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Wednesday ~ March 28

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  • Wednesday ~ March 28

    Good Morning.

    Woke at 4 and wondered what woke me up. Listened and realized it is raining. Sure hope this roof that needs replacing doesn't let any water in.

    Another full day ahead for us. First the beauty parlor for me. Home to get John and get to the attorney's office and then on to the cancer center to see the doctor and have blood drawn.

    Niece from Dallas called and they want to have dinner with us on Saturday. So that means I will be cooking, I guess. Don't mind it. Just need to get the grocery list going.

    JoG, your history with health issues is my longer than ours, so I know you understand what we are going through. Happy you are doing so well.

    Paula, I so enjoyed reading about your kiddos and the popcorn. Would love to see a video of that. Ha Ha!

    Donna, it seems Kathy has realized the importance of having a job. Good for her. And good for you for being the Mom she needs still. Hope Sue sticks with you.

    Janet, so good to find you here and so nice to know David is feeling better.

    maxie, I always wonder what your kids have in store for you. So many of my friends who are widows live alone and are lonely. That will never be your problem. LOL

    sassy, hope you got rid of the dust bunnies for a while. Never-ending job. I read somewhere that dust is human skin shedding. If there is any truth to that, I should be a lot smaller than I am.

    Hearing so many good things about that movie, " I Can Only Imagine " but we will have to wait until it gets to Dish TV before we can see it.

    Well, guess I'll read until we get some daylight outside. Or listen to the rain drops.

    Have a very good day.

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    Good morning everyone...

    Rise and shine...

    I have to finish up with my spring cleaning..Without my helpers.....
    Ladybug...I sure did...That is for sure...That too...I think it is.....

    I heard that movie it is good..Me too....That is right...No rain to day..I have too sweep outside...I hate spiders...


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      Good Morning! It's a foggy one out there right now. Rain is in our forecast for the next few days.

      ​Yesterday I didn't get everything done I thought I would, but enough. Since I didn't have to rush to get home to go with Kathy to her doctor appt after my appt, Blaise & I went out for lunch before my appt. Came home and was packaging up my sandwich cookies. Had too many for the one container I picked, so I decided to call my one customer who's husband LOVES those cookies. Laughing I told her I needed her help because I had too many cookies for the container & ask if she wanted any for her husband. She ask how many I had. She then ask about lemon cookies for her and maple thumbprints for her daughter. I didn't have the maple ones made but could use them, so I quickly baked a batch. After she left, I only had a small amount of each to package. LOL! It was each for his own for supper. Went to see I Can Only Imagine with some family. Good movie. Planned to come home and bake, but that didn't happen.

      ​This morning I've got to bake lots of cupcakes. Taking some to the doctor's office for their weekly goodie. Kathy's coming to create or update her resume for a new job she's applying for. Plan to finish up all my cupcake orders for Easter today & freeze them. Really need to cook a real dinner tonight.

      ​So proud of my niece. She did decide to take the teaching job near DC. Isn't that what every parent wants for their child graduating college? A job before they are done? My SIL & brother aren't thrilled she's moving away, but I personally think it's best. Lets them spread their wings & grow up. Become independent. Sure, it'd be easier to live at home, but then they'd still be hovering and giving their opinion on everything. Still treat her as a child. She'll be fine.

      ​A few days at home with nothing to do but read & watch some TV would be wonderful to me. Right now I'll just be thrilled if & when Blaise gets back to school. Apparently the contract isn't going to get settled because we got a msg last night that they'll be returning to school Tues after Easter. DUMB! Mostly because the teachers don't want to pay anything towards their insurance. Who doesn't have co-pays?

      ​Have a good one all!


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        Good morning...Have you ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf??? That was totally my cat last night....12:30...3:00...and 5:00 gave her food at 330 I was up to use the bathroom and thought the wet food would calm her it usually does not today.....and now she is only content to be in the same room with me...if I get to far out of site the meowing starts again!!!

        Off to work I go...then I am meeting with the lady that helps me out...we needed to meet 2 days this week apparently I am short hours meaning that I owe her hours...we are going to salvation army then hanging out at my house while I give the kitchen a once over.

        Meeting friends for dinner tonight.


