes she could join us. Not that means much...we have waited before and she has decided to go somewhere else after work. Her loss because I am sure whatever her dad decides to cook will be wonderful especially since I do not have to cook it.

        Today I have no plans. Dishwasher is running and can always find a load of laundry. Laying around all weekend was exhausting so I may have to take today off and recuperate. Believe it or not even with the cold and snow, allergies are beginning to kick in so need to add that to my daily meds. Hope I have some left or that will mean a trip out and it is impossible to go out and buy just the one thing you need. Like Cookie, I can go in for milk and fill a cart!

        Waiting for the last of the snow to melt and spring to come flying in. waiting and waiting and waiting.....


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          Oh, good morning! three big sneezes and I can start typing again..
          Sunny and warm here today; at least, that is what my weather app is saying. I had to run out and put a paper in the mail slot at the daycare office and it was already feeling nice out. Just starting to get light.

          donna, your food sounds great! Is SW for Southwest? what do you add to the mac salad to make it ? I could start by using a chipotle mayo, but wonder what else you do? that just sounds like a good idea right now.

          One more day of school kids: teacher inservice. Not sure if the boy will be here or not, but I don't care. It was a great weekend and I am going to do an easy start to the week. That means reversing the order of the activities and having art projects and music first and letting the school girl help guide the younger kids. Let her be the junior teacher she always wants to be and go with the flow...

          The wind we had took off my big sunscreen over the daycare window and even broke off the holders that secure it. I will have to call the screen guy to come fix it. I have all windows in front with the screens that keep out direct sun. It really helps in the summer and any warm days to keep the daycare cooler.

          I hope you all have a good day and good things happen for you!


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            I'll post the recipe in the kitchen. No mayo involved.

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          Good morning.
          Today is partly cloudy here....but no rain forecasted. So, hot and dry weather continues. 🌵 Pollens are high and very high, depending which affect you.

          No real plans today. Just getting things done as I see it needs to be.

          I’ve been thinking about Sharon, too. Hope she is doing well, just busy with family.

          Cookie, what kind of pierogis did you make? My favorites are cheese & potato, and sauerkraut. Do you ever make them with fruit filling?

          Paula, SW is Southwest, and that generally means the addition of black beans and whole kernel corn, with jalapeño or chipotle optional. Sliced black olives are also optional. I leave out hot peppers, but add varied colors of bell pepper instead.

          Nothing much new here. 🤗
          Have a very good day.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            The weather has warmed and is melting last nights snow and when I went out to check if there was and spring growth this morning found a couple of bunnies having brunch on the new hosta shoots. Son of a gun, those bunnies were big and fat and as soon as I get to Home Depot they are going to be looking for another bunny smorgasbord! We had a heck of a time with the hostas last spring and thought the slugs/snails were getting them but looks like another varmint is the culprit. There are shoots coming up from the clematis and the weather is making it hard enough to get the plants going without the interference of the bunny population! Who ever said bunnies were cute?


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              good evening...

              where did the day go?.. I had a post ready ,got called away by David.. never got back and now it is evening.. so will say was a cold ,snowflaky day.. and after dark it made the ground white yet again... so think I wlll go curl up under blankets, read and start this week tomorrow.!

              see you Tuesday.