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4/7/18 It IS April...right?

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  • 4/7/18 It IS April...right?

    Good Morning! It SNOWED AGAIN overnight. Hey, but at least the sun is shining this morning! I bet the snow will be gone by noontime.

    ​Yesterday was good. I actually CLEANED, organized, and got all the laundry done and put away. Those are MAJOR accomplishments for me. I'm usually in the kitchen making a mess. LOL! Didn't cook dinner though. Had a wee bit of excitement. Cork went out to burn some papers and the wind kicked up. Blaise suddenly said, "Grandma, there is another fire out there." I looked out, and sure enough some of the papers flew over into the wooded edge of our property and was burning. A few buckets of water & it was out.

    ​This morning I've got a friend coming to learn how to make pierogis and she's going to teach me some icing decorating techniques. But first I had to make a coconut cream pie for a customer, so that's done now. Not sure what else will come along.

    Have a warm & dry day all!

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    Good Morning.

    Yes, it is April, and we are getting lots of showers - along with wind and hail. OMG!

    Donna, I am sure before the day is over you will have baked another dozen things. We used to buy pierogis but never could figure out what to do with them.

    Well, nothing on deck for today except a little laundry. Lunch is enchiladas, beans and rice, and it is already ready.

    Guess I get the day off.

    Hugs to Everyone.


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      Good morning, Cookielady, and everyone else.

      Good thing Blaise looked out or you may have had no snow on the ground.

      Today is laundry day as they will be flushing our hydrants Monday and Tuesday in our section of town. That means rusty water for a day or two. I don't want rusty undies. I'm "rusty" enough.

      ​Around noonm I will go out to E's and roll her yard again, and then bring my roller home. We walked the yard yesterday after we got back from Vincennes. I didn't see any new mole runs, but did see a few areas that I missed because the yard was such a mess the first time.

      Time to get dressed and then some breakfast. Everyone have a good day.

      ​Ladyebug, you snuck in while I was typing. I wasn't ignoring you.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        I drive these country roads and see entire yards just full of mole runs. They can destroy a yard overnight. We had one this winter and threw a poison worm down his run. He must have been hungry because no more runs. Amazing what a mole can do..

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        Yes they can, Maxie. The only thing that has worked for E is the stuff that costs $50.00 and that isn't with tax. She paid out $1000.00 to an exterminating Co. here in town, and still had moles. They were putting down those poison worms supposedly. Like I told her, just think of how many bags of Milky Spore she could have bought with that $1000. dollars.

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      The predicted snow for us went south but it sure did get cold! Feel for those people going to ballgames this afternoon...burr!

      Everyone in this house is at work so I am all alone but that is ok. In fact that is great! I did get groceries yesterday so have a cabinet full of weekend goodies. I can watch baseball all afternoon then the Blues play their last regular season game this evening and if they win will go on to the playoffs. Not going to hold my breath but will enjoy the possibly last game for months.

      My niece texted yesterday and has set up a girls shopping is a couple of weeks off but just having it planned feels good. This weather is just so depressing. Bet if I try on my summer clothes that could be even more depressing!! She texted her mom and aunts and the response was instant...everyone is ready for a change around here.

      I cannot believe how boring things are around here or maybe we are all just depressed? Need to wash Sierra's work clothes and empty the sink...someone started the dishwasher without emptying the sink. Who would do that? Not me! I will cram that thing full to empty the sink.

      Guess I will close and then just sit around drinking coffee until time for the ballgame. We learned a long time ago that you do not buy ball tickets until the nights are warm. However I do not mind sitting in a cold arena watching hockey..go figure. Anyway I will be in side curled up nice and warm watching both games today. Some days life could be better but today it is looking pretty good...junk food and sports. OMG! I really do not have much of a life!!!

      Have a great one everyone out there. Hope it is sunny and warm!!


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        Cookie that is a scary thing to look out and see. Thank goodness for young eyes! Why can I not respond to the first post of the thread? It does not give me a comment button like all the other posts have...


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          good morning

          Maxie . loved your post. describing your exciting life.. it sounds good to me!!!!.. I have my secluded old lady room.. tv,( don't watch). computer,,cell phone . Kindle reader.. and books, books books.. and keep the door shut so cat won't come in and climb over all wires behind computer .( and so I don't hear the Tv in the living room) setting on couch watching your ball games sound good to me.. quiet , just you.. like being with family and friends. but am content to snuggle down with a book too.
          got out my journal from last year,,, we had snow on April 7 last year too.. in fact the days sound identical..

          time to nag Jostoy...don't overdo !!!! wrong time of year to get laid up with a bad back!..
          Hi Elaine.. no cooking , yes, good idea.. how about frozen pot pies, heated in microwave.. I am lucky , David will eat anything set in front of him..

