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Monday...March 26

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  • Monday...March 26

    Good morning everyone.

    I guess my fingers didn't have a mind of their own this morning, so Ladyebug doesn't have to make a correction.

    I will be working at E's house today. I'll be putting on a new positive cable on her mower, then will be spreading the "milky spore" to help keep the moles out of her yard. Will also be raking up tree bark that fell off her pecan tree this winter.

    We are to get almost 2 inches of rain from this evening through tomorrow. Then Wednesday I want to roll her yard to get all the mole runs smashed down. It will be much easier on my back this summer while mowing to smooth out her yard a little.

    Before I can do all that, I have to get my tires rotated, and then pick E. up from the garage where she will be leaving her car. So I have my first 3 days of the week already planned out.

    Everyone have a good day.
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    Good Morning, Everyone.

    Up and attem this morning. Cooking bacon in the oven. I love cooking a whole # at once. I use that copper bacon pan thing. Read the reviews on it this morning, and they aren't good. But I've been using this for 5 months, and it works fine for me.

    Pulled out some frozen veggies to cook for John's lunch. I'm thinking pasta for me.

    Donna, I've been buying a lot of asparagus lately, but I've finally had my fill. Don't want anymore until next spring. LOL

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    Paula, both happy and sad month for you. ((((Paula))))


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      Thank you!

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    Good morning..I am up dressed and over halfway ready...usually just getting up...but my sister has told me she can probably come early this morning to trim cori's nails...They are over due for this morning...then a run to target...I need a bunch of non food things for myself and the house...things are little more expensive at target but I am totally not feeling the crowds I would have to deal with at walmart...

    I am sort of hoping the crowds will be small at work today...I am not at all looking forward to our morning meeting...probably after one of fellow coworkers little stunt on Thursday we will be getting another get a long lecture....but rumor is she is taking a new job at the end of the month and I am more than ok with that...there is more than one that need to get a new of them is a bullying a special needs friend. Its good that I only hear about it and don't see it....IF I do ever see it she will be sorry...because I will tell her off and turn her in. I don't deal with that stuff!


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      Good SUNNY Morning! Yesterday was pretty too, though very nippy.

      ​Yesterday was good. Helped with the Meat & Greet potluck after late service at church. Got home before 2pm, which was nice. Watched an episode of NCIS with Corky & fell asleep. Woke in time to get the lasagna out of the oven so it could set up before serving at 5pm. Picked up my Mom & Aunt P to go play cards at my brother's place. We had a nice time. I'm so blessed.

      ​Kathy just HAD to call me to tell me she was probably going to lose her job because Matt's truck wouldn't start & he had a court hearing for custody of Xander, so she left work to take him. That girl's middle name is drama. Good thing she called though, because it got me up & moving. Sue is coming this morning to help work on all these cookies. It's been too long since we've got together. She's been working at the greenhouse planting. This week they are busy getting flowers ready for church orders. Baking & laundry is what I plan to do all day. Teachers are still on strike, so Blaise is home with me still.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning. I am sure hoping the worst of this flu is gone, I do know that I only lasted long enough standing upright about 5 mins. So weak. Our son who never misses work missed 4 days last week, it is some nasty stuff I tell you that, I don't think it misses anything. My breathing has suffered the most. I will be back when I feel stronger.
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          Morning...going to rain! Surprise!! Going to rain a lot this week and possibly storm. I hope this a prelude to a long hot and dry summer and not a continuation of this cold, wet weather all summer.

          Going to put spaghetti sauce in the crock pot and then head out for a haircut. Also need an oil change so might as well do that before the rain comes back. Only laundry I have to do is Sierra's work clothes. She just left for school then will go straight to work. I do not know why she takes this job so serious but I guess that is a sign of responsibility...they treat these kids so bad in fast food and pay them as little as possible.

