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April the 4th

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  • April the 4th

    Good morning everyone..

    Rise and shine..No to day...Cloudy and windy..Bad hair to day..

    We had some storm middle of the night..
    I am early bird..i have the coffee and donut ready...

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    Good morning...headed to work in a bit...feeling tired this morning...haven't slept well since Sunday night...

    Yesterday afternoon I spent some time in the kitchen prepping food for the week.....lunches and parts of my supper....I have 4 salads...3 containers that each have a wrap in them...and then a container with chicken in it. I will take a wrap and chips for my lunch....I get off at 11 and it then wait 35 minutes for the bus....then its an hour after that I get home so by the time that I am home or half way home I am starving if I don't eat as soon as I get I am going to start taking a lunch with me. It will keep me from eating out so much....The money saved from not eating out will be saved to start getting my nails done again...I am biting them bad right now and the thing that seems to stop that is fake nails.

    Tonight is church...this afternoon a nap.


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      Good Morning! It's wet & windy around you said, a bad hair day.

      ​Yesterday was productive once I got my rear in gear. I thought I'd get some cleaning done & laundry. I got a call for a carrot cake, so I made 3 of those and 6 PB pies. Made spaghetti for dinner. Got the pie baked for the doctor's office for today.

      This morning I'm going to go to the bank, deliver the pie, and do a bit of grocery shopping. Hope to come home and finish the least for a couple hours. It seems I turn my back and there is a basket full again.

      ​Pray for Kathy. She has a job interview this morning.

      Have a good one all!


      • maxie
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        Prayers for Kathy...good luck on your interview!

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      Oh, Donna: prayers for Kathy!

      Who knows what today will bring? For sure the breeze is bringing in some clouds and there is a possibility of rain which we need! I think it would help with the pollen, too. I have lawn care coming today and I need them to cut just the lower branches of my neighbor's tree that hangs over my slice/climber. There is just a little bit that needs provides tons of shade for the kids when I have the sandbox filled, but right now it is a bit of a problem.

      I have a couple of floors to do now before the kids get here. I have about an hour because my 7:15 child is off for a few days.

      Have a good day and find the fun if you can't find the sun!


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        Good morning everyone.

        Yesterday was 66 with's high..41. I'm starting to get like Maxie. I'm tired of this winter. It's spring time DATES. So where is spring.

        ​Been looking at the weather for the next 10 days. We have a BIG brush pile to burn at E's. The wind has to be out of the SE, and tomorrow or next 1 day next week is the only time for this 2 week period. She has "set-aside" on the south and east of the burn pile, so we only have that direction for the wind to come from.

        ​I have the roofer coming today to measure the roof panels where the 6 vents are to be taken out. I'm tired of spending money to have new ceilings put in only to have them damaged by roof leaks. He said he'd guarantee that the roof wouldn't leak when he originally put the new metal roof on. So I don't know how the "money" is going to play out when he removes the vents. He did say that my house is the only one giving him "fits". I do have 3 gable vents, so shouldn't have any problems with heat in the attic.

        Time to get on with my day...whatever that is going to be. Everyone have a good day.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Morning! Another gloomy one. Yesterday we had a very bad hair day!! Rain stopped and warmed into the 70s and then about an hour later the wind swept in, brought rain and a freeze warning for last night. You gotta love mid west weather! Or not!!

          Watched the Cardinals lose a heart breaker in the ninth. Tonight the Blues play but I am afraid the race for post season is probably over. I have turned into my grandmother with these sport teams. She carried a transistor (remember those) radio in her pocket so wherever she went she had the Cardinals on radio. My aunts were taking her to games with her walker.

          Today I have laundry and never did get the clean sheets back on Andrew's bed. Jon stopped at the grocery on his way home from dropping Andrew off so we are having taco salad tonight and chili tomorrow. That leads me into take out Friday! Love an easy cooking week. Especially if someone else does the planning and the shopping.

          Well the news is depressing this morning...a trade war with China? Really? The word of the day and the week and the month and the year is incompetence!

          The weather is depressing and the news is depressing...think I need a shopping trip. But first I am going to start my day by telling the thermostat I am home and to produce some heat in here. It will be so nice to have warm weather back and not be at the mercy of this thermostat! It has always hated me.

          Have a wonderful and uplifting day everyone.


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            Good morning.
            Am I last here today?

            Nice weather ahead here. The afternoons should be pretty warm. And dry. 🌵 I just hope the winds are playing around in another city today. They overstayed their welcome here already.

            No plans today. Might have to get some basics at the grocery store. I wonder if our Toys R Us store is closed. I need to find some safe little baby toys for the corners of that mini blanket I made. Perfect for a child in a car seat.

            I added honey to leftover chicken last night. Used up the last of the mini pierogis, heating them in mixed veggies. Plus added beets to the plates for an off-setting color. E loved it.
            One of my first jobs was being a waitress, and one of the chefs was really wonderful, and answered so many questions that I had about cooking. One day he told me that you could be an expert cook, but the food won’t taste as well if it’s not “presented” well......and by the same token you can be a person who doesn’t cook well, but with the garnish or presentation, people will think you’re a most wonderful cook. I never forgot that. So I like to add a colorful garnish to a dish, even if it’s leftovers. E never, or seldom ever, knows if he is getting leftovers or a new dish. I always do something to leftovers to make it different.

            I will let E bring in today’s paper. With my lightheadedness, I don’t want to fall down in the driveway. I promised myself this wouldn’t last longer, and hope I haven’t told myself a lie. But I do want to go outside today, get some walking either in stores or the neighborhood. I have one particular pair of “running” shoes I like for walking, and I feel more stable in them.
            I wish they weren’t neon pink, though. I don’t like being noticed.

            Have a good day. Hope the cold weather starts warming up soon for those of you east of here. ☀️
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.