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Monday Feb 12 2018 Rise & Shine Cupcakes!

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  • Monday Feb 12 2018 Rise & Shine Cupcakes!

    Good SUNNY Morning! REALLY need this sunshine today. Woke to a fresh skiff of snow out there this morning. Pretty.

    Yesterday was super productive & it felt good. We went to church & SS, and then I took Blaise down to Kathy's. On the way home I made a quick stop at WM & Dollar Tree. We put each pr of glasses into a snack bag after we've found the Rx & written it down on a slip of paper and put it all in the bag. I've found DT has the best price on those lil bags.

    ​Came home and started working on the cookie doughs and another round of Cream Puffs. The CP failed again, but I looked the recipe up in the Beginners Cookbook and got some handy tips, so I will try again later today. Oh, speaking of trying new recipes, I made that flourless choc cake and it was FANTASTIC! I hope the restaurant lady liked it. I dropped off a big wedge of it yesterday for them to try. The ladies in SS loved it.

    ​Part of Kathy's birthday treat was choc chip cookie blobs. I did bake some of the dough off & give her those, but I gave her 3 doz blobs so she could make them at her leisure. I gave them a baggie of each kind of cookie I baked yesterday. When I was at her place, she was complaining about the lights being burned out & the others flickering in her kitchen light fixture, so when I was in WM I got her new bulbs....happy birthday Kathy.

    ​I spent the evening working on eyeglasses. My goal is to complete this 2nd box I brought home in the next few days. Haven't watched any of my recorded shows in weeks. I told Sandy I'd help her do this, then the Christmas baking season got started and I didn't do a single one that entire time. Just trying to catch up.

    ​This morning I'm going to bake off the Ladylock dough. I have several Valentines Day orders to complete, but I needed to make these cookies to do that. Might do a couple loads of laundry. I've GOT to cook a real meal tonight since I haven't done that in a few days.

    Have a good one all!

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    Good morning, Cookie, and others who stop in.

    Well the sun is shinning, so that should melt our freezing rain we had yesterday. I bet there weren't 5 cars that went by my house yesterday, and I do live on a relative busy street.

    ​Have to go to my PCP to sign my paperwork for my handicap placard today. I had applied on line, but since my Dr. lives in Indiana, he isn't allowed to use the internet sight. So the paperwork will get mailed to the Sec. of State.

    ​Illinois always have to make everything hard, unless it's politics, then they make it easy to cheat.

    Hope all have a good day.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good Morning.

      32 here - warming up! Icicles hanging off the house so cute.

      Nothing worth writing about. Monday trip to cancer center for blood check and shots. This never changes.

      Hope everyone has a good day and the week going forward will be warmer.

      Hugs to All ~ ~ ~


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        A sunny, very cold morning..10*! Andrew had school cancelled today because of the icy rural roads. However, his sister will need to go out in the cold and scrap her windows before she goes to school. Then the weather forecasters are predicting temps close to 60 by weeks end. Strange weather we are having.

        Sierra has been doing the laundry this weekend and came in this morning saying she is missing a pair of work pants. What?! I will be so happy when I can go up and down the steps. Yesterday I had to ask for someone to wash a load of whites so I could have clean pjs today. Sure hope someone..anyone...did. Restrictions are nice if you have people around you you can count on to do what you want and need when you want or need it. I truly think they still are expecting clean clothes and a closet full of towels to just appear. And since I am bitching how about some food? To have something to put between two slices of bread would be great especially if we had a loaf of bread!! Guess I do not have to worry about being replaced or thrown out anytime soon. I AM the wizard that makes things appear and happen!!!!

        Nothing going on around here...literally! I have really been trying to be positive and happy and just an overall sweet person the world wants to be around and having a pretty darn hard time of it. No one will cooperate with know, like do things that make me happy so I can be happy and positive. These people are keeping me from being the new Gandhi! Maybe I will take the afternoon to do a little on line shopping...that does cheer me up!

        Spring training starts this week so that must mean spring is close. I am so ready. Stay warm and healthy everyone. Cookie your house must always smell like Christmas with all the cookie baking. Don't know what this house smells like but I am hopeful air freshner will take care of it!


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          It is still dark out here but it will be sunny, but still windy. Which means the allergens will be flying! Hope the wind is not too hard on the almond trees. I should buy some now, I guess.

          It was such a busy weekend that I am looking forward to a day with the kids and stories and art! Wednesday is valentine's Day so I have a couple of days before the excitement hits again.

          I hope you all have a good start to your week and Maxie, I really hope they bring you some food! Ask Sierra to bring home some hamburgers...
          I did watch a little of the Olympics this weekend and enjoyed it. But I did not set the tv to record it through the years past I have.


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            Good morning, all.
            Sunny and cooler today...tomorrow we hit the low 60ís. Rain forecasted fit Wednesday and Thursday... Iíll believe it when I see it. My medical checkup and labs was pushed from this week to Monday.
            Other than that, not much happening here. We got home last night pretty tired and sore, and allergies having us sneezing and dripping. E is still in bed sleeping away, and I was finally up at 8 a.m. though I woke frequently during the night. I hate that. But I still feel tired.
            But it always feels good to get back home.

            Paula, I love to watch ice skating, but this year we havenít turned the Olympics on. Scott Hamilton was the most amazing skater Iíve seen, but these days he canít to all his personal little tricks due to various health issues. Like that back flip he did on Stars On Ice. It would be hard to watch his act and say....Remember when??l

            I think E & I will just vege-out today, do nothing but recoup. We enjoyed 2 of our daughterís this weekend. Yesterday, the 3rd daughter never showed up. Turns out she wasnít working, just wanted to go shopping with one of her daughters.
            But at least her DH helped E bring in the boxes of stuff sheíd asked for. Her DH was winded way before E was. 🙄

            Well, I think Iíll make some tea, and let E bring me a bowl of cereal.

            Have a good day!
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good morning everyone...

              Send me some sun..We have another day of rain..It feel like spring it is here...

              Paula,I love too ice asking too..They make real late..I miss Scott Hamilton with all his tricks..I do too..Now i feel
              My little helper..Help me with house work..Too much..So i stop..With those puss and boots eyes...