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Palm Sunday...March 25

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  • Palm Sunday...March 25

    Good morning everyone.

    Now how many knew there were 35 days in March? I for one didn't, but my fingers evidently thought there were.

    S.S. and Church, and then maybe lunch out. Well that is if I can drive through this Easterly wind. I'm telling you it is cold and blustery out there. The one good thing is my yard is not white. About 100 miles north of me was to get 8-12 inches of wet snow last night. Now that is just too much for this "spring" time.

    Hope all have a good day.
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    Good Morning.

    LOL - jostoy, I fixed your date, in case others wonder what you were talking about.

    Me, too. Church. Made a salmon log. Not doing anything involved anymore. Others do, so we always have a feast at church.

    We hit 80 degrees yesterday. Everything is in bloom, so I guess for us winter is over.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    Have a lovely day.


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      Good morning.
      Today we have nothing on the agenda. Our temps are dropping and we will be in the 70’s again for a few days. Yesterday I was the only one in the restaurant wearing a sweater.....but they usually have their air conditioners on.
      Had a nice small steak at the steakhouse. Overpriced in my book, but it was tender and tasty for a change.

      The play at the theater wasn’t as good as we expected. Most were newer actors there. One actor we hoped not to see, who always gets a leading role, overacts and is “full of himself”. I think he or his family knows the owners. Well, it’s a couple more months til the next show, and I hope we get someone else playing the lead character. There is an “Olio” after each play....a short play in itself with lots of jokes in it. Last nights was C&W, and our favorite actor (the oldest man there, a short skinny guy) wears a gray wig of braids and does a great Willie Nelson impression.

      So, I guess it’s time to bring in the newspaper and have a bite of breakfast.
      We will see what the day brings.

      Tomorrow, a trip back to the Cancer Center. Appointment with one doc, and ask another why she had not called back re: medication & followup.

      Have a great day.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Son of a gun! Getting ready to hit post and lost the entire thing I had written. Another monumental masterpiece lost in cyber air! Plus you know what I write now will not be as long but then you may find that a plus.

        I am up early to get ready for my birthday brunch. Nice to have a place to go even if I have to go alone and cannot have the promised mimosas..ok I love mimosas! Company will be good when I get there.
        Yesterday went fine with Andrew doing all the entertaining and he did want to show off what he has here...his legos and the trains but then they ended up playing video games. I read all afternoon and watched the kids march on gun control. You go kids! Common sense is something this country is short on. Politicians seem to only be worried about re-election and have forgotten how many 18 year old's there are and how they have supporting parents. Now if we could demand some common sense on honesty and decency in Washington. These kids seem to be the only thing bright out there right now.

        Blues won again last night and do not play until Tuesday. Andrew starts his spring break after Wednesday's early dismissal so it is a short week here. Time to shower and get prettied up to eat birthday cake. No rain today but none of Elaine's 80s...40s are as warm as we are getting according to the weather guy. I do not think it will ever get warm and sunny together around here..

        Happy Palm Sunday to all of you!


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          Love memosa's too

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        Morning...i haven't gotten far from the bed yet..watching tv. Thinking I want food just can't decide what I want cook. I am thinking chicken and cheese quesadilla with low fat sour cream will win.

        Plans today some cleaning. I might see if my last is working today. I am wanting to go to the mallm


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          Happy Birthday, Maxie.
          Hope your birthday brunch is a good one. 🍰
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Happy birthday, maxie! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of yummy things!

            And flowers! I hope those flowers start blooming for all of us. I just love the pictures of the Texas wildflowers! And yesterday I saw poppies and wild mustard bloomimg. We also saw redbud bushes all in bloom. I want to take a drive north to see the fields and the flowers that start blooming. This is the anniversary of Gary and I getting engaged and we took lots of rides to visit his family and introduce me around. It took me a couple of years to realize I could focus on this and not on the death date which is also in March.

            I am happy the day turned out ok for you, maxie. I love my job, but I love my time to do whatever I need and want to do.

