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Happy Easter.....and April Fools Day

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  • Happy Easter.....and April Fools Day

    Good Morning & Happy Easter! He IS Risen!!!

    The last couple of days have been very busy. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting very bright. Met some new customers. Hugs from old ones. There was only one new customer that never came & I couldn't get her phn # to ring that fast busy. The customer that's ALWAYS late never did come last night. She'll get them eventually.

    ​I got started in on my own Easter goodies and then the restaurant texted and she was wondering if I had any extra cupcakes...NO! So I ended up baking 3 more doz last night and will deliver them this morning. I got my nephew's cake baked. Never have made a red velvet cake before. I put extra choc in it since I thing they usually don't taste like chocolate. It is made in a Bundt pan and there is a layer of cream cheese filling in it. Hope it's good. Becca chose cookies for her birthday treat. Got the deviled eggs made too. By day's end I was exhausted, but I waited up for Becca and her pup to arrive around midnight.

    ​This morning we were up early for sunrise service @ my Mom's church. Never did find my brother Ray. We usually stand together around the fire. Now everyone else is napping and I'm getting the hams on and the lemon meringue pie made. Now if I don't trip & fall over this rambunctious pup. He can knock you over. The cats are in hiding. There is suppose to be around 25 of us today for dinner at my brother Tom's. Some of my SIL's side will be there too. I consider it a compliment that her nieces and nephews come even though their parents (Sherry's brothers) don't usually come. We try to make them feel included and welcome. Some of them are teenagers.

    ​Today's is Becca's actual birthday. We normally celebrate her & my nephew's birthday (4/5) together on Easter. This is the first time Easter & Becca's birthday actually fell on the same date.

    Have a good one all!

    ​He IS Risen Indeed!!!!!

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    il_340x270.1212668199_rbjc.jpg Happy Easter!

    Happy Birthday, Becca!

    Have a very wonderful day, Everyone.


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      Happy Easter!! He is Risen!! I have been up since 5 and made 2 kool aid pies....Leaving in a few minutes for church with my parents..all 7 of us will be together at the 8 AM service at my sisters church...

      Then we are having lunch of brocli cheddar soup and ham sandwiches...

      Yesterday was great just being all of the ones that are like family...and then getting to be with my actual family! what treat it was!! We were hoping that mom would get one more day with us but due to snow and possibly having to be in court Monday for jury duty she has to be home...she will head out around sister and her husband are going away for a few days with friends so daddy is staying with the girls and they are leaving at 4...I will probably come home some time between 3 and 4.


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        Happy Easter!! The sun is shining and hard to think they are still predicting measurable snow for this afternoon. Scott came in around 9ish last night and has the sinus/ick stuff that is going around. But he has had it for so long he can not still be contagious. He brought in my Easter peeps like he always that guy....and then watched the Blues blow a big one with me. Sierra is leaving work at noon to join us for dinner at my brothers so my family will be well represented. Will get up and heat the potatoes soon for transport. We have to run back home and pick up an aunt who needed transportation. She has one child, in the same town, who will not and never does go out of his way for his mother. He and his wife never join the family and that is one reason I am glad Sierra is making the effort...even if she is bringing her bf.

        Guess I pretty much said everything in that one paragraph. No one dyed eggs this year for the first time. Sad when you no longer have little ones...but then again maybe we won't have to hide that darn elf this Christmas?

        To anyone in this area that attended sun rise services you had a beautiful sunrise. What a beautiful way to start the day...enjoy your celebrations with family and friends. I love knowing you are here every morning to start my day...


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          Hi Peeked in for quick read . we are ready to walk out the back later.... Happy Easter To you ALL


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            good Easter morn! I have one of my favorite pictures up on the piano of Christ walking out of the tomb. He is risen!

            Becky is up and showered and getting ready to bake the rest of the kolaches she started yesterday. Schmitty's recipe. Becky has a goal of making a recipe from each of her Ancestry DNA countries! And hopefully with family or friend recipes...She won't get it all done before church, but that is ok.

            We took my mom up to search the cemetery. We did not find the grave we were looking for, but as my mom said, At least we know where he isn't!
            And, Jostoy, we did not see a snake. I Google earth searched the site and saw it is a well kept and watered cemetery and really kept my eyes open while we were there. We did not venture into and area with tall grass. Spring is a bad time with the rattlesnakes coming out of their dens and striking at anything.

            The one really great thing that came form all this Find a Grave search is I found the name of other relatives. This was my mom's grandfather we were looking for and she knew his name but not his parents or any other info about him. From the Find a grave site she found out his parents and sibling's names and where they are buried and even pictures of the church cemeteries in MO! WE knew he came form MO, but never had any proof.

            then we drove on up to REdding (no wildflowers other than wild mustard) and had a great fish and chips dinner. My parents loved going to different fish and chips places and they are just not to found around here...

            I have to get ready for church. Hope you all have a wonderful day!
            If you are on FAcebook I put that picture on my page. I wish I knew how to upload photos here.


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              where at in MO? Scott lives in the boot heel area and my sister is more mid state. If we are in an area close maybe we could do a search for you. A few years ago Scott did some genealogy and I took him to the cemeteries around where I knew family was. We found my grandfathers parents and both his brothers graves during our search and I had no idea they were buried around here! I love old cemeteries and reading the dates and names...the plot my husband is buried is his family plot with the deed dating back to 1906. I have the original deed and there is one more place for me since his mother did not want to be buried 'out there'.

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            Good morning, everyone. Happy Easter to you all.
            No special plans here today. Didn’t get that ham for E, either. He was way to busy with other things to take me. And I don’t drive because of the neuropathy in my feet. But I’ll come up with something before the day is done.

            I want to watch a Judy Garland in Easter Parade tonight. Hope we can get it on our TV. We really don’t have any reliable cable service here.

            With luck, maybe we will hear from one of the kids today. My luck, I’ll be in the shower when that happens.
            And I haven’t thought up any April Fool pranks yet. It’s just gonna be a weird day for me.
            It is going to be a hot sunny day ahead. We actually got to 89 yesterday. That lasted for a couple of hours, and gradually cooled as the sun headed on its westward path. Today should be the same. It’s still pretty cool this morning, as nights are in the 50’s.
            Saw what looked like a young, tiny hummingbird perched on a twig in the pistach tree. E bought a feeder for the backyard for finches and small birds, but haven’t seen any birds at all there.
            Love this nice weather.

            Happy birthday to Becky.

            Happy day to you all!
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Good morning everyone. (I still have 20 minutes.)

                ​Made it to Sunrise service then to breakfast. Our Pastor did such a great job on the Sunrise Service. The message came from Mathew. I told him I didn't know how he would top that for the regular Church services.

                ​Came home and put the "fluff" together for supper at Susan's. I'll be taking that along with some sugar cookies for desert.

                Hope all are having a fine get-to-gather with family. Don't eat too much and get miserable.
                Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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                  Good afternoon everyone..

                  the Easter bunny did not stop here..bummer...
                  My two cats scare off the bunny..No candy....