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Feb 13 2018 Home Sweet Home

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  • Feb 13 2018 Home Sweet Home

    Good Morning! The sun is shining again....lovin' it!

    ​Yesterday I guess you would say was productive, but I only got one thing done....making 14 doz Ladylocks. Normally Sue & I do them together and we can knock them off in a few hours, but that didn't happen yesterday. Didn't end up cooking any dinner either unless you count hot dogs & Mac and Cheese. I started working on eyeglasses and petered out of doing that after 45 minutes & played a game on the computer.

    ​This morning I'm heading into Aldi's to get a few things with fresh strawberries at the top of the list. I'm going to make choc covered strawberries for the doctor's office tomorrow and they will be front & center on the cookie tray. I also plan to take some into Blaise's class for part of their snack during their party. I won't get started on those until I get home later this afternoon. As soon as I get home I have to finish up lunch prep and dinner prep. I'm taking my cousin Karen for her post-op check up and then we are going back to her place for lunch & a movie. My SIL is coming too. I'm making fried cabbage & noodles and ham BBQ sandwiches for lunch. My SIL & I are bringing food for their dinner. She's making the ck shells & mashed potatoes (she makes the BEST MP), and I'm making the veggie (carrots & onions) and a tossed salad. Debating about what to take as dessert....cookies probably.

    ​We were going to have taco's last night, but I didn't have a packet of the seasoning, so that's tonight's dinner. The movie Wonder is suppose to be arriving today from Amazon, so Blaise & I will probably watch that together. I also got the movie Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen, and Corky FINALLY expressed an interest in watching something with us, so we'll probably watch that Fri or Sat all together.

    ​Saw in the paper that our school district is going on strike soon. It's been 3 1/2 hrs and they can't come to an agreement. The teachers want EVERY and served on a silver platter. They need to wake up and realize they are working in a blue collar district and everyone pays a portion of their health insurance and has high deductibles. Plus there are other things that the average person just shakes their head over. (I'll get off my little soap box).

    Have a good one all!

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    good morning and a quiet one it is, too. No noise outside and the animals are all still curled up somewhere.

    I have heart shaped cookies for the kids to decorate tomorrow. I know there will be frosting and sprinkles everywhere, but they sure love doing it.

    Stuart and Jenni will be down this weekend and I am making a chocolate bundt cake. I have made a few now and everyone seems to really like it.

    Yesterday was a slow day; two kids were not here and one came after lunch. Everyone should be here today...
    I watched the Women's snowboarding yesterday. What a show! Amazing what they do and how well.

    I hope you all have a good day and the sun shines! Our wind was awful yesterday. It kept it too cool to enjoy the sun.


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      Morning...snow and ice melted and school is in session. I am looking forward to seeing Andrew. Miss his happy or sullen little face (depends on his mood but it is always cute).

      No plans for today. Just another day like an other day. Spent a long time talking to my sister yesterday. She is going through things and making piles for goodwill. She found two totes of material from my mom's sewing room. Mom has been gone 20 years and she said she recognized some of the scraps and pieces from things mom had sewed. That is a nice memory. My excitement will be unloading the dishwasher. Always exciting around here...NOT!

      No sun yet but maybe later...going to warm for a few days if you can believe the weatherman. Time to get moving around here.


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        Good morning, everyone.
        A bright sunny day ahead. Iím hoping our winds wonít return today.
        Today will be in the low 70ís again, then the next couple of days itís down in the mid or low 60ís with rain forecasted.
        But the rain doesnít always show up despite the prediction. We will see.

        I felt sick and sore all over, yesterday. I normally donít nap during the day, but did so twice.
        Am feeling quite a bit better today, though Iím not quite over whatever it is.

        But today is another. I probably need to clean the fridge....thereís an evil smell emanating from something in there. Ugh.
        But I donít want E to do it...itís a big production if heís doing something like that. Iíll get it done quicker.

        So, after that, I donít know what else. Probably a bit more rest til whatever I have is completely gone.

        Hope you all have a nice day. Keep warm. 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Maxie, does your sister sew? Those scraps might make an interesting crazy quilt (or pillows). I did that for one of my daughters, and she can pick out the dresses, jeans, costumes Iíve made for my kids over the years.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


          • maxie
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            Yes my sister sews and quilts and even makes all my purses! I like a big bags I can stick things into! My mother was a beautiful seamstress and even made my wedding dress and sisters. I, on the other hand, received not one ounce of the talent. She has been using the scraps from her own sewing to make a rag area rug and will incorporated some of mom's scraps.