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          Good Morning to all...another rainy, wet, dreary morning, what I wouldn't give for a warm sunshiny morning on the deck with a cup of coffee!! Soon I hope, soon. Hubby and I are both still struggling with this nasty stuff, it just keeps on giving and wearing us out..I did cook supper last night which I can't remember the last time I did and it was an effort and it wasn't even something difficult, going to try that green bean, chicken, red potato one tonight, at least it will all go in oven, LOL...

          I have my cardiologist appt. today I imagine they will set up another date for the TEE test and shocking my heart back in rhythm. Sure seems like the older you get the more time that is spent at the Drs. offices..sad, sad, sad. We are hoping to feel well enough soon to make a trip to GA to see our Grandgirls and bring our golf cart back to Ohio....

          Well that's all I am able to muster this morning, see ya later alligator..

          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            No rain until tonight! No sun but no rain for today then back to rain every single day through Easter. The weather guy even had the nerve to say we could have rain mixed with snow for Sunday. I'm with you Boffler....winter is never going to give it up!!

            Andrew will have early dismissal today then is on Spring Break until next Tuesday. He is staying with his grandpa this weekend so we will not see him on Easter. Sierra ask if she could invite her bf for Sunday IF she could get off work after we had told her Easter was coming for a month and knows we do Easter every single year for her entire life but she did not bother to take off work until there was a chance she could bring that guy with her. I do not know why he would be interested in meeting family since we have only set eyes on him 4 times in the 18 months they have gone together. Hate him! REALLY! I do not want my day ruined looking at him. Besides this is the first family gathering since the funeral of my uncle and the way he ended his life. Everyone is making an effort to be together this year and I just feel like he is intruding since he has no interest in seeing Sierra's father, grandmother and brother any other time. I have to really bite my tongue but like Jon said she may not be able to get off work. She is a sweet girl and what she sees in this guy eludes me. And he makes my teeth grind.

            Well, enough of that. Tonight I am going to put the left over beef roast over some noodles and call it the last meal of the week. Always have laundry but I did do the ironing yesterday. Ironed the new shower curtain and ask to have the touch up paint brought up and the new towel rack hung but that did not happen. I swear they all work together around here to gang up on me. Did get my oil changed then decided to change the kitchen curtains. I know those two things are not related but really they are since I decided on the curtains while driving home from the oil change. So now it will take me a month to find what I want...I am just going to change the insert curtain to something brighter. My sister is making a new table runner for me but it is her sit down in the evening project since she is hand quilting it. And I have no idea what color it is because she used some scrap fabric she was packing up. Surprise!

            Sierra just left for school then is off to work and the house is all mine. I could find a lot to do but since no one did what I wanted yesterday, paint, etc. I think I will strike today. Ok,people, time to start the day..have a great one and hope it is dry and warm and sunny..not going to happen here.


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              Oh, if only you could come out here and sit in the sun a bit with the baby in the stroller...I did yesterday. I kept the head cover up for him and then decided I wasn't being very smart and got out of the sun, too. I spend enough on anti-aging wrinkle stuff that I should know better than to sit in the sun. But just for a little it felt so good! I told myself I was doing it for all of you!

              Not much on my mind this morning.
              I have been reading books on my phone and a book at night before sleeping. The real book at night is the Friday Night Knitting Club and the ones on my phone are too numerous to list. Some I am just giving up on. I have got to a place I don't like books that make me so tense worrying about the hero or his dog...behind enemy lines is just not my happy place anymore!

              Too bad I am so far away, Donna! I could easily take care of the extra cookies

              I am on a widows page, but not too often . They complain a lot about being lonely, but most don't seem to try and do anything about it. I have told them what I do (daycare) and suggested ways to not be alone: family, volunteer at a school or adult center, or anything you are interested...but I think they just want cyber sympathy on Facebook...
              I have already started thinking of what I will do after I retire...and volunteering in my community is the top.

              Oh, about that: I got a message with a political poster and thought it was from my Bishop. I just sent a Great idea answer back...and Immediately got back an answer saying he always thought I should be involved on the county central committee and I realized it was from someone else (political) who has the same first name...and then I got an invitation to a central committee fundraiser dinner in April...I will get a ticket for the dinner because it was this guy who got us our Capitol tour tickets through our congressman's office, but I am not sure I am going.
              From now on
              am making sure I know to whom I am responding!

              Have a good day and take care.