            We have a pot luck after church today, but I didn't make I won't be staying, but I want to! one of my friends is bringing a Thai spicy chicken dish.
            Oh, well; better planning next time.
            Another friend bought a cotton candy machine and may take that! I wish all these great things were available when I was raising kids. the popcorn machne that Costco sells, etc.

            I hear my cats yowling at each other. Our male does not like the female we adopted. and he is fixed so I am not sure what is up with him.

            It is a beautiful day for Palm Sunday and I hope you all have a great day! Our temps are going UP this week!!!


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              Oh No..That do not sound good...I hope they do not kill each other..You might to break the fight..You just never know..They might be friends..I would watch him..
              You know it was..But that wind it is wicked...cold..brr..

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            Good afternoon everyone..
            I am late again..
            We went too chuch..And it was nice...And too see the sun on Palm Sunday...
            But that wind.BRR...
            A good day to rest...

            Paula A...I saw this pic..And thinking of those two cats..


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              Good Afternoon! It's a sunny but very nippy one here. They said it's suppose to be a high of 41, but it's only 36 and said it's a "feels like" 26....far from 41.

              ​Yesterday was a super busy day and I got most of what I wanted to get done done. Got a call for a pie today, so that was the last thing I baked during the caramel. I mixed up a bunch of cookie doughs, and got 2 baked off.

              ​This morning was church & SS. I'm on the Meat & Greet committee, and I go get the meat & rolls at a local grocery store. Kathy met me there and took Blaise for the rest of the day. Last night I was debating on what to make for today's potluck, looked at the Giant Eagle ad, and saw they have asparagus for $.99/lb. Bought 3lbs and took it back to the church to cook it, and that was my dish. It was all gone, so lots of people must like asparagus.

              ​I think I'm going to put the lasagna in the oven and then go take a nap. Picked up a good loaf of olive oil bread at GE to go along with the lasagna. YUM! I'll be picking up my Mom & Aunt P on the way to my SIL to play cards tonight. Will leave it up to the rest to furnish the junk food. Like we really need it.

              Have a good one all!


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                Hey guys...not my birthday but my 4 year old niece. I never advertise my birthday! If no one knows it never happens right? And it was nice and the company was good and after she opened her gifts we never saw the kid again. She ran off with her 2 brothers and the 2 dogs and 2 cats and my nose was glad to be on the highway home. Needed an allergy pill! So now I am washing Sierra's work clothes for tomorrow while she is off with her bf after work. Hung my new shoe thing on the door last night and it is full of shoes. Did not know I had that many but if I throw a pair out I will buy another...just something about shoes.

                Cookie wish I made a good lasagna but no matter what I do it is not very good. We are having good old spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow.

                I am thinking spring and sitting here freezing. So tired of being cold. I am also tired of getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but don't see that happening either.

                I saw daffodils in bloom the other day and some pink tree this morning but was driving to fast to see what type it was..maybe a flowering crap? My dwarf lilac is full of leaf buds so everything is ready for spring but Mother Nature herself. I am going to make a cup of coffee and try to warm up my hands.


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                  Now ,Maxie, you have made my day with a good belly laugh. I have never heard of a *flowering CRAP* tree. I'm sitting here wondering what kind of smell that puts out.

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                Sorry Maxie, I misunderstood you then. Thought the birthday was yours.

                If something is blooming, then itís springtime. We havenít been driving on the highways enough to see any wildflowers. I would love to throw colorful flower seeds among them, though. I only ever see the little yellow ones, maybe small white ones. But I would have to hike more than Iím used to to see the purples, reds and oranges. Iíd be glad to plant in my yard, but the ďsoilĒ is caliche, or heavy hard clay. Nothing grows naturally here except thorny weeds and goat heads. I did have A miniature lilac, kept it shaded but fed and watered, but it lasted only a couple of years, stayed tiny, had a few blooms, then gave up.

                Well, itís early afternoon here, you easterners are probably getting ready to sit down to dinner. But we need to make a minor run to the hardware store.

                Have a good evening!

                Iím wishing our weather wasnít like a yo-yo. This is new to us. Mother Nature has gone ditzy on us.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.