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Good Friday - 3/30/18

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  • Good Friday - 3/30/18

    Good Morning! Another dreary one.....I NEED SUNSHINE!

    ​Yesterday was another busy one. Looking forward to Monday. My nieces came to visit. We had a very nice chat. I always hope that they'll feel comfortable enough with me like I am with Aunt Janet to call me. I truly am interested in their lives. We worked together putting finishing touches on some cookies and they rolled & dipped my Oreo Truffles for me. Right after they left, I got a call from the customer that lives an hour away. She was wanting a raspberry pie. So we went into town and checked out 2 stores for raspberries...$3.99 and $2.49/per 6oz pkg....WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for a pie. She swore I made a raspberry pie for the doctor's office and I kept telling her I've NEVER made a raspberry pie for anyone because they are too expensive. I came home and told her that I couldn't make it for her. Now if they ever go on sale for a reasonable price, I'd call her & make her the pie. I finished the evening off making a loaf of Paska bread. It turned out so nice this time. Need to make another loaf of it tonight.

    ​Today is pie prep day for tomorrow morning's pie baking marathon. I'm going to meet Kathy and she's taking Blaise for me, and he'll come home with us after the Easter dinner at my brother's. Aunt J and I may make a trip into JoAnn Fabrics to pick yarn. I don't know if we'll be going to church tonight or not. Cork's working a 10hr day.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good Morning!

    Hi Donna! Yes, raspberries are high here, as well. But I buy them. To eat fresh. For me, raspberries and strawberries should not be cooked. LOL

    Well, I got up early to make a cake - just one. And I realized the oven really needed cleaning first. (too much bacon cooking) So I have that ongoing.
    Then going to make my slaw that has to marinate overnight.

    After that, I may be done for the day.

    Hugs to Everyone.
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      It is bright out..not quite sunshine but it is predicted for today. Then the rain returns for the rest of the weekend and still snow mixed with rain for Sunday.

      Today I should do a lot of things but if I will is another story. I need to freshen Andrew's bedroom for Scott to stay in tomorrow night. He will come in after work late Saturday then leave after dinner on Sunday. I am just so glad he is making the effort to come for Easter...he and I have been in disagreement on what I call his midlife crisis. Mother's always worry. Sierra was also miffed at me yesterday but we got through that. She needs to understand that her bf needs to make an effort to get to know us and not have her protect him from our 'judgement'. Show us some positive..heck just show yourself! We may just be justified in our feelings.

      Jon ran out for a script last night and picked up some groceries so I do not have to go out today. No one ever brought up the paint so the brush is still in it's plastic wrapper waiting. No new spring bathroom decor so will just have to clean the old bath.

      Today is one of those special days when the Cardinals play and then the Blues play. I love same day games. Opening day in NY was not great for the Cards but it was baseball on a rainy afternoon and I was happy enough. I hope there is time this weekend to pick a day so I can order tickets for a family ball game this summer. My boys do not have the same weekends off so it is hard to plan things.

      Sierra has no class today but is getting her hair highlighted this morning then going into work so she will be leaving soon. Jon working and I am home alone so have no excuse to not do anything. Cookie, that raspberry pie does not sound good to me but a box of cookies or a couple of those cupcakes would hit the spot. Elaine sounds like you have tomorrow's dinner under control. If someone brought in lunch meat and a loaf of bread last night then I will have tomorrows meals under control too!

      This is the brightest morning in a week and hope the sun does come out here. We are depressed and sun deprived for sure!! Have a wonderful Good Friday...


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        Good morning everyone.

        ​Todays work will be to deliver the Husqvarna home and then do up my laundry. Tomorrow I'm going to change out my clothes, which means laundry again tomorrow. I don't care if snow is in the forecast for Sunday night, it's time for summer clothes wearing.

        ​I hope to also get the house cleaned in between putting clothes in the washer. I'm seeing "little crummies" on the floor when you have a little daylight.

        ​Time to get some breakfast. Everyone have a good day.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good morning.
          Am taking my new med....and I feel minor dizziness. I need to be careful walking around. A nurse mentioned that any side effects will probably be mild and not last long. I hope she is right. The pharmacist said she would call me next week to see how I’m doing on the med.
          One of the oncology nurses called to set up an appointment with the doctor. I told her I have an appointment with his NP in a couple of weeks. She said she’d let my appointments stand as they are, then. I am guessing he will probably pop in the exam room for a while to see how I’m doing. Then schedule me in 3 months after that for a followup with him.

          Anyway, I will have an iffy weekend if the dizziness doesn’t subside. And I’ll talk to my doctor Monday. Or call sooner if need be.

          Good thing I got the laundry caught up yesterday.

          I think I’m going to go lie back down a bit, though.
          Wishing you all a beautiful day/weekend.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good Friday to you all! I love having a day off. and it is really almost a weekend off because I cancelled the dog grooming appointment for tomorrow.
            Becky has today off, too. Not for Good Friday, though. Are you ready? For Cesar chavez Day. CA State University system does not take off for president's Day, and certainly not for anything related to Easter, but they do for Cesar works out this year, for me. We both have a great day to relax and get some things done around here that we want to.

            Yard furniture will be uncovered and cleaned and arranged. Hoses hooked up and the barbecue cleaned and readied. And that is what Becky said she is going to do! Yay!

            I have a couple of appointments that will be fun and not on my usual evening schedule. My hair appointment was for tomorrow but I got it changed to today and now we both have a Saturday off. My stylist is my friend and she was doing only me tomorrow...

            Jo, I hate anything that makes me dizzy. I have tried to do everything I can (taking ginger capsules and drinking ginger tea) to keep from getting vertigo.
            I hope that side effect goes away quickly.

            I am going to try and eat healthier today. Did Drive thru last night and that always makes for a heavier morning. Asparagus and artichokes are on the menu for Easter but not sure what the entrée will be!

            Have a good day!