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Finally Friday April 6th

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  • Finally Friday April 6th

    Good morning..this week has seemed long to is a normal Friday for me work then volunteering. IF I get off early from work today I plan to get a treat for Saint E. Cookies of some sort.

    This evening I have no plans...and nothing tomarrow...Bible Study on Sunday...taking lemon bars

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    Good morning everyone...

    Rise and shine..

    This month have crazy weather..Even in April..

    I am going to the store early..And get the last min thing...Before the storm get here...
    We are not going to church on Sunday..The weather will be awful..So we are going to watch on t.v.
    I have to go..I will check in later...


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      Good morning everyone.

      ​Another day of rest here. I am expecting a call from E to take her to the eye Dr. though. She has eyelashes that grow into her eye, and has to have them pulled out. Each time it at least 5, but most times it averages 7-8.

      ​Our weather is still cold and windy. I'm trying to find a day for the wind to come out of SE, but doesn't look good at this time. Next Wednesday we have a window of about 4 hours, but the wind is really to high to think about burning. BUT the forecast could change before then.

      Hope all have a good day.
      Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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        Good Morning! No sunshine today, but yesterday was pretty with occasional snowflakes.

        ​Yesterday wasn't super productive, but good. Went to Bible study for the first time in 3 weeks. Seems like forever. Lots of laughs & discussion. Got some bills paid....hard come...easy go. Took Blaise for his counseling session. Did NOT go well. Arby's for dinner. A relaxing evening.

        ​Nothing big planned for today that I know of...yet. Laundry, cleaning, more paperwork. Need to mix up and bake at least one empty pie shell for the coconut cream pie I need to make tomorrow morning. Need to prep for tomorrow's pierogi making with a friend from swim team this past summer. We FINALLY have time. Will have to see if Kathy will take Blaise for tonight.

        Kathy didn't get the job yesterday. Apparently they chose someone else. She's so disappointed, and I'm sad for her too.

        Have a good one all!


        • maxie
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          Sorry about Kathy's job but the right one is out there so don't let her give up.

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        good Rainy morning!!! And that is all right with me! Indoor egg hunt and lots of art.
        I also have my friend's niece coming this morning to visit the daycare. She has been wanting her baby to come. She is 3 months older than my baby I have now and I won't have an opening until the middle of June, but she has been paying a nanny at 15.00 an hour!
        And the little guy I had three days a week is now too much for his mom to watch with her swing shift schedule...but it will be a bit before I have time for him.

        this weekend I don't have anything on the agenda except the usual shopping for food and cleaning. I want to totally change out the bedding colors and get more items boxed up or bagged up for friends' yard sales...This is all code for Clean My room! It just sounds better to me this way

        Next week is the shelter dinner and we decided to do lasagna. I love making a big old pan of homemade lasagna! I am also making a strawberry poke cake or something as close to strawberry shortcake but still easy to make and serve. Like I want to eat! Homemade...With real whipped cream on top.
        Ugh...see why I can't get my mind on dieting!

        I hope your day goes well and you get all those busy things done.
        Elaine, I really hope you get a nice quiet day soon .
        Jostoy, you are the best kind of friend a person could have!
        Maye, I read your post this morning and always enjoy them. I have to get to PA the next time I am back East to meet up with you guys!
        Everybody, have a great day and just take some time to relax and enjoy life!!!


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          Morning..sunny and warm then cooling off again but the snow has been removed for today. Sunday is still another story. Yesterday was a pretty day with lots of sunshine but still on the cooler side for me. I want 80s and 90s!!!! I have been waiting for 6 months for 80s and 90s!

          With no Andrew yesterday the other three of us went to IHOP for a very late breakfast...1:30, and that was our meal for the day. Today it is a pot of chili. I think I am going to run out and do some shopping so will stop for fast food for me. Just not and never have been a chili lover. Maybe I'll stop at Pantera's and bring in French Onion soup for me....yum!! Drew is leaving early today for a family birthday dinner so the kid will not be eating with us. That means soup in front on the tv with hockey. 2 more games left then will turn all my attention to baseball. Jon came in and watched the opening day festivities with me. I love seeing the old timers come have they aged so much when I am exactly the same? I was working downtown St. Louis during some of those great World Series games. People really did open windows and hang out throwing paper...I was there doing it. I also had a boss who was such a character. I was the youngest in his department so at Christmas he would hand me a $50.00 bill and send me out to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers on toothbrush day and see how many they would give me. He was such a hoot and would be hanging out the window...I was so embarrassed but he would put the brushes in a cup on his desk. Wow, amazing what memories a baseball parade in 2018 can bring back from the 1960s!

