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Thursday ~ March 29

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  • Thursday ~ March 29

    Wow! March is nearly done.

    Waiting for first light to head to the market. Want to get the shopping out of the way for company on Saturday.

    Got a lot done yesterday, so today I'm not doing much besides shopping..

    Hope everyone has a very good day.

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    Good morning everyone...
    Rise and shine..No sun to day..It is cloudy and damp...

    April shower bring ...May flowers...
    i jus finish up with all my chores...


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      Good Morning just another dreary day here in the North....told hubby yesterday I am so ready for spring, sunshine, daffodils, lilly's, green on trees and in the yard....between being sick and the nasty weather I am about as low as a sows belly, LOL..

      Dr. appt. went well yesterday, they set me up for April 12th for the TEE and cardio version if the clot is gone...he likes that my blood pressure is good but not happy at all with my heart rate being so high so he is hoping to get that done..always something....blood work showed no elevated white count which I told him before the test, I know when I have an infection.

      Today I am thinking I want to make some stuffed peppers, I have red and green peppers that need used, so one each cut in half for the stuffed peppers and the rest will be used for fajitas. I have a few medical bills to pay and some picking up to do, so that will be my day...

      Hope everyone has better weather than I have here...
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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        Good DREARY Morning! I NEED SUNSHINE! I'll share it Sharon. Actually, you share with me, because you'll get it first.

        ​Yesterday was productive...eventually. The morning was busy. I baked 9 1/2 doz cupcakes and iced only what I needed for the doctor's office order. Kathy was here, so I got to leave Blaise home. Went and made that delivery and stopped at a couple grocery stores, then picked up lunch for us all. Came home and just couldn't get my rear in gear. Even took a nap, and still couldn't quit yawning. Got my second wind around 9pm, and iced all the remaining cupcakes and got them put away. Felt accomplished when I went to bed.

        ​Today I'm making pie dough & getting the crusts rolled out & ready. Need to make a loaf of that Paska bread because Cork has to take it to work tomorrow. Need to make one choc roll and fill the Gobbs. If I get that all done, I'm calling it quits for the day.

        ​Had a nice chat with Blaise's teacher. She ordered cookies, and is coming tomorrow to pick them up. She misses the kids she said.

        Have a good one all!


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          Good Morning

          cross fingers this will post this morning.. don't you just have to love the mysteries of the computer world?.. they have made ,added stuff, so it is so much more complicated than the first computer I had.. thank heavens for computer smart kids, grandkids!...

          we will be off to the groc store for the Easter Ham and other Stuff.. then Thursday is Davids favorite day for lunch.. special on Breakfast at Kings.
          a stop aat library to drop Off (only) books.. ..I got my little crib afghan completed yesterday.. sad to say but it has more mistakes than I would ever allow in a big afhgan. not that they are glaring mistakes.. but it did use up a lot of my left over yarn.. still have a lot of Black and a few colors left.. will be on lookout at yard sales for Remanents colored yarns.

          come on sunshine .
          Sharon,, IF the weather gets beautiful.. you will Heal!.
          ~~~~~ Hi Sassygirl
          Elaine, you are so right.... March is almost done... come on April.. really pretty days I hope. I'm in the "toss It out Mood" but need sunshine
          better get dressed and gather up groc list ,etc ..see you all later.. have a good day!


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            Good morning all.

            ​Have been busy doing things at E's house. I have the mower that I use here at my house. Brought it home yesterday after rolling her yard. Got the new battery in, and will sharpen the blades today. Then it will be completely serviced. Her guy who usually does the servicing of the riders charges $100. plus any parts that he uses. Told her I would start servicing the mower I use so she could save some money. I have always serviced my own mowers. Now if something goes wrong with an engine, then I couldn't do that.

            ​I have the chain hoist in my garage so I can raise the mower to get to the blades to take them off for sharpening. I had to wash her mower yesterday after putting in the new battery because I got stuck a couple times while
            rolling the yard
            , and threw mud on the mower and deck. I like things clean when I work on them.

            Anyway, that is my job for the day. We have had so much rain this week, and still getting it today. I'm starting to feel like a mole myself...always in "darkness".

            Hope all have a good day.
            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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              You all are amazing! Such positive thoughts and words no mater what is going on!

              March is going out like a Lamb here. We had a high of 84 yesterday and that broke a record. Inside the temperature got to 75 and I just opened a window and the door for a little breeze.

              My day tomorrow is filling up with things to do...besides my appointments, my mother wants me to take her car to the car wash up town, but I may save her some money and go to the one at the chevron station and do the vacuum with quarters. the other one is 30.00 vs about 11.00 at chevron. In May she and I are going to Utah for my niece's college graduation and we are (hopefully) driving her car to the airport because Becky will still be in school and will need my car. The last time I went out of town I rented a car and that was just like buying two flights; it was over 400.00 because I had to pick it up on Thursday and couldn't get the weekend rate. My mother barely drives her car around our side of town, but it should be able to do the airport run...

              I hope you all have a good day! I will be using the stroller outside and walking the baby around and sitting for awhile, too, just to enjoy the play area!
              Love coming here and reading all the posts!


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                It is raining! If you people in the east on counting on us to send you sun forget it! There is none in the forecast for the next 5 days. How can it rain so much?

                I did not cook yesterday so will throw the left over beef roast over noodles today. Andrew came in early and when Jon came in no one was hungry so that is all the reason I need to not cook. I should grocery shop today but am not a duck and do not feel like waddling around loading groceries in the rain. I do not even want to go out and eat.

                Nothing going on. Have bills to pay..why do we always have bills to pay? Big news on the bathroom refresh...we have a paintbrush. No one brought up the paint but a brush appeared on the table. Progress. I just want that bath springafied! I need spring!!

                If anyone is getting sun then think of us in the midwest...We are drowning here!!!!!


                • Paula A
                  Paula A commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Sitting out on the covers patio with the baby while the rest play with bubbles! And eat Peeps!
                  I am not letting them have all the Peeps at once, though.
                  First Easter party is today and Monday will be the next one.

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                Good morning. ☀️ ☀️☀️ to all who need it.

                Maxie, I do wish you wouldnít hoard all that rain, which I can definitely use some, and undoubtedly others out this way, too.😉. Also the Dove chocolate covered cashews sound really great. But I have not been able to eat nuts or seeds for years. *sigh*

                Itís sunny here, but very cool this morning from the nighttime temps. And yet we reach the 80ís this afternoon, and through the week.
                Iím doing good with walking for exercise. Itís just around the block, but 3/4 the way around, my hips/pelvis start to hurt some. Iím sure it will eventually work itself out from regular walking, and then we can choose a longer route. Yes, E walks with me. Even though I take my cane for balance, he needs the assurance I wonít fall (getting up again is harder), or get hit by the occasional speeding car that turns into our streets. Neuropathy really sucks, you know?

                Today I woke up still feeling sleepy, donít know if Iíll want to take that walk, but I think Iíll spend time purging more stuff.
                Plus, the floors need attention.

                Guess this is all thatís happening here today. TTFN.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.