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Last day of March Saturday!

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  • Last day of March Saturday!

    Looks like everyone is sleeping in...just as well since it is starting to rain again. But we had a one day break and the sun did shine.

    I also slept in this morning which is an oddity but the hockey game was a late one. We lost in OT...bummer when you are fighting for a playoff spot. Today I have to prepare my dish for tomorrow and make sure the house is semi clean for my eldest son although he will probably not be here more than 12 hours. it is an in and out trip for him since he is leaving right after dinner tomorrow. Jon will be running Andrew's basket out to him later today since he will not be joining this family tomorrow.

    Hoping each and every one of you have a beautiful weekend and plans with family and no rain would be nice.

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    Good morning yep I slept inn..and was texting with my momma...I am so excited and feeling blessed today!! I am starting my day with lunch at my Bible Study I will get to spend some time with my 2nd family...followed by girl time with my mom and sister...then this evening mom and I will fix our parts for family lunch of soup and sandwiches and pies after church tomarrow.

    I have been busy this morning doing last minute stuff and putting a green bean cassarole together to go in the oven in about 20 minutes....then I will get a shower and dressed and be ready to head out by 10:50.

    Everyone have a blessed day!!


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      March is going out like a Lamb here. I just had a few things to do around the house before I logged in.
      but when I got to my desk top and all turned on: no Favorites tab to pull down to click on the RT??? I used Google but I hate to think this computer is acting up.

      With all the fun errands and stuff yesterday I can't believe I forgot to buy toilet paper! So that is a definite go out for today. I was kplanning on going to a different store for the asparagus because the stuff at Walmart just didn't look great. More like seconds or something.

      Also, the plants there were not really great looking, either and I will need to keep looking.

      this afternoon I am taking my mom to a pioneer cemetery where her grandfather is buried. She wants to see it and any other family graves there. Then I am taking her to a great fish and chips place in Redding. She will be surprised and it will also get jus out to see the wildflowers on our way to both places.
      Cottonwood is about 12 miles north of us and then Redding is another 20 miles north from there. Just hope I don't see a snake...the news is already telling people to watch out for rattlesnakes.
      Think I will take a walking stick...

      Becky made scones yesterday to use up some buttermilk. So, a lemon blueberry or vanilla bean scone is my breakfast choice.

      I hope today is a good day for you all!


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        Paula, I'd be taking my "running boots" if I thought I might see any kind of snake.

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      Good morning.
      I slept well, too. Expecting a cloudy but very warm day today.

      Iím doing better than yesterday, I think. Yesterday I felt dizzy in the morning, then just light-headed most of the day. Today thatís gone. However, blood in my mucus showed up. That will hopefully very temporary, too. Getting used to this med will be interesting. Itís only the last med available to me for my condition.

      Those scones sound so delicious, Paula. I used to be able to pick up apricot scones at the coffee house that used to be near us. Too bad it closed down. Some Englishwoman in town (probably a military wife) used to make them for the coffee house. Yummy! Her scones were cut out rounds, like cookies.

      Might get a chance to run to the grocery store for odds and ends today. E has some packages to mail for me at the postal facility in the same shopping strip. Heís got a bit of business to do over the computer, first.

      Not much going on here. The neighborhood is so quiet. Donít kids play outside any more?

      Have a good day, everyone. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good afternoon.

        ​I didn't wake up until a little after 8. That is a bit late for me, but I'll not complain. I figure I went to sleep with nothing on my mind to do today. I did run to the store about mid-morning to get my makings for the dish I'll be taking to E's daughter's house for Easter meal.

        ​Will need to get up early tomorrow for Sunrise Services. Then will be having breakfast at the Church. S.S. and Church start an hour earlier with no evening services.

        ​Would you believe the W.W. are calling for snow for tomorrow night. And then we are to have between 2-3 inches of rain again next week. I'm really considering building a small ark, since I don't have any animals.

        ​Hope all have a great Easter. Since Sunrise services start at 6 A., I won't be posting in the morning.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          I know Jostoy..Jon said 2 to 4 inches for us tomorrow and raining again right now. My Easter bonnet is going to be a stocking cap and a snow shovel as accessory. Did not hear about more rain next week but already have over 3 inches for this week in the gauge.

          My potatoes for tomorrow are cooked and Jon even brought up the touch up paint for the bathroom but it was the wrong can so he is off doing something else. But hey, he came close to doing something in there. You gotta laugh around here because if you cared you would be screwed! Any way I have to mop the bathroom floor so might as well give up and do it. Thinking I may put together a breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning but that would mean a trip to town and not sure I want to put up with the crowds.

          Ballgame is on and it is sunny in New York. Might as well sit and soak up some of their sun via the tv...


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            Hey, does anyone know a ďTrisha ChĒ on Facebook or LinkedIn?

            We just got an Easter ECard to us (Mom & Dad ?), and itís really nice. I replied, and asked who she actually is, Ďcause we arenít her parents. Got a reply from our firewall saying there is no such address. ??? What?......spammed for Easter? I donít understand that.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.