              • maxie
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                Thank you for thinking of us rain soaked sun deprived people! With all the precancers and skin cancers I have had removed I do not sit in direct sun for long but you just gotta do it!!

                I never joined a grief group. I had my kids and both my parents around during that time so the only time I was alone was at night and then Tinker told me to come here. Guess way back then this was my grief group. Everyone handles grief differently and some people do not move on. I was fortunate to have family and friends around and who came around. It is sad for those who can't move on because life is different but it can be good.

                Are we going to sit outside again today? I can't wait!!

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              Good morning, everyone!
              Today will be sunny and 75°. Then tomorrow through next week the temps will be mostly in the mid-to-high 80’s!!! Yay!
              Ladies, I wish I could share this weather with you, I really do. Our spring has sprung. Great weather to get our walking exercise in.

              Am so looking forward to tomorrow, when my new meds will arrive. Am hoping they will silently make my body work the way it should, nothing dramatic. It looks like it is a med that either will require us to pick it up at the hospital, an hour’s drive away, or continue the free delivery. General pharmacies cannot handle this med, due to it’s contents.
              No big plans for Easter. Am thinking of getting a quarter-ham at the Honeybaked store. This would be mainly for E.

              Yesterday I bought him his most favorite chocolates at the candy store (I got a box of chocolate covered molasses sticks for me). At the grocery store I got him his favorite margarita pre-mixed plus his Cadbury eggs (ugh). I had on once and just don’t like them in the least. But he will be happy for Easter. I’m chocolated out as he’s been keeping me in chocolates since Valentines Day. I would not let him get me any more Dove chocolate! He can like one food forever. I enjoy variety, high frustrates him, because he “never knows what I like from week to week”, he says. But, he tries. He does a lot for me. He’s my all-time driver at my beck and call, because I really can’t drive well with the neuropathy. He does the cleaning I can’t do. Even with his bad arm. I think the surgeon wants to do surgery on his shoulder again, but considering his age and possible effects of that surgery, he will probably just continue his exercises and leave it be.

              Cookie, you’re right about kids being on their own after graduating. I never knew how “protected” I was at home, but I couldn’t make decisions there, I couldn’t be “me”. I left home, made some mistakes in learning about life’s realities. Mom hated me for it. Dad nodded at whatever she said. But one day he took me aside....and this from him was the biggest compliment he ever had to offer. He said, “Jo, I have to admire how you had the guts to go stand on your own feet, and not just take, take, take from us!.....” My mom really wanted me to marry the rich boy I couldn’t stand, and live vicariously through me, without realizing it. I never told her what Dad said. As for my own kids, getting them out of the home nest wasn’t easy (on me, and sometimes for them), but we were there for them if needed. They ended up doing well on their own.

              Well, I’ve babbled on enough. I want to get some things accomplished today. I think salad meals til Easter will be in order. We have indulged too much lately and don’t need extra weight.

              Paula, “fundraiser” usually means to *bring your checkbook or credit card*. And these days the politicians “suggest” minimum amounts that, to me, are pretty high.

              Have a great day. Am trying to mentally push some ☀️ your way.
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              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                I have never baked a honey baked family are not huge ham eaters but I crave it from time to time. My brother will do a ham on the grill Sunday and it is to die for and he will bake a turkey. I think E is a doll for thinking of you. You are very lucky. Scott will bring me in peeps..he has every year that I can remember. There is a bag of Dove chocolate covered cashews sitting here. Yum!


                • Paula A
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                  I did not even know there was such a thing as Dove covered cashews!!!
                  will be going on a hunt for those!

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                Hello hello.

                was here two hours ago.. read, got ready to type a post and "you know who" interrupted ,had to stop, go find what he was hunting for.. and then forgot to come back here.. darn... soooo.. lunch ( our big meal of the day ) is over. dishes done. kitchen cleaned up ,again,... and now to crochet.. have only one row to do plus adding a small border along the sides..

                and after that.. its back to the stack of reading.. the E books have to be first. as I have it set up for only 7 days... the real books I can renew myself after 14 days.. so they can wait another couple days..

                knees show no change yet today.. I am really disappointed.. I won't start cussing until a week or so has gone by.. but don't think there will be any change...wasted money.

                Hi to all..will see you all, hopefully tomorrow.

                ps. wrote this hours ago ,but it did not Post?.. so copied and repost.. hope this works.