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april 5th

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  • april 5th

    Good then I have to lead an activity for the day group at the place my home help comes from....

    Yesterday was just plain cold and just plain bad!!! I missed the bus some home how to come home....and didn't know it and don't know how it happened...I was out in the cold 10 minutes before it should have come and stayed out side for 15 minutes beyond when it should have been I was out the cold with only a sweater for 45 minutes.....I went back inside at that point and called my friend and she came and rescued me! I truly appreciate my friend and will now be looking for a way to bless her! I am thinking about an aldi gift card...Do you all have any ideas about something I could do for my friend?

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    Good Morning! There is probably an inch of snow out there, but the sun is shining, and THERE IS NO MORE WIND! Man, was that wind strong yesterday.

    ​Due to the wind, there were lots of power outages. We were w/o power 8:45-12:30. So what did I do most of that time? Went to town and ran errands. Works for me! Worked on the laundry, and it's almost done. Still need to put the last load in the dryer. But I could bet my last dollar that the men folk created me enough laundry in the meantime to do another load. Cooked a real dinner and we all sat down at one time. Corky has a horrible habit that in all our 33 yrs I have not been able to break. He eats and then gets up immediately. DRIVES ME INSANE!!! Didn't notice it most of our marriage because he was working at dinner time. There are times I haven't even taken one bite and he's up. By the time I get Blaise's plate ready, take my sugar level, and get what was forgotten, he's done eating. GRRRR!!!!! He wasn't there for most of the girls' growing up years, and doesn't know what setting an example is. I ask him the other day what his family did, and apparently this was their way. His Dad was a car salesman, and was rarely there for dinner either. We ate, talked, and didn't get up until everyone was done. Actually sat and watched a movie I wanted to see....a royal Christmas romance story....awwwwww.

    ​This morning I get to go to Bible study for the first time in 3 weeks. The strike really screwed up things for a while. Blaise has an appt with the counselor this afternoon, so I'll be getting him out of school just 5 minutes early so we can beat the buses. Not cooking tonight!

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning. We are to get rain later today and then for the next two days. I hope it takes out some of the pollen
      the windshield looks like it is covered in ash: the fruitless mulberry tree it sits under.

      A lot of the kids are sneezing at odd times and I am, too. Welcome to Allergy season!

      I cleaned out the First Aid kit and basket this morning while I was looking for baby aspirin (to give the dog). I found everything But! The big surprise was 3 (!) epi pens! I will message the mom whose child used them and see what to do. I had read on Facebook that he is no longer allergic to peanuts...she may want me to take them to a legal disposal site (pharmacy?), but not sure. I cleaned out a lot of old band=aids and such and now see what needs to be purchased.
      Not a lot is allowed for me to give a child without a daily permission! Which is fine by me...

      So much weird weather. Everytime I hear about one of your areas on the news I say a little prayer for your you and your family.

      Take care and be happy!


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        Morning! Sunny this morning and suppose to warm a bit. I agree with Beth it was miserable yesterday even with the sun out some. Deceivingly cool! Tomorrow they are predicting more snow. You know I think we have had more April snow than this entire winter.

        Jon is off today and I have no idea what he will do or what I will do for that matter. Did finally get the sheets on Andrew's bed and did laundry yesterday. The kid is going to the farm after school so he will not be here. Sierra has class then work and then will be heading off to visit her bf. What she sees in him we do not know. But with her going there we do not have to look at him and that is a very good thing. Anyway, no cooking for me today. Someone will just run for carryout or fast food.

        I got nothing from here. Yesterday I never even left the house to bring in the mail. Every day is exactly like the day before...I am tired of laundry and cleaning and cooking and need a break. I think everything would perk up if it would warm up. What is wrong with this weather?

        Time to shower and get started around here. Have a happy day!


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          Good morning.
          These days I am waking at 6:30, and it feels like Iíve slept in.

          Yesterday, E did the shopping, as I was lightheaded all day. If I turned around, I would get dizzy, unless I moved slowly. This is something I will need to talk to my doctor about. I spent the day reading, mostly. E even brought home frozen dinners, which he heats up, so I didnít have to worry about cooking. I need/want to get stuff done here.
          Iím going to try to go for a walk today (with E), because I need the exercise. We will see how today goes.

          The weather is so nice right now, I hate to miss being in it. I hope olí Mother Nature gets her skit together, and improves the spring weather for those of you in the eastern or Midwest states.

          Guess I will deal with breakfast now.
          Have a great day! 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good morning.

            ​Nothing of importance going on around here, unless you call going to W.W. for an ink "thingy" to put in my printer. Tried printing something out for Bible Study last night, and it wouldn't print. Now no mistake here, it had been telling me the ink was getting low, but I always use everything up .

            Everyone have a good day.
            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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              Good morning everyone...
              Rise and shine..
              I was busy..I had alot of morning chores...And washing...
              I was sorry that i was not here yesterday...
              the wind had die down..But it is cool out..Will this winter ever leave us..I went too see the spring flowers...


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                Hshaha! Those eyes!

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                Those sad

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              Hi Friends.

              Just passing through but did not want you to think I had quit on you.

              Two doctors yesterday - TWO! Out of town drive to get meds. Long day.

              Today we've already had a visit from 2 nephews and a Humana girl.

              I just want to stay home one day and have NO visitors.

              Anyway, got lunch underway.

              Hugs to All ~ ~ ~ ~


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                Good Evening

                been a Busy sort of week... my call from niece spurred me to arrange a visit to David's sister ,2 hr drive away... I got my daughter and two sons to drive out together to visit with her..She has been in congestive heart failure . the episodes of low oxygen have been sending her to hospital . Ventilator. etc.. she finally decided she wanted no more ..her Doctors advised the same. so the next time she has a severe problem , they will do what little they can BUT . it could be the final step.. sooooooo....I wanted David to go see here. and my kids have always been close with her too... we had a great time .. Her daughters two kids and their little ones were there too... ( Sister lives in a senior Care Place. ).. they have a nice size visitors room. and we talked.laughed. admired little ones.. and finally did a lot of hugging . a
                quick visit. but filled my heart with love and joy..much better to touch and hug a warm person.!!!. . She has made all her "arrangements" ..
                and now will go to the Lord when He Calls her..

                been a very emotional week.. .stressful , send my blood pressure up.. so got new pill from my PCP yesterday . aggg. I hate taking pills

                Hi SassyGirl. Chores are never done are they?.
                Elaine.. I DO understand how you are feeling .. just want a day or two at home . no running anywhere ...!.. hugs to you and John.

                Hi Jos. .. I had to call grandson in to change my ink. in printer.. thought I could do it. but was worried I would mess up settings etc.. so her came and did it. showed me each step.. super simple . so hope I remember how it was done

                Hi JOg. Maxie... and Paula..

                Does anyone have an address for Nalani?.

                Hi Donna.. slow down girl.. ( Oh I love to nag her )...

                see you tomorrow. need some rest and a pill or two ...


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                  Maye....That is for sure...It is never ending..Tell me about..