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Tuesday ~ 3/27

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  • Tuesday ~ 3/27

    Good Morning.

    Checking on the weather. Not sure what today holds. Been so quiet and calm - and warm around here.

    No news to report. We had a visit from Humana rep yesterday. This morning the home nurse comes. Tomorrow cancer center.
    I just want ONE day when we don't have to interact with other people, wear what we want, leave our hair uncombed, and have this house to ourselves!
    It is so tiring to have health problems. Really.

    Well, on the upside, John is feeling pretty well. He was asking for some chore to do yesterday. Hate that I couldn't think of anything.

    Hope you all are awesome. Have a very good day.

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    Good morning everyone..

    It is nice too..And it is cool..

    To day..It is spring cleaning..I attack the dust bunnies...and i have some help..


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      Good RAINY Morning! Thanks a lot for sending it this way.....NOT!

      ​Yesterday was super productive! Sue arrived and we kicked butt. Got 4 kinds of cookies baked and two of them iced. We had a nice chat. She's been offered a good paying job right across the street from the greenhouse she also works at, but I don't think (I hope) she's going to take it. The greenhouse job & I are both flexible and treat her well. This other job is a M-F 7-3. She likes to be available to family. Plus when you'd take out the taxes, she'd be making as much as she is now. I don't know what I'd do w/o my Sue.

      ​After she left, I kept on baking and didn't finish up until about 10:30 last night. Now I did take a break and go pick up my Rx's and deliver cookies to my SF agent who LOVES fresh gingersnaps. I knew she's buy some if I ask. Also got a pie order for Easter from Kathy who answered the phone. LOL! I drum up my own business. Stopped at DG and got new eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Also cooked a real dinner. So I didn't work non-stop. It just felt good at the end of the day. I had another lady call about cookies for a wedding in October and I'm going to give her a sample plate of some cookies I think would be good in addition to the ones she already ordered. Power of suggestion!

      ​Texted with my niece about the job interviews this past weekend and about the job she was offered near DC. She doesn't know if her parents will allow her to take that job. I told her it was her choice. She's an adult now and needs to make her own way. I think it sounds like a great opportunity. There is nothing saying she can't move back some day. I love that girl & am so proud of her. The birdies need to be kicked out of the nest and learn to fly.

      ​This morning I'll be making icings to complete several of the kinds of cookies, then I have an appt with the Endocrinologist around noon. I was then suppose to go with Kathy for her GYN appt, but she called this morning and said her friend may go with her, and that she'd let my know by 10. It would make my life much easier if I didn't have to go with her, but I will if she needs me. She also called to tell me she did lose her job over yesterday's drama, but she already has an interview on Friday for a better job. I told her IF she believed in someone and blessings, she wouldn't be surprised & should be saying thank you....a blessing in disguise.

      ​This evening several of us are going to see If You Can Only Imagine. It's $5 Tues, and it's a movie we've all wanted to see. It's the story behind the writing of the song.

      Have a good one all! ((((John & Elaine))))


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        I want to see that movie, too! I heard Amy Grant talking about it on the HOme and Family show. I don't usually watch it but I turnd it on waiting for kids to arrive and heard that segment.
        Well, Good morning! Our weather is getting much more Spring like and warmer this week.

        Not too much going on around here. I keep thinking of more things I can do on Friday, but not sure how much I want to fill in the day off...I already have a doctor's appointment in the morning and a hair appointment early afternoon...but not having evening appointments is great. I did cancel the dog grooming I had scheduled.

        Donna, as a parent I can't imagine telling my college graduate where they can take a job! Stuart took his first teaching job in Las Vegas and Spencer worked first for Intel in Sacramento and then in Japan! And when Stuart was looking into a principal position I actually told im the openings in Red Bluff were not good as the teachers around here give the principals so much trouble there is a quick turnover...Gary used to get so disgusted with the way some of the teaching staff fought with the administration over what he thought were petty things...
        anyway, I hope your niece can make her own choice and enjoy her career!

        I better get moving. We have Spring trees to paint with the blossoms being fingerprints. I used to let them glue popcorn for the blossoms because I teach them a song Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree...but these kids do not understand the concept of Don't eat the popcorn that we glue on the tree! Even with a bowl to eat, they still peel off the ones on their paper and eat it. No butter or salt on it, but they devour it and then their papers jus tlook awful.

        Hope your Tuesday is warm and welcoming!


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          Rain rain go away! 2 inches already and no way finished. Suppose to rain the rest of the week off and on with the heaviest today. But it is suppose to stay mild until noon when a cold front comes in and throws us back into the 40s. Holy Cow!!! We are crying for spring!!! or boats...

          Accomplished everything I set out to do yesterday but did not get the oil change and will not go out today if it is raining. So I can have a rainy day home alone. Just the way I like it!

          Cookie I do not know how you go and go and go. Sue's job offer made me think of Jon saying yesterday he stopped at the DG with Andrew and the aisles were full of carts with items to be stocked. He asked for apple sauce and the girl had to go into the back to get it . She brought a case to the counter and told him to take what he needed. When he grabbed his he took the rest of the case to the shelf and stocked it. The gal was shocked that he stocked faster than her paid employees and told him if he wanted a part time job to come back in a month when she was allowed to hire. He laughed that those years of night stocking at Schnucks finally got him a job offer!