          Well anyway..nothing of any importance planned for today. May iron later or should run out for weekend groceries. Guess it will be a day for whatever. At least the sun is out for a while. Have a good one all of you!!


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            Good morning.
            Well, Maxie & Jostoy, according to our TV forecaster, the hot weather here will be pushing warmer weather to the east. (Finally)
            Today we are supposed to hit 90į, and by Wednesday 97į. 🌵 Then it drops back to the 80ís for awhile.

            Yesterday I asked E to take a walk with me, going around the block again. This time at 3/4 the way around, my hip bones began hurting. E ran ahead to get the car and get me home. A little while after I was rested, I got a call from my hospital pharmacist to see how I am doing. So I talked with her about the general lightheadedness and dizziness Iím dealing with. And I do deal with it so itís not much more than a nuisance, although Iím very careful of my balance during those times. I told her about my hips giving out on the walking exercise, and she said itís probably the fatigue side-effect. When I see my doc, I should tell him/her about it, to see what it takes to cope with that. (Iíll be asking if exercises will work in place of more meds.). The pharmacist said to keep track of my blood pressure as well, as it will probably drop. It has, a bit. Another lovely side effect of my new med. Oh, the joys of aging. 🤪

            So I really havenít managed to accomplish very much this week. But I do make my little efforts as I can. Iím just hoping that this new med will not just sustain me, but help improve my condition.

            Cookie, Iím sorry that Kathy didnít get that job. She needs to keep trying, and she will surely find another good one.
            Janet, Iím sorry to hear about your nieceís condition. I know how she feels.
            Elaine, you sure had a rough day yesterday. Hope John is feeling better today.

            Well, Iíll see what I can get done today. Time to dump stuff on some of my kids. Plus, it would be nice to spend time with the GD who just got a promotion at work....they put her 2 positions up on the corporate ladder, and she will supervise 3 other people. Sounds like a significant pay raise for her. We are so proud of her, though, and would like to celebrate her little triumph!

            Hope you all have a great day! ☀️
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good evening .

              wow , what a day we had yesterday... believe this ,, we had so much fun... (JoG. its Davids sister who has all the medical problems,, and she only has one niece Amy) spite of the seriousness of what she has decided. there was no gloom and doom... she is just tired of the ventilator and does not want any operation, like a Trach put in her throat to lungs.. ... there was 11 adult and two little ones there.. I set and listened as Bonny talked ,and just enjoyed looking at this lady I have know since she was 8 yrs old.. 67 years ago..lots of laughter. I know she felt so warmly loved. .She called me today to express and say thanks to all my "kids" for coming to visit her.. sooooo... I feel a lot of my depression is lifted.. just knowing I hugged a warm Person.!

              Today was almost a do-nothing day.. I finally did mop kitchen,bathroom, run vacuum everywhere... had a trip to library to return a stack of books and get another stack to read ..
              JoG. you are a wonder woman.... what you go through medically is amazing ..Keep it up .. prayers for you every day!

              Hi Sassygirl..don't know where you live... but Our weather here has also been crazy.!!!. does that make life interesting?..ha ha
              Paula ,,would love to have you Drop in for visit!... and that goes for any of you here on Round table..


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                Thanks for the correct info, Janet. Iím glad the visit went so well. Iím sorry what Bonny has to go through. I think when I get to my end days, Iíd go the same route as she is taking. I can identify with some of what she is going through. (Some days Iím really weary of hospitals, doctors, etc. Fortunately, they are putting more space between visits and tests.).

                I donít feel Iím a Wonder Woman, but thanks for that. Keeping up with chores is difficult sometimes....most times. But I wonít break my neck pushing too hard to do it all. Iím getting through this as best I can, with as little medication or to-do as possible. I do know there is no cure for me, only treatments. Theyíve tracked my records since this all began, and shared the info with both the Johns Hopkins and the Mayo hospitals....using a case # instead of my name. The med Iím now taking was created after they discovered my gene culprit. Not sure how long itís been available, but so many are keeping track of how Iím doing on canít have been out for too long a time, Iím sure. So perhaps once Iím gone, all my info has led to dealing with this problem. Hopefully there will be a cure then.
                Aside from what the docs tell me, I have done research on my own, and so has E.
                Thanks for the prayers and thoughts that you, and others, have for my situation. 🤗
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.