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Sunday ~ April 8

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  • Sunday ~ April 8

    Good Morning.

    Off to church. Started to make ham salad sandwiches but was afraid attendance would not be great - temp. at 32, so I just put the filling in a bowl and am calling it spread.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

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    Good morning,,,

    ready for church.. chilly morning .30s. we have a gathering to go to this afternoon...our dear friend, Sally, husband is having a "celebration of Her Life". get together for all friends and family.. at a local social hall. did not have any of usual funeral home visitations . They had decided on this instead..
    . got a call from Davids sister .she was so delighted we had all come to visit her.
    see yo all later. gotta get this hair looking like something .. Shawna, grandaug. is coming tomorrow to Curl it.. yes!..


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      Good morning.

      ​I too am ready for S.S. and Church. Then maybe lunch out.

      ​Got E's yard rolled again, and then brought my roller and spreader home.

      Will be going over to the camper next Thursday and Friday. Have a showing Thursday evening. Right now I have 2 serious buyers looking at it.

      Everyone have a good day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Good morning..well my Blues are done for the season and it wasn't pretty and I was disappointed even though I knew it was not probable. So now hockey season is over and time to concentrate on baseball. Yesterday was the coldest beginning to a Cardinal game! It was even cold in here watching it! Since it is not sunny out I am going to guess it will be another cold start today. Scott sent a text and he is 3 hours south and had an inch of snow yesterday morning. If Jo says her temps soared into the 90s I will just have to pack my bags and head west...oh if I only could!!

        I need to find something to cook today. We eat a lot of junk and spend a lot of money on carry out when I do not cook and it is not good on any of us. Especially 3 days in a row! However, I would not bet on my cooking anything just is pretty early and I may not be totally awake yet.

        No plans for today unless I get an urge to go out. Really should try on my summer pants to make sure when that first sunny hot day appears I will be able to dress appropriately. And my next haircut is going to be a summer cut. Enough of this hair! So time to move on and start the day. Another afternoon ball game, probably not going to cook or clean anything. Just a normal Sunday afternoon with the furnace running and the gloom hanging on.


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          Good morning.
          A beautiful sunny Sunday here. E got our fans going yesterday, as the afternoons are pretty hot. 🌵 Iím not ready for the A/C though. Not while the mornings are beautifully cool yet.

          Yesterday he wanted a do-nothing day. Fine....we stayed in our jammies all day, read. But before he got out of bed, Iíd already done 3 loads of laundry, and finished stacking the dishwasher at bedtime. So it wasnít a totally wasted day.
          Today I donít feel lightheaded, so maybe I can accomplish a few things.
          Itís good to feel good! 😄

          I am ready to begin my day, as soon as I finish breakfast.

          Hope you all have a great day!
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Oh, Jo, hope it is a non dizzy day from here on out!
            It is sunny here too. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, little breezy, but I can deal with that. Well, almost. As I was coming out of the garden center at Walmart the wind came up just as I was getting ready to cross the parking lot and I almost could not see! And it was a busy time...but I made it with hair in my face and holding plants upright in the cart. I haven't planted them yet because of the wind (which started while I was in the store!)

            A daycare birthday party that got postponed from yesterday when I could have gone is to be today...not sure if I will have time to run out between church and my self reliance finance class. Other people have missed a time or two but I am the one that was put in charge of it and I feel like I need to be there.

            The cookies turned out great! I haven't made regular Crisco recipe oatmeal cookies in forever. I packed up 6 and then bagged up another 12 so they will be ready when she asks. The mom was the one who said her son requested oatmeal. I made oatmeal chocolate chip with raisins. They call for a glass of milk, in my mind, but they are done and hope he likes them.

            My brother said the opening day for the Twins was like 20* or some awful number! But then he got a flight to Mexico and his wife was still home teaching in MN. Next month we will all be together for Mother's Day weekend for my niece's graduation. It should be warm enough in Salt Lake by then. Both Hannah and her brother go great incentive lower tuition (still high. Westminster college) because they live in MN and the college was trying to attract students. It is a beautiful campus with ivy covered brick buildings, but it was the wonderful welcome events for all the families that impressed me so much. Neither one of my boys' schools or Becky's goes so all out. Dinners, champagne brunch and goodie bags with all kinds of great things! Like something you see in a movie.
            Spencer's Sacramento State U surprised me because it was held at Arco Arena (I saw Garth Brooks there and the Kings played there) and all the vendors were open and selling nachos, fries, hamburgers, etc. When I think of his graduation I always think of grilled onions!

            Ok, I better go get my hair ready and figure out the clothes...
            Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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              Paula, I absolutely love oatmeal chocolate chip and raisin cookies! My all time favorite. 😋
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.