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Saturday 3/24/18

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  • Saturday 3/24/18

    Good Morning! How are ya all?

    ​Yesterday was a busy one but didn't get near done what I wanted. I did get the 13 cream pies (PB & Samoa) made up and in the freezers. We eventually headed up to Becca's to meet lil Oliver. He's a cutie! After everyone went to bed, I started baking the cupcakes. Had a few calls. Another requesting Paska bread. Going to learn how to make it! Good ole to the rescue.

    ​Got my bed stripped & back together. My room is as clean as it's going to get today. Now onto start baking and cooking. Need to make more cupcakes. A lady ordered a dozen assorted cupcakes. She's been here & knows I'm not a bakery. Like I would bake 4 different kinds of cupcakes to create one dozen assorted. Anyways, I've got a few orders for cupcakes for next week, so she was in luck, and getting what she wanted. Also need to mix up a bunch of cookie doughs for baking next week. Want to make up lasagna for tomorrow & Corky's food for his lunches next week. My day is planned. Now to accomplish it all.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good Morning.

    What happened yesterday/ Every time I peeked in, someone was here and I expected a thread to begin. I don't like to have to merge or delete, so I just kept waiting. Finally gave up. LOL

    Donna, I am worn out from your plans for the day. Thank goodness I don't have ANY!

    Must look up Paska bread. Never heard of it either.

    Sharon, hope you and Doug are better.

    Well, I have nothing to do and that's exactly what I'm doing today.

    Hugs to Everyone.


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      And a good rainy, with temps dropping this afternoon with even more rain, day to you all! Pretty darn sick of cold and rain.

      I also changed my bed yesterday but did not bake a thing or cook a meal. In fact Andrew chose Pantera's and we all had soup and sandwiches for supper and it hit the spot on a rainy afternoon. You just cannot find any place that makes French Onion Soup! Anyone remember Famous Barr and their cafe? They made the best french onion soup!! It was a treat to shop and have it for lunch. The good ole days before cell phones when you could go shop all day and never hear from a soul back home.

      No plans for today. Need to do Sierra's work clothes...she and her dad are both working so I am home alone. A very nice place to be! Was invited to a birthday party at 6AM this morning for tomorrow. My niece is an early riser. Her little new 4 year old has insisted on a party tomorrow and when Lydia wants something she is relentless so I am going to a party tomorrow. I already had all the kids cards done..all three of her kids are March birthdays, and packed with their Easter. I will have to drive to St.Louis alone but have done it many times and it will be daylight AND no rain predicted. We have another party in the city Friday night but Jon will drive for that.

      Blues won again last night and are still in the race for a wildcard position. it is so exciting even though I do not expect anything. They play again tonight so guess where I will be? Well, there is a cookie floating in my coffee and I need a new cup. I am a dunker but floaties are not to my liking. Wind is beginning to gust so must be more rain bringing in the colder temps. Will summer ever get here?

      Have a great Saturday and you all do exactly what you want today!


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        Good morning all.

        ​Went to Terre Haute yesterday after we got E's car to the garage to check for a leak of some sort. Bought a couple pairs of shoes, and she bought a jacket, a top, and a pair of sweats for next winter. She got off a lot cheaper than I did. She got her clothes at Macy's, which is closing Monday, at 80 and 90 % off. Can't beat that.

        ​After we got home, I went out to service her big mower that I drive. Tried charging the battery and then found the cables were all carroded. Well I took them off and got them cleaned up just to find that she is going to need a new positive cable as it is split in to. Sure can't get a charge with a cable like that. After doing the big mower, I was going to service the push mower, but my back was hurting from leaning over working on the big mower. I don't think the grass is going "to get out of hand" with this cold air staying around.

        Today is laundry day. Have also stripped my bed and put on clean linens. Already have the towels in the washer. Only have 3 more loads to go.

        ​Time to get some breakfast, and then see what I can get into. Everyone have a good day.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good rainy morning..i have been up..gotten dressed and road my bike to the store between rain drops. It was a problem that there wasn't anything I wanted to eat in the house. 30.00 later there is plenty of stuff for me to choose from...

          I back under the covers to warm up. I may not get to far from home today.


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            Good morning.
            Itís very sunny out this morning. The forecast was for cloudy & windy today. But Iím glad the sunshine woke me, no matter how the day turns out. We are back down in the 70ís temps again.

            Today we are going out to dinner then to the Gaslight theater with niece & nephew. Have to stop at the theater first to pick up our tickets, before the ticket office gets too crowded.
            Otherwise nothing much on our agenda.

            I donít think Iíve heard of Paska bread before. Sounds like it should be part of my heritage. Iíve an old recipe for Sweet Yeast Dough, but we always made long poppyseed or other filled cakes with it. Iíll have to check with my GD who married into a Russian/Jewish family if she makes this Paska bread at all. She makes bread by hand frequently now that she is married.

            Elaine, I noticed that the merge factor doesnít work like it used to. Iím afraid that if I delete whatís been duplicated, that Iíll make the whole thread disappear. ???

            Well, I need to find what Iíll be wearing today. Yesterday I had a very upset stomach, and am hoping that problem is over with today. I hate to be out somewhere and quickly have to find the bathroom. I still have to put away yesterdayís laundry.
            And hope to catch a quick nap before we have to go out.

            Have a great day, everyone. 🤗
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              I am on the run trying to get ready to go to Sacramento today with friends and Becky. I did my laundry yesterday and she is doing one load this morning of hers. No bed changing for me...

              We went to a high school production of Fiddler on the Roof last night. It was very enjoyable.. It has been a few years since I have been to a live show. Mary Poppins up in Redding that was a very good production by professionals.

              My tile guy called in sick yesterday, which with the baby here was ok. I am not sure about how this tile fix will happen; I remember the last time I had him doing tile in our bathroom I got the feeling he was fitting me in around his bigger jobs. Whatever.

              I hope you all have a good day!
              Maxie, sometimes I tell Becky I am turning my phone on silent and will not be available except for emergencies! I remember those days where Mom could be off for a few hours instead of always On Call!


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                OK now I'm going to bitch. Andrew called to say he is coming over. That is fine but out of character for a Saturday. Then he just calls back to say he is bringing his mother's boyfriend's kid with him. What?! I am babysitting a kid I do not know with no notice and for how long? We all know I am not child friendly...or people friendly for that matter! When Andrew comes he is home but when another kid shows I am babysitting. I am rather put out about the entire thing. Just sayin'.


                • cookielady
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                  I would be too. His Mom should have called & asked if it was OK. I'm like you. I love my kids, but I've never been crazy about babysitting or having a bunch of other kids over. Wished I were different. I would have called his Mom and ask what the deal was. How old is the BF child?

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                Maxie, I donít blame you for being upset. That was an unfair trick of his mother, no doubt. You should have had a choice in the matter.
                I wouldnít go out of my way to make treats for the kids, after that. If mommy dearest is dropping off the boys, tell her to bring hamburgers or other fast food with them.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.