          Elaine it is nice to stay home in you pj's once in a while. So sorry about the running you must do but glad you have the strength to do it. Sassy I have been chasing those dust bunnies too but they are winning!

          Takes care and stay dry everyone. We are going to grow webbing and start quacking soon.


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            Good morning.
            Sunny here. 44 right now, and going to the high 60’s today. Back to the 70’s tomorrow...yay!

            Saw the GI Surgeon yesterday. He says he sees conditions like mine a lot in Japan. (He is Japanese.). No cure for it, only treatments. But so far I’m doing pretty good, actually feeling good, all considered. He told me, as did the other doctors, that I’m back to being anemic. He asked which doctors I’m seeing regularly now, we told him, and he said I don’t need yet another doctor for followups. But if I get bad symptoms again, just call him. I’m seeing a GI doctor (who looks at more than GI issues, he looks ay the whole person!). Plus my hematologist/Oncologist and right now his Nurse Practitioner who is better than him in my opinion. She’s the one who is looking at the medications that might help me, and attempting to get it at an affordable price for me. ( Ellis doesn’t see why she hadn’t accomplished it in this past week. I told him I believe hospital procedures don’t work so fast, and I’d expect it to take 2 months. But the NP’s nurse says that if we don’t hear from her in the coming week, to call her. But I have an appointment with her in 3 weeks. Her nurse made sure I got the appt with the NP rather than the doctor who has finally returned from his trip after 2 months. The nurse and I have the same opinion of that doctor apparently.)

            Elaine, I understand how you feel about health issues. I’m glad John is feeling better. If my new meds don’t deal with this blood/fibrosis issue, I may be next getting blood transfusions.

            Maxie, I think that Cookie is the Everready Bunny in disguise!

            Well, E is up early, and we are supposed to start going walking again. We will start by circum-navigating the neighborhood, I guess. Then when I can deal with that, we will try the Safeway route, which is exactly 1mile each way.

            But breakfast first.

            Have a good day, everyone. 🤗
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              good evening...

              it seems I have not been here for a Few Days... sorry about that .. sometimes the computer lets me in here and some days it demands names and passwords. its either the computer or this keyboard... excuses. actually I got absorbed in crocheting . row after row on another , I ordered books on line.. and and waited and waited. so ordered another bunch ( Real books) from our sister Libraries. they all came at once.. so reading has also kept me busy... PLUS.. David , my dear hubby.. now that he is feeling better. He wants to GO somewhere just about every day..!!!.

              Today was knee Injections.. the third and final set of this series.. and to my disappointment,, nothing seems to have change.. unless this last batch works a miracle .. and I wake up tomorrow with knees that feel wonderful.. I will feel I have wasted a lot of money if the injections have no effect .

              we stopped at Donna's favorite groc. store and I got bunches of stuff..I still have a trip to another store probably Thursday.. to get the rest of Easter foods.
              Karen is hosting Dinner. but I will be making pies. bringing the ham and making some sort of potato dish..

              Elaine, yes... a quiet house , no one looking at your old clothes. or the few dishes in the sink.. Give the dear man I hug from D. and I..

              SassyGirl...Beware of them Dust Bunnies.. they have a union now... and prefer a nice new clean dustcloth.. lightly sprayed with scented polish!...
              ..... I m not starting on spring cleaning until the Snow is all melted in every nook and crannie... and today I saw lots of places that had snow still in piles..

              JoG. don't you just get tired of Doctors and Nurses?.. needed and lovely people but I look at the calendar and see appointment after appt. every month.. agggggggg..

              Maxie, agree with you ..I don't see how Donna goes and goes.. and as her favorite Aunt I get to nag her to slow Down!!!!.
              HI you have Friday OFF,,,from the wee ones?.. if so,,enjoy !

              time to get back to the books.. I mostly have two going at the same time.. right now the ebook I am reading is getting more boring by the page. so I may end up reading the END . don't have time to waste on boring book.. I have thousands more in libraries I still want to read!..Time is going by so fast.!.

              see you tomorrow ,,,I hope... hi and hugs to all here and absent..


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                Hi Maye,
                It is always good to see you here!
                Yes, I get tired of frequent medical appointments, too. (But it beats the alternative!). Actually, many of the doctors and nurses are nice when you get to know them. Some of the nurses give me hugs whenever I see them. Some of the doctors are really friendly.....those are the ones who aren't full of themselves. Sometimes you get stuck with one or two who think they are better than God. Really! Sometimes the nurses can arrange my appt to be with an assistant rather than the icky Doctor. I think he caught on, once. I can't help but wonder if he had out-of-country "business" for so long because he left me with no meds after the cancer thing, and hadn't considered (or really known about) the only medication left........he would surely be "up the creek" if it weren't for the other knowledgeable assistants and nurses there. Can't believe he is head of the department. But i have been so lucky all these years, despite everything. I am glad to still be enjoying life, and despite my current status, I'm sure I'll see that 10th great-grandchild this summer! 😄

                Hang in there, Maye, and look at the bright side of things as much as possible.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.