          Hi SassyGirl. hope today is a good one for you..
          Hey Paula.. can send you directions to Donna and I houses ,, in case you want to stop in ..

          be back to read later today... so hi to all who follow.. btw.. my blood pressure is back to was the STRESS over David's sister.. but now how do I make Dr . believe me?.


          • maxie
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            Every room in this house I am in is the old lady room. If I clean it I claim it! And there are enough other tvs that if I am sitting in my chair the remote is mine too. AND since I am the cook, laundress, house cleaner, toilet scrubber, they pretty much let me have my way! Life is what you make it and right now I am winter depressed...I much prefer sitting in my chair with the air conditioner on than sitting in my chair with the furnace on.

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          Good morning.

          Cookie, that was quite some excitement yesterday. Glad you got that fire out right away.
          Elaine, pierogis can be boiled and served with butter or gravy. My mother boiled them then fried them. I buy the mini pierogis, and put them in a pot over frozen veggies, and let them steam over the veggies....and serve them mixed with the veggies. Yesterday I put them with mixed veggies and added a bit of lemon juice and zest, and butter. Served with chicken tenders. All simmered in the same pan. E loved it.
          Jostoy, do be careful not to overdo that kind of work.
          Maxie, I donít have the comments feature, either. I need a shopping trip, too. My favorite stores have closed, but still work online or in catalogs, but I want to try on clothes without the fuss of returning them via the mail system.
          Hi Maye. Iím so glad your stress is gone.

          Today Iím catching up with laundry. Not dizzy today, for a change, and hope it stays that way.
          Have a good day!
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


          • maxie
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            Yes Jo I agree about shopping. I am seeing longer tops on line but do not want to order without trying them on and seeing the fabric. Every ad I see has a shapely young model in the picture and my shape is a lot shapelier than theirs! But you do not see those tops in the stores. Our shopping is more a mental health day. We eat our way through it and 'help and offer support' to anyone who is looking for something specific. Some days we fill the trunk and others we have bought nothing but breakfast and lunch.

            I have never cooked or eaten a pierogie. Have no idea where to even find them in the store but I will look. If I can throw it in the crock pot it could be a keeper recipe!

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          Well, it rained All day and most of the night yesterday, but no rain at the moment. More is expected and I hope this respite gives the fields and ground time to absorb what is sitting on top. Driving to school Monday will be a challenge, I think. Becky always listens to the one radio station that gives road conditions about every 10 minutes.

          both of us want to bake today. A woman at church said her son is hiking the Pacific crest trail (southern to northern CA) and she asked if anyone who bakes would donate 6 cookies and she will send them with the weekly boxes of food she mails to him...and then tested me yesterday to see if I would be baking cookies. So, I said I would. I am going to bake up a batch of oatmeal raisin that she said he likes and freeze what I don't give her now. She also said she doesn't have freezer space in her small refrigerator, so that is why I will keep them here. It is just a little weird to be asked right out by someone I amnot close to...but I can do this, right? I mean I would not hesitate if one of my good friends or family or even the shelter asked me, so I need an attitude adjustment!

          I am scrubbing the bathroom floor today. the hairspray and the steam in there during showers combine to make a sealing over the dust...I see it every morning and then go to the daycare and forget. that floor, by the way, is really clean! I am cleaning it at least twice a day

          Ok, enough of my small talk. Elaine, your lunch sounds delicious!
          Maye, if I get close enough to Donna's I should be able to follow my nose and all the good cooking smells, right? Or follow the crumbs of all the customers who start nibbling as soon as they are out the door.

          gotta go beat the rush at Walmart and the bank. Two different stores, and not far from each other but a hassle to go to each on the same morning.

          Hope your sun comes out! Take care and you are all so important to me! Great examples of strength and being positive!


          • maxie
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            Bless you for being the kind thoughtful person you are. No one would ever ask me to cook or bake anything and even if they did it could be risky getting it out of this house without a bite mark! This forum is full of kind and generous people always willing to help others. That is what keeps you young and happy and an inspiration. That woman knew she could count on you and that is a compliment!

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          Good morning everyone..

          I am late again..
          My two kittys are watching bird t.v...Before the strom get here...I over slept to day..

          I am making coaster...Out of my plastic canves....Maye.!!.

          Maye.!!! It was really bad day yesterday...It better to day....
          you see this crazy weather...Will this winter ever leave us...I want too see the spring flowers...
          I hope everyone will be safe with this weather...


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            I had a just plain great day yesterday!!! I went last night and played bingo with friends...I didn't win but my friend at the same table won 1200. I was very happy for her! My day will come...

            I am fixing to go out the door to work out...but first some breakfast!


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              Maxie, you found the comment button?
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                You Go.!!! Girl...Maxie.......!!!