          Well Jostoy I am guessing my brain was focused on the nasty weather when I used the word crap instead of crab tree. Sharon you have really had it this winter. Make hubby take you someplace warm where you can lay on the beach and soak up the sun. If he won't take you call me and I'll go with you! Hope you have a good week Beth..dealing with the public and co-workers and bosses can be trying. I think I would eat more bacon if I did not have the mess of frying it...I have a coupon from Bed Bath Beyond so may look into one of those oven pans. Yikes, Cookie you are going to be getting a kid up way into summer for school.

          So gotta put the sauce together and start her work clothes. Need to call the derma about a place that sprouted up in the nose. The last one was nothing but anything on my face scares me especially since my sister just had a biopsy on her chin and did not get a good report. They are gong to scrape it down . We love love love summer and sun and it does not like us..not fair.

          Enjoy the sunny day to those of you lucky enough to have one. More rain for us...


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            I have bacon in the oven cooking now, too. I am making egg cups that I love and they are so handy for a quick breakfast or snack. I love the ones Starbucks sell and these are very close to those. Some crumbled bacon and a little cheese and spinach in them and no flour or other carbs.

            I am not sure what our weather is to be today. But, starting tomorrow it is warming up. Our weekend was sunny but chilly and breezy. Walking into church my hair was al over the place with the wind...

            The baby finally started crawling Forward this weekend. His mom texted me and we both think that will make him much happier. He had backwards down, but wanted everything in front of him. so, I am hoping for an easier day with him.

            This is a 4 day week for me: I took off Good Friday and even made a hair appointment in the middle of the day instead of for Saturday...and an appointment for an allergy shot.

            the kids should be pretty excited today when they see the cotton candy I have for them. One bag was enough for Becky and I to enjoy and the other I will let the kids have today. Pure sugar but a sweet treat once in awhile...

            Have a good day and I really hope the ones who need some sunshine get it and the ones who need some beach get it, too.!
            Maxie, Sharon, I just have to look at pictures of beaches sometime! Water is my relaxing happy place.

            Jostoy, you work so hard for others. You are a blessing! Take care of yourself, and all lthe rest of you, too! Enjoy the day!


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              Good morning, everyone.

              I was up way too early this morning, and then ended up sleeping til 8. Today is my doctor appointment day.
              Todayís high is just 72, tomorrow in the 60ís. Then itís supposed to climb again.

              E wants to set up a charging stand for my phone and other devices, right where I donít have room for it. So am rearranging everything on the table by my chair.....donít know where Iíll be putting the stuff I use every day. My various cards and stationery and pens.

              Donít know whatís going on with my tummy, but itís been uncomfortable for a couple of days. This morning I was just hit with ďthe Big DĒ. No fun. Hope itís under control before I leave the house. Other than allergies I have nothing else bothering me. I sure donít know where this came from though. Ugh.

              Well, guess Iíll go finish breakfast. Need my hot tea to get completely awake. I donít like sleepless nights.

              Hope you all have a great day. ☀️
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                Good afternoon everyone..

                I am late again...

                I did my morning chores..I did some washing..Then i had press few shirts..That took time...Then had to fix one shirt...Sew a button on shirt...


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                  Well, it is raining again. Already have a quarter inch and the thunder and lightning are starting. When will it ever stop? Did not stop for an oil change because I was tired of driving behind slow people. If you can't drive in the rain then stay home and get out of the way of those of us who need to be out. Ya know?

                  Anyway, the house smells good and feels warm so I have that at least. Made all the stops I needed to make and it feels like I got a good cut. She really thinned it out good. Going to have a cup of coffee and get ready for the hoards to come in for the evening.


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                    For all of the rain forecasts here, most didnít happen. The rest were weak and light. We need a day or two of good, steady rainfall, and clean up the air out here. And give the trees a good dose of that magical rain that helps plants grow.

                    Talk about people who donít know how to drive in rain, itís these desert dwellers out here. Watch for their skidding! And many lead footers out here, no matter the weather. You can barely change lanes safely. Itís so crazy on our roads.

                    But I know what itís like to drive behind slow drivers. We call them ďSnowbirdsĒ. 😄
                    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.