          • sassygirl01
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            Maxie,you love this idea...And it easy to make..You can go to any store..And go to Craft Dept..And look for wire wreath..You use up all your leftover scrap..and put into the wreath....And your friends will love it..I gave out as christmas gift..That what my friends say to"ME"..I jus like my mother..I have some of her talent....Not painting...But into crafts..Enjoy...
            Paula can make too..I know you like wreath too..You will have fun making this...

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          Good Morning!

          Just got back from town. HAD to get the car washed and fueled. Tomorrow we deliver flowers for a local florist. Retired teachers only fund raiser for scholarships.
          Our school district has never been on strike, but then we are not organized that way. No unions here.

          Started raining, so the car may not be quite what I had hoped, but at least it is cleaner.

          Hope everyone has a good day. Better get lunch started.

          Hugs ~ ~~


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            I am on a coffee break. Moved around and unloaded the dishwasher then I stuffed the laundry back into the overflowing basket. Cannot lift anything yet but evidently no one thought of that when they did not do laundry yesterday. Then Sierra calls me into the bathroom and there is a slit in the fiberglass tub. That means no shower for me. Called Jon and he was mad like we did it on purpose but I understand where he is coming from. There is just always something that needs repaired or replaced around here. I feel for him but actually, since I live here too, we are in this together.

            Had a heart to heart talk with Sierra about her boyfriend. We had a discussion when she came in from work last night and she said she no longer cared what we thought of him. Good for her because we do not think much of him. He will be starting automotive school in the fall and we are suppose to be happy. I doubt he will be making much of a living but evidently that is not my problem. This girl has lived a pretty good life and could be in for a big surprise if she is depending on him for a future. But this morning she was more reasonable and I do hope she matures away from this guy.

            Well guess my break is over. Have meatballs cooking and Jon wants me to send him a picture of the tub. Sierra said she would be home early enough to lift a pot of water for supper so things are moving along here.


            • jostoy
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              Maxie, auto mechanics do make good money. My oldest niece is married to one, and he has made a very good living for his family.

              I know that doesn't change his personality. It just gives him some really grimy hands.

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            Good afternoon all.

            ​Made that 150 mile round trip again this morning. At least this trip wasn't wasted like last Friday's. My cousin's son fixed my broken vent lid on the camper. He got the job done in about 15 min. with putting both our heads together in order to make the job easy and less time consuming. I'm now a happy camper. No more worrying about the weather getting into the camper. And he is a plumber...not a carpenter.

            Now to get in my recliner and do some relaxing and less worrying.

            ​Cookie, the teachers do less teaching today than they did 20-30 years ago and get paid way more than the "oldies" did. Today they sit the kids down in front of a computer, then head for the teacher's lounge. My district is now talking about getting every student a lap top. Guess that will raise my real estate taxes. I already pay the school district $500 out of my total tax bill.
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            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


            • maxie
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              Our school district is also giving the kids each a laptop next year but the parents are paying in installments. There was no discussion just told the bill was coming. The band does not even provide instruments..Andrew's parents are sharing those cost too.

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            good evening ... see I did not check in this morning,,, ummm slipping again.... the real facts are better ...I slept in!.. until almost 8Am. . have not done
            that for ages... so slow moving morning and David was feeling better and itching to get out to Walmart.!...we finally got out the door.. sunshine and warmer.. spend an hour at Walmart .I was looking for "stuff".. and then groc.. double up on some things.. there will be more snow and bad road ahead no double...
            had lunch at Kings.. got home , hit the recliner.. read two lines and went to sleep....short snooze. then I finished the jigsaw puzzle that was waiting on the card table.. let me give you all a hint .. in case you are a puzzle builder but don't have room to spread out pieces... start the border on the card table.. then sort the pieces. one by one.. onto Paper plates.. whatever is in puzzle can be sorted into color. or something in picture. ect, .. I have a stack of about 12-15 paper plates.. that I keep in cupboard to use over and over.. then start building .. some pieces you can spread around the table. but having them on paper plates makes it easy to find and then stack them aside.. all faceup, and sorted..takes a bit of time to get organized.. but you keep re arranging as you go..

            SassyGirl..... I envy your talent with making craft things...I can't picture how you could see scraps of material as a wreath..but it sounds so pretty.. I did make quilts of scraps.. but mostly had a standard plan in mind.. do you make them for friends etc.

            Elaine tomorrow is wash car day for us.instead of blue it is looking white from the salt on roads.. plus library visit.. order books and they are in...
            Hi. Jostoy, Maxie, Donna And Paula... and all you visitors...Hi there.. see you